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Cleansing the blood vessels of the brain

Purification of brain vessels is an important component of those people who are concerned about their memory. Cleansing of the brain to help boost memory by 1-2 orders of magnitude, without the teachings of the verses. However, this does not mean that your brain will work in his youth. However, you will be removed from brain is a big obstacle and will find yourself remembering events, which have long been forgotten.

Infusion of hornbeam cleanse the blood vessels of the brain

Brewing the flowers of hornbeam and drink. Hornbeam has a cleansing effect on the blood vessels of the brain, gets rid of calcium deposits and other harmful substances, and even nourishes the brain. The flowers of hornbeam improve blood circulation in the brain, removes stagnation and swelling. Surgery for tumors of the brain are useless if blood vessels are clogged.

The infusion is prepared thus: a tablespoon of the flowers of hornbeam pour 200 ml of boiling water, leave to infuse for one hour to take half a Cup three times a day, a course of purification of vessels of the brain to continue for 40 days.

Cleansing the brain with walnuts

There are a number of very ingenious ways of cleansing the blood vessels of the brain, using walnut. Offer you two such methods.

Method one: Core 5 walnuts grind in a mortar. One tablespoon of light honey mix with chopped walnuts. The resulting mass thoroughly mixed. In the mixture add 1 slice of crushed fresh pineapple. All stir the resulting mixture is folded into a bowl of dark glass, cover and put in a dark cool place for one day (24 hours). After this healing time the mixture is ready for use. Use it 4 times a day, be 30 minutes before meals for one tablespoon. This is an excellent means harvested each morning for the next day. The duration of treatment is one month. Well it is carried out 2 times a year.

In the end, there is a cleansing and normalization of the brain. Improves memory, develops focus, fatigue disappears and a bad habit ( words – parasites, to repeat one phrase several times).

Second method: This method requires special care. There is such a cleansing systematically i.e. every day for a long time. Every morning you should eat: one tangerine, a pinch of raisins, three of walnut. Each product is strictly necessary in such quantity and of such a sequence (notmix). After that 20 minutes can't eat or drink. In 20 minutes you can drink a glass of cool water, then can have Breakfast. The result is a uniquely stable feel you can afford only six months. To force the issue impossible.

From sclerosis of cerebral vessels

Another can offer a recipe to get rid of atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels, cardiac dyspnea and spasm of blood vessels. This recipe proved itself from the best side.

So, one head of garlic medium size to squeeze through the frog, place it in a jar and fill it with one Cup of unrefined sunflower oil. Leave in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf for a day. The next day, peel one lemon, grind it on a grater, from the resulting mass squeeze the juice. One teaspoon of juice mixed with one teaspoon of garlic tincture and take 30 minutes before meals three times a day. Duration of treatment is 1-3 months. Then take a break for a month and repeat the course.

"Elixir of youth".

Taken in equal proportions (1:1:1) honey, olive oil (can be sunflower, unrefined only) and lemon juice. Mix all ingredients, consumed in the morning on an empty stomach 30 40 minutes before meals for one teaspoon. This elixir eliminates headaches, cleanses the blood vessels of the brain, improves memory and overall health.