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Cleansing the body with rice

In cases of diseases of the genitourinary system, or the deposition of salts in the joints in the East used the cleansing of the body rice. The most suitable for this rice is brown rice, which is eaten in the East (we were also fed refined white rice). Brown rice is obselesence, but not ground grain yellowish or brown. Buy it very difficult. Therefore, it is possible to replace rice second grade, it is often come across raw grain. Really in a pinch for the rice therapy will suit and white rice.

So you should pay attention to several points that indicate that is time to clean the rice will be helpful:

  • Disturbed bowel motility.
  • Periodic constipation or diarrhea, instability of the chair.
  • Error in the diet. An unbalanced diet.
  • The excess body weight.

Cleansing of the body rice helps to remove toxins from the body, improves metabolism. Normalizes weight, removes edema, improves kidney and liver. The essence of this therapy is in long-term food soaked rice with a total limit of salt. The most important thing in the rice purification, it is the adherence to a salt-free diet, then the result of therapy will be good. At the end of therapy the urine becomes cloudy, filled with goo. This is the result, it shows that the body is cleared.

The content of the article:

Why rice to cleanse the body?

It is an annual plant in many countries forms the basis of the diet. Through the use of this cereals, it is possible to clear many organs and organ systems, to get rid of edema, relieves irritability, apathy and lethargy.

Normal the body removes toxins on their own, through the lungs, kidneys, digestive tract, sweat glands in the skin. However, often it is not enough to get rid of them due to the high speed of absorption and distribution in tissues toxicsubstances. For example, from ingested fluoride, the liver is able to cope only after 6 months. In dealing with such toxins helps the pic, as a natural antioxidant.

As for the waste of human metabolism, the body excretes them in the urine, sweat and feces. Additional assistance may be required during high load on the digestive tract, for example, when the irrational approach to nutrition, absence of dietary fiber in diseases of the digestive system, alcohol poisoning or food contaminated by micro-organisms.

In this case, the rice will act as a natural adsorbent, absorbing all the harmful substances that not have time to bring the body. However, it is important to understand that rice is not a treatment. This method cannot replace the expert care for food poisoning, in diseases of the digestive organs, etc. Therefore, before proceeding to purification of the body using rice, you should consult with your doctor.

The procedure of cleansing the body with rice

Initially, prepare four glasses, number them. If the purification is carried out with the whole family, prepare a half-liter or liter jars. Most important thing is not to confuse cups, soaked rice for four days.

First day.

In the morning rinse the rice and pour it into a glass, 2-3 tablespoons, fill with cold water. Cover the glass, not tightly.

The second day.

Early in the morning, rinse the contents of the beaker through a sieve, again cover with cold water.

After that, the second glass, place 2-3 tablespoons of washed rice, pour fresh cold water, put next to the first glass.

The third day.

First, the contents of the first and second cups, rinsed through a sieve again and pour fresh cold water.

In the third glass put 2-3 tablespoons of washed rice and pour fresh cold water.

Fourth day.

Contents 1, 2, 3, glasses to wash out in turns through a sieve and again cover with cold fresh water.

In the fourth glass put washed rice and pour fresh cold water.

The fifth day

Rinse the contents of the first Cup, cook out of this mess. The rice cook for long, so oatmeal liquid. Before eating for 20-30 minutes, drink a glass of water. Also very good to eat rice raw, for four days it becomes soft. This figure displays a good worms. After you eat rice, try for 4 hours. Refrain even from apples, juice or water.

In the empty glass pour a new batch of rice on top and fill it with cold fresh water, put in the end of the row. So to do for 2 weeks in the morning eating rice,instead of cooking a new batch of rice. Observing periods from Breakfast to lunch. For lunch and dinner you can eat anything. It is necessary to exclude table salt, spicy and acidic food, alcohol and tobacco.

Month course of purification of rice

As a rule, the time of cleansing the body with rice is 30 days. When you do this daily before taking any food on an empty stomach is necessary to eat boiled rice. However, this should not be just boiled rice, and soaked rice. The time of exposure in water is not less than five days.

Such a long soaking time allows the rump to get rid of simple sugars, starch and inorganic salts. At the exit the person receives protein-carbohydrate rice puree that is able to absorb toxins and wastes. Thanks to the cleaning of the stomach and intestines is cleansed of all tissues and organs, since the state of the digestive tract depends on the condition of the body.

After a monthly course of purification, many people noted the absence of pain in the joints, which previously took a long time, relieve swelling, relief from insomnia. (see also: causes and symptoms of insomnia)

A ten-day course of cleansing rice flour

Cleansing you can also use capsure or rice flour. It is a valuable source of protein, micronutrients, vitamins and minerals. It includes phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, sodium and no gluten and gluten-free. Therefore, the purification using rice flour, you can make even people suffering from celiac intolerance and allergies.

Furthermore, rice flour is good for teeth. Enough to eat every morning two tablespoons of this product to cleanse the body. This is done also on an empty stomach. The rice flour should have a good chew to it soaked with saliva. It does not drink water, not add to it any condiments or other liquids. The course of purification rice flour should be at least 10 days.

Rice pudding to cleanse the body

With rice pudding can be quickly and correctly to cleanse the body. This method can be used frequently, if you want fasting days on rice, you can perform up to 2 times a week.

In order to prepare a cleansing rice drink, groats need to be soaked in 1 liter of cold water. A volume of liquid you need to take half Cup of rice. The period for soaking is 12 hours. After this time the rice is boiled, while it does not add neither sugar nor salt. The resulting jelly drink in the morning and afterdo not eat for another 5 hours. After this time you can eat any digestible foods.

Rice as a natural desiccant, absorbs toxins and pathogenic intestinal flora. Restoring the intestinal wall is achieved by enveloping action cereal jelly. Bloating and fermentation processes are eliminated, thanks to being a part of the rice starch, which, in such a short time of soaking will not be completely eliminated.

Rice porridge to cleanse the body

It is possible to help the body rid itself of harmful substances is possible even with a basic rice porridge, but it is necessary to properly cook. For this cereal and soaked overnight in clean water.

Morning swollen rump cooked but water during cooking should not be absorbed into the rice, which it must be changed at least 4 times. Only at the fourth water porridge brought to readiness. During cooking and after it, no spices in the rump is not added, so as not to disturb the cleansing process.

This porridge is eaten for the past 5 weeks every morning instead of Breakfast. The next meal will take place only two hours later.

Recommendations on cleansing the body with rice

  • Before you begin the cleansing process using rice, you should consult with a specialist to clarify the absence of contraindications.
  • It is impossible to engage in self-cleansing of the body in severe chronic diseases, exacerbation of other pathologies, oncological diseases, during pregnancy and lactation, and during administration of drugs or synthetic vitamins in childhood.
  • When deterioration during the cleaning process you need to stop and consult a doctor.
  • Nutrition during cleaning should be balanced.
  • Should abandon admission of alcohol, from Smoking during your cleanse.
  • Do not combine cleaning rice with fasting or other means of cleaning the body.
  • To start cleansing the body or not, each person decides individually. However, in order not to inflict harm, you should consult with your doctor before you start the process of getting rid of harmful substances.


    Contraindications for rice cleanse no negative effects too. People with highlythe contaminated organism can sense weakness at the beginning of the purification. To make it easier to move and relax more, relax. The best thing is not to pay attention to this weakness.

    Cleansing the body with rice is best done 1-2 times a year. The most convenient time, this is a Great post.