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Cleansing the body in General

The human body and its relationship with the outside world

The human body - first of all this system. How we act, how our system operates. We eat, drink. What happens to this what happens. What is it like in our body. If I were an economist I would say this is a factory into which we put food, and it develops. Why the body needs food and water. The answer is simply that cells divided to have energy for walking or running. We are what we eat.

If we consider the evolution of man, there is nothing unremarkable. There are only a couple of interesting factors. With the development of people, as you know often died from disease and internal injuries, as the x-ray was not when man ran around with a club. But those lucky enough to live to old age, then lived for a long time. Why this is so. Just the environment was better and if not to injure yourself, you can live a long time. As time went on, and the first casting. It is the era of production. Emission and the life has decreased.

With regard to our time. What's up with that. And the fact that we just know about it all. We perform the basic requirements that our parents instilled in us since childhood. Wash hands brush teeth and more. And all of these requirements help us in the fight against global pollution. But much time has passed since the construction of the first factory to the present day. But these plants no one put out they are working all the time and won't emit harmful substances. What is happening now. Yes, we don't get sick that often and medicine is developed enough to save us. How we get sick. We get sick chronically. All diseases that we are they begin with childhood and end with death. That said, swordsmen death before 150 years is a violent death. Then at the beginning of the industrial revolution, these ideas were quite relevant. And now it interferes with the development.

The types of body cleansing

Methods of cleansing the body

Currently, very often they say and write about slagging of the organism, and how should it be cleaned. We decided to investigate methods of detoxification available today methods for cleaning the body.

Body cleansing bath

Adiseases are a result of the fact that over time the body accumulates toxins and waste products. This and problems with the gastrointestinal tract, and serdechno-vascular system, etc. Affects everything from...

Cleansing the body with rice

In cases of diseases of the genitourinary system, or the deposition of salts in the joints in the East used the cleansing of the body rice. The most suitable for this rice is brown rice, which is eaten in the East (we were also fed refined white rice).

Cleansing the body activated carbon

Already since ancient times about a thousand years ago in Ancient Egypt, the activated carbon is used for both outdoor and indoor use. In the writings of the doctors of Ancient Greece, as well as Hippocrates can find mention of it. Cleansing the body with birch coal in Russia was quite popular.

Body cleansing enema

Enema is an ancient method of cleansing the body. Body cleansing enema was used in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, Ancient India. In India, wrote the treatise as using an enema, you can cure many chronic diseases.

Diet for cleansing the body

This diet is to cleanse the body is based on daily consumption of certain foods. Its duration must be between 3 and 14 days. The morning should begin with a glass of water or herbal tea. During the day you should drink at least 1.5-2 liters of fluid between meals.

Proper cleansing of the body

Often we have to see how the city gets rid of the snow, but dirt, debris under it. Similarly it happens with the person as soon as it begins to bother different illness or reduced capacity for work, he begins to think, maybe my body also "contaminated."

Cleansing the body juices

Eating lots of plant foods helps to cleanse the body without a variety of procedures and medications. Fresh juices speed up the cleansing process of the body, and makes it power.

Cleansing with lemon juice

Lemon is one of the strongest solvents and desintoxication created by nature. For a start, he dissolves toxins, then has a restorative effect. Besides all this, the lemon has a cleansing ability, in all tissues of the body, most importantly, that fits all.

Cleansing the body according to the method of Semenova

The healer Nadezhda Semenova has collected a wealth of information relating to the cleansing of toxins, chose the most harmless and effective ways of natural healing. All methods of purification she experimented on himself, and guided the collected material was consistent purification system different systems of the body, which proved to be very effective for getting rid of many diseases.

Herbs for cleansing the body

With the ailments to cope will help herbs: chives, parsley, dill. However, this is not enough. Do not forget about collecting medicinal herbs for cleansing the body that will purify the blood, stimulate the liver, kidneys, of the circulatory system.

Cleansing juice black radish

the first few days of cleansing juice black radish can be pain, in some cases quite strong. Don't panic! Do not rush to medications and do not stop half way. This is a natural process cleaning. The result of such cleaning is usually getting rid of a cruel, incurable according to the forecasts of physicians, diseases.

Cleansing the body at the cellular level

In order to conduct a cleansing of the body at the cellular level are advised to drink a decoction of pine needles. You need to take five tablespoons young pine needles, pine needles, pour half a liter of activated water...

Cleansing the body of folk remedies

This article contains various recipes of traditional medicine for General cleansing of the body.

Body cleansing - is it worth it to spend?

Who not only talked about the fact that the body needs to be cleaned like any system. But what I want to say to the professional that they suggest. They do everything wrong and even dangerous for you that entail problems in the future, and that can and do go to the doctor. Don't want to say that doctors are good. We also have among non-professionals, maybe they went bad or something. I don't know. But here's an example. The famous method Semenova. As is known, the method suggests to do an enema. But think about it and it is quite logical. If often to do enema that you just get rid of those microorganisms that are present there. Which will lead to complication, rotting food, increasing gases. Although there are many positive..

Before you do, something you should remember one thing. Do not break the build. And to translate into the body is it? If you have something to lose in the form of bacteria, you no they will not return, as they have evolved over the years with you.

The most correct way of cleansing is the food itself. You may ask how. I will answer you that with a proper diet, and more precisely complex you'll be able to cleanse the body.