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Cleansing of the brain and improve memory

The effects of on the brain

A person becomes forgetful, unfocused, not right time to concentrate. Initially, this happens rarely, but than older people is happening more and more. The can be concluded from this that forgetfulness is the result of the abundance of information and changes associated with age. Until about thirty years old our brain is able to withstand all the blows of life, and then you notice malfunctions. Bad environment, unhealthy lifestyle and nutrition only accelerate these negative processes that occur at an earlier age.

You can often hear many parents complain that their children are unable to learn the volume of the school program or they have poor memory. Can't argue with the fact that with age, the membranes of nerve cells zachekanivajut, dry out and become impenetrable. In the end, impaired thought process, reduced reaction speed and memory. But it is not necessary to take it all as inevitable. There is a way out. And it lies not in expensive drugs, or treatment in a modern clinic.

Can offer you is quite simple, available to all program of rehabilitation, which will not require material expenditures will allow us to maintain a flexible and clear mind, a sharp intellect and an excellent memory.

Remember that it is necessary to train not only the muscles but also the brain. Other than "charge for the brain" this program is not called, because it contains in itself the purification of the brain, breathing exercises and gymnastics, which aims at the prevention of atherosclerosis and improve memory, in addition to this training on the development of intelligence. Through systematic mental training You, to the very elderly, will be mentally agile and be able to be completely independent. This system of healing consists of several stages, you must follow the sequence described below.

The first stage is the purification of the brain

The first stage is perhaps the most important – the cleansing of blood and vessels of the brain. This is especially true for persons addicted to nicotine, alcohol or taking medication. To restore the functions of the brain, every morning on an empty stomach, take this drink: in a glass of water dissolve one teaspoon of baking soda and lemon juice. Or you can drink this herbal tea: lime blossom, St. John's wort, wild strawberry leaves and currants, oregano, clover, dried berries viburnum and Rowan.

For best effect it is recommended to drink tea of the aboveherbs and water with lemon juice and soda. For example, on even days – the water with lemon juice and soda, and the odd herbal tea.

The cleansing of the body suggest to carry out once a year. This will help you herbal teas and preparations of all fees described below, select the most suitable for you.

1. Melissa leaves, place into a thermos, pour boiling water, leave to infuse for 5 hours. Take the infusion should be 3 times a day, 50 mg before meals for month.

2. Grate the horseradish one tablespoon and pour a glass of sour cream. Drink one tablespoon during meals throughout the month.

3. Prepare the collection: 4 pieces of chicory, 2 parts of flax seeds, 4 pieces of horsetail, 5 parts of mulberry leaves, 3 parts herb Drosera, 5 parts peppermint, 4 parts of flowers of hawthorn berries, 2 parts motherwort, 3 pieces of stinging nettle, all thoroughly. One tablespoon of the collection pour 200 ml of boiling water, let stand 10 minutes in a water bath. Drink 1/3 Cup 3 times a day before meals for the whole month.

4. 300 grams of garlic mince. Pour 200 ml of alcohol. Place in a tightly closed container store in a cool and dark place. Use 5 – 15 drops 30 minutes before meals, diluting it in the milk.

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In order to improve the functioning of the brain, experts advise to include in your daily menu carrot, one onion, a clove of garlic, a few teaspoons of horseradish. In addition, it is necessary to drink at least three liters of liquid (non-carbonated mineral water, fresh juice, herbal tea).

And herbs, can offer some useful recipes.

1. 100 grams of parsley scalded with boiling water, chop, season with sunflower oil and eat it. Eating this mixture daily for one month, cleansed skin, rejuvenate cells, slow down the appearance of wrinkles. This mixture is very good and as a topical ointment, it should be applied on the problem areas of the skin.

2. May honey, eaten on an empty stomach in the morning and evening before sleep is very useful for brain cells. One tablespoon morning and evening for one month, and longer is the only benefit.

3. Take one head of garlic medium size, peel and squeeze the juice 20 minutes to settle. To consume thus; the first day one drop to dissolve in the milk, and so on until you reach 60 drops. After a little break, and continue in reverse order with 60 drops to 1kapli. Again, take a break and the course over again. Thiscleanses the body, rejuvenates the cells, normalizes the stomach, liver, activates the brain.

The second stage was saturation of the brain

The objective of the second phase to saturate the body with oxygen. Well-known fact that our brains are very keenly aware of the lack of oxygen. Studies have shown that when a person is long in a stuffy room, then it decreases the speed and sharpness of thought in dozens of times. Should not then be surprised that quite often at work we have a state of torpor, when not think, and the work is not progressing. This is not surprising because we spend the bulk of their time in offices, subways, buses, and apartments. But still many of us smoke or are forced to be passive smokers, and this only aggravates the situation.

Another fact, when a person smokes one cigarette, his memory is deteriorating, and the logic begins to limp. Again, there is no reason to despair, systematically performing breathing exercises, you will be able to saturate the oxygen to the brain. To perform the exercises needed in a well-ventilated area with normal humidity.

Two exercises that I offer you, in spite of its simplicity, very effective.

Exercise 1. this exercise stimulates both hemispheres of the brain. Every day for 10 minutes to breathe in turns one then the other nostril (one clamping).

Exercise 2. After you do the first exercise for the whole week, add to it another this one. Take a breath, while counting pulse ( must pass 8 beats), then hold your breath again for 8 beats, then draw exhale too 8 beats, another breath-hold for 8 beats. Every day do this exercise for 10 minutes. If possible, this exercise is good to do at least once a week in the fresh air, preferably outside the city within 20 minutes. And once a month in the mountains or in the woods for half an hour. To enhance the positive effect you can add aromatherapy. Plants that stimulate brain activity, this is: Bay leaf, parsley, clove, Basil, tarragon, dill, coriander. And these scents calm the nervous system and normalize brain function: Valerian, Lily of the valley, hops, lemon, orange, rose.

Find time for walks in the flowery Park or garden in the spring and summer when in air aroma of Linden, bird cherry, roses, oregano, wild rose, Lily of the valley. In the winterperiod advised to breathe aromas of dried herbs, or to use aromatic oils. Exercise is very simple - to put a drop of oil on a table lamp and as they heat, the fragrance will fill the whole room.

After the brain will be purified and saturated with oxygen (it will take 2 or three months), you can proceed to the next third stage.

Third step - exercise

In the third stage of purification of the brain is part of physical exercise that contribute to the filling of the capillaries and blood vessels updated. A large number of studies have shown that running, skiing, swimming or just long walks contribute to the maximum filling of the blood vessels of the brain. Note that at rest they are filled with blood only 20%.

With no time to exercise, I recommend every day to go at least 3 or 5 km. in addition to walking, it is necessary to perform some exercise. For example, here are:

1. Running in place 6 min, rolling at a quick step. The number of steps should be not less than a thousand.

2. Leg swings for 7 – 10 minutes. Starting position feet shoulder width apart, arms extended forward, perform swing left foot to right hand and then right foot to left hand. Mahi run in order, the height of the leg lift is not important.

3. Of torso. Make any sudden bending forward with straight arms for 2 – 3 minutes.

4. Rotation of the head. This exercise, as well as other excellent improves cerebral blood circulation ( to accomplish the desired preliminary consultation with a specialist especially in low vision, nearsightedness, glaucoma or other eye diseases).

Starting position feet shoulder width apart, hands on hips, do a circular motion with his head first right, then left. The duration of the exercise 5 minutes.

5. Somersaults and headstands are the most effective exercises to improve blood circulation in the brain. Again don't forget to consult a doctor!

6. Nonsynchronous motion. According to studies, this exercise increases the amount of memory and speed of thinking twice. Starting position feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, hands pick up, do rotation right hand forward, left back. Do it 5 minutes, then adjust the position of the hands.

If all of the above exercises to perform each day, then a month later will be purified and strengthened the blood vessels, heals the whole body.