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Cleansing the lungs of a smoker after Smoking

What happens during cleaning

We all know how colds are spread. But to get rid of cough can be difficult. Especially in cases when cold until the end of the not cured, then remain in the lungs a different kind of slag – pus, mucus, sputum, calcareous sediments.

The same result can be achieved if Smoking. But if you don't smoke, and live in the city, you still inhale all kinds of toxic fumes that health we do not add. As a result, it is expectoration, spitting, bad breath, etc. it's probably very familiar to many. The following describes the system, cleanse the lungs from tobacco tar, learn how using herbs can output the accumulated toxins from the bronchi and lungs.

You need

To cleanse the lungs of a smoker, you need the following herbs: pine buds, primrose (Primula), elderberry, plantain, lungwort, nettle, elecampane, viola tricolor, violet, pimento, thyme, fennel, soapwort, licorice, milkwort, clover, poppy, horsetail.

Get at least seven or eight herbs out of this list, and this will be enough. What herbs will be able to find such and use. Of course, it is better when herbs a lot, because each of them has its own characteristics, and when they are together it gets deeper cleansing.

How to clean

In capacity fold one tablespoon of each herb and mix. Thus, you get herbal for cleaning.

Next article 1.5. tablespoons collection pour into a thermos and pour a Cup of boiling water. Leave to infuse for two hours. Then strain and drink before bed in the form of heat. So do for two months. That's the whole course cleanse the lungs after Smoking.

In the process of cleaning the lungs you may begin coughing and increases expectoration. All these symptoms cleaning light it is to endure, they show you that toxins out of the body. Once cleaning is completed, all these symptoms by themselves will end. To have all these symptoms to ease, drink tea with lemon or eat lemons with honey. If you wish to breathe freely and easily, will help you in this Christmas tree!

Clearing the lungs of hell (Ohanian mV)

What happens during a cleanse the lungs

Coniferous trees have very strong disinfecting properties, for this reason, it is very useful to walk in a coniferous forest. The essential oils contained in the needles (that they attach to the needles such a unique smell) have a thinning effect on the mucus making it easier excreted from the body.

You need

In may – June, going for a walk in the woods, or Park type place where young tender – green shoots that grow on the tips of fir branches. Them immediately noticeable, they differ in color. To the touch they are softer, much softer than the "adults" of the needle. To carry out a full cleansing of the lungs, you will need a package of these shoots (bag large with handles).

How to clean

At the bottom liter jars put a layer of sprouts, fill it with sugar. Then a layer of sprouts, sprinkle again with sugar, so to do until the Bank is full. Need to be laid very tightly, crushing. Put a jar in the refrigerator for about three weeks. After this time, a syrup of green. This syrup should be filtered (from the shoots will remain virtually dry husks). Stored the syrup in the fridge. Use the following for one dessert spoon three times a day. Take until the syrup over. This syrup is perfectly cleanses the bronchi and lungs from tar.

How often you need to clean

To begin the cleansing of the bronchi and lungs can be carried out twice a year, at intervals of three to four months. Then you can do this cleaning once a year.