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Methods of cleansing the body of toxins

Toxins in the human body

Currently, very often they say and write about slagging of the organism, and how should it be cleaned. We decided to investigate methods of detoxification available today methods for cleaning the body.

Each body's inherent ability of self-regulation. This means that everything that enters the body from outside, originally is the most thorough treatment and, if necessary, neutralized or removed. But it perhaps worked in the old days, when people lived in an ecologically clean environment, eating plant and animal foods grown under natural conditions. The modern man of today can hardly boast of good health and the absolute lack of any diseases. This is all the result of accumulated harmful substances in the body.

Toxins (substances that are products of incomplete digestion and metabolism, also entering from the outside and deposited in the folds of the intestines, connective tissue cells, intercellular space, tissue fluid) is sufficiently big load for the body. The action of these substances, a person experiences discomfort, frequent headaches, suffers from insomnia - in short, all this does not enhance our lives.

Accumulate in the fluids of our body, the toxins make them viscous and difficult fluids. To what consequences it brings?

First, it is a thickening of the blood, this leads to increased blood pressure. Also deposition on the walls of vessels of atherosclerotic plaques, venous congestion, and this in turn threatens varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, etc. bile is Very thick, poorly draining from the gallbladder into the intestine during digestion, it leads to violation of digestion of fats, constipation alternating with diarrhea also leads to the development of chronic cholecystitis and cholelithiasis. And gross intestinal juices leads to deprivative food as a consequence of chronic dysbiosis, colitis, enteritis, gastro and other nasty diseases. The consequences of the thickening of urine or secretions into the airway and sweat, no easier.

The bad property of toxins is that they accumulate everywhere: starting from the cells and interstitial fluid to fat containing structures. In the end, affect whole body. Therefore, to cleanse the body this weight, it's not even a fad, it isthe Foundation of a healthy lifestyle.

Methods of cleansing the body

We discussed the many modern and popular methods for cleansing the body and identified their main point and, most importantly, their advantages and disadvantages.

Colon hydrotherapy

The bottom line: this is a variation of the methods of bowel cleansing with an enema, only the fluid supplied in large volumes up to 60 liters) is not in the rectum and in the colon. At the same time through a special outlet tip into the large intestine and excreted into the sewer. Also, fluid from the intestine is washed out accumulated on the walls of deposits of fecal matter, toxins, toxins.

Hydrocolonotherapy (monitor purgation) also helps get rid of radionuclides, heavy metals and phenols. This procedure is carried out in specialized clinics, because at home such cleaning is carried out is very difficult.

Advantages: the duration of one session of colon hydrotherapy is not more than two hours. This procedure takes place under the supervision of a specialist, this in turn eliminates the possibility of various complications. After a few sessions of colon hydrotherapy fat people lose extra pounds (sometimes even lose about twenty pounds, the average physique can lose about five to seven kilograms). Also, the skin condition gets better, improves mood and vitality.

Disadvantages: the only disadvantage is the fact that washed out is not only toxins, but also part of the microflora. This may contribute to the development of dysbiosis, to avoid the need to use procedures for special solutions. Even this procedure is not recommended to do often: the course consists of five, six treatments is carried out not more often than twice a year.

Cleansing the body by Malakhov

Essence: a method of cleansing the body by Malakhov consists mainly of carrying out enemas. Gennady Petrovich Malakhov advises as a solution for enemas to use urine – my own urine. Also apply it not only for the enema, but drink it, instilled in the eyes or nose and so forth.

Dignity: all these procedures can be carried out from the comfort of home.

Disadvantages: these procedures are not suitable for peopledisgust. Also they are not suitable for people working, for the day you need to collect the right amount of urine to work you don't need a jar to run).

Yoga (Shankh Prakshalana)

The bottom line: not only lavage of the bowel and the entire digestive tract. Drinking salt water and doing a special simple exercises at the same time, the water passes throughout the digestive tract, washing out all the junk. This procedure should be performed until, while the water outlet is clean.

Advantages: simple exercises that will make any person a duration of 30-50 minutes. After preparing a salt solution to drink and doing exercises until the first urge to use the toilet, and repeat several times. After the procedure you will feel a lightness, better sleep, and breath will remain fresh, to improve the skin condition.

Disadvantages: this procedure is performed in the morning on an empty stomach, and this can only be done in the day. Also salty liquid used for washing can cause irritation of the anus. After the procedure need time to be on a special diet.

Chinese herbal medicine

The bottom line: the cleansing of the body with the help of decoctions, herbal teas. Good cleaning properties has a collection of herbs consisting of: milk Thistle, licorice root, dandelion, shizandra, lapusnik large. Cleansing consists of two phases. The first phase is to drink tea from herbs, the second step is to drink the herbs in capsule form, in order to be able to reach the intestine, and there began to act.

Advantages: pleasant painless method. Herbs stimulate the organs and systems of the body, which begin effortless to remove toxins and neutralize toxins. Herbal tea can be prepared by each independently.

Disadvantages: the impossibility of making tea "in store" every time you need to brew a new batch. The inability to find the necessary herbs in pharmacies, herbal capsule also for sale not always. Sometimes the necessary substances are in the composition of some drugs.

The method of fasting – diet therapy (RDT)

The bottom line: dosed fasting. A person who wishes to undergo RDT, prescribe individual diet, which helps to cleanse the body. During fasting and in the absence of food in the stomach there is a complex of secreted enzymes and similar substances fall into the gastrointestinal tract, decompose and serve to nourish the body in unusual conditions for it. The therapeutic effect of RDT lies the death of non-viable cellular structures, energetic disposal from the end products of metabolism, endotoxins.

Advantages: RDT very well affect the whole body. For each developed personalized diet, taking into consideration body weight, gender, age, type of pathology and the existence of concomitant diseases. With this method the body gets rid of toxins and heals. People tried to imagine this method of cleaning, said improving the health, moral and psychological recovery, have confidence in yourself.

Disadvantages: to achieve long-lasting positive effect, it is necessary to completely change your lifestyle, change your diet. It is not everyone will succeed. Inability to carry out at home.

Cleansing the body by Semenova

The bottom line: carrying out cleaning procedures using traditional recipes. For example, to clean the kidneys the healer advises to use the following recipe: "during the week there is only one watermelon with black bread. If you already know that you have a kidney sand or stones, should be 2 or 3 hours a night, take a warm bath ( guided daily biorhythm kidneys). You can again eat a portion of watermelon. After two or three weeks, the course may be repeated".

There is another way to implement it will take 20 – 25 grams of pine oil and some herbs: oregano, sage, lemon balm, knotweed (taken all herbs 50 grams). The grass should be crushed using grinder or coffee grinder to get a large tea. Brew to drink during the week with honey, thus it is necessary to observe a vegetarian diet. Then the 7th day for five days 30 minutes before meals three times a day take 100 and 50 ml. of tincture of the above herbs in the broth, adding five drops of pine oil. For protection of tooth enamel, the composition should be drunk through a straw. In the end it will be the excretion of brown clots with an odor of pine oil. This will happen over time, and will continue throughout the month.

Advantages: easyrunning.

Weaknesses: all the tools, it is grass or food, and possibly aromatic oils can cause allergic reactions. The necessary preliminary consultation with the doctor.

How best to organize the cleansing of the body

There are many ways through which harmful substances and metabolic products are excreted from the body. It is on the kidneys on the liver on the intestines and skin, and the lungs bear this load. Strengthening these bodies, we are increasing the body's ability to cleanse itself. Before resorting to extreme measures (all of these techniques really are) try to get rid of the factors polluting the body. The diet should consist mainly of plant-based foods, exercise, drink during the day at least two liters of water. All these tips are relevant and before carrying out cleaning procedures.

You must follow the sequence of purification: to begin with the colon, then the liver and gallbladder then cleaning tissue fluid and blood vessels then you can begin cleaning your kidneys. Observing the sequence, you will prevent the spread of toxins throughout the body and reverse suction of harmful substances.

Cleansing the body should be carried out systematically and consistently, haste in this case is not needed. After one cleaning, it is necessary to give the body a rest. So if you are tired or waiting for any change, if you are nervous or annoyed, then cleaning should be moved to a better time.


Many authors have different methods of cleansing the body warned that during the purges, perhaps the deterioration of health, I advise you to be patient, it is a temporary deterioration resulting from the high activity of the organism. However, it is not necessary to risk your health, it is better to consult the doctor. Still before you start the cleaning procedure, consult your doctor, as these treatments there are contraindications.

It is impossible to clean the body, if there are violations of the digestive system, endocrine, cardiovascular, and excretory system, if the increased acidity of gastric juice. In diseases with diabetes mellitus, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, colitis, severe hypertension, heart disease, and kidney intensive cleaning not only harmful, but dangerous. Don't spend cleaning and in cases when you have a cold or are sick with infectious diseases, with acute exacerbationdiseases of internal organs if you are tired, annoyed, or you're stressed. If you feel uncomfortable or to not fully convinced of the necessity of cleaning the body. Women should not cleanse during pregnancy and breast-feeding, also during the week before menstruation and a week after the menses.