Cleansing of the brain

Sometimes scientists compare the brain to a computer, and ordinary people are also always trying to compare. But what do they know about the brain. Nothing. The brain is unique in its structure the substance in it are one hundred billion nerve cells. Yes, it is more difficult any computer. Plus these billions of cells interact with each other. Is there somewhere you can see. Why you need a brain. What, you were training him, teaching poetry lessons. One goal is to become smarter. The brain is your center.

We live in such a wonderful time. Technological progress is developing very rapidly, maximally facilitating our stay, but if you look on the other hand this progress makes us live in a more rapid pace. On the brain, it fell such a flow of information that sometimes to deal it with it very difficult. Zombiruemye from different sides of life, work, advertising, media, our head became like an old attic, where to put stuff, and then this stuff there is no way to find what is really necessary and important.

The types of the purification of the brain

Cleansing the blood vessels of the brain

Purification of the brain is an important part of those people who are concerned about their memory. Cleansing of the brain to help boost memory by 1-2 orders of magnitude, without the teachings of the verses. However, this does not mean that your brain will work in his youth. However, you will be removed from brain is a big obstacle and will find yourself remembering events, which have long been forgotten.

Cleansing of the brain and improve memory

A person becomes forgetful, unfocused, not right time to concentrate. First, this happens rarely, but the person becomes older, the more often this happens. The can be concluded from this that forgetfulness is the changes associated with age and as a result of abundance of information.

The thing in the complex structure of the brain. And the influence of various factors on it. The brain can be compared to heart when we consider the vessels and supply it with oxygen. As for my heart for him, too, need to follow. That's what happens over time to your brain. He gradually salakavala becomes tight. Over time, he fullyrefuses to work. Unless you have something will not change, or again, as before will not be his coach, but also cleaning of the brain.

It is important for you to understand that you need to clear the brain. This can be done with the help of blood. If it is often to drive through a brain, she will withdraw clots unnecessary, thus cleansing the brain. But the important thing is to make sure that your blood was a little thinner. To such blood in two ways: by leeches or bee Podmore. But in ordinary treatment here better not hope. To achieve results, you need to change the diet, include exercises for the brain and much more.