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Cleansing the body juices

As the juices cleanse the body

Eating lots of plant foods helps to cleanse the body without a variety of procedures and medications. Fresh juices speed up the cleansing process of the body, and makes it power. Juice is the best source of easily digestible nutrients in a more balanced way. Most importantly, Vyatich fresh juices contains a lot of substances contributing to the oxygenation of organs and tissues of the human body (oxidative enzymes). Oxidative enzymes immediately get into the bloodstream and have a direct impact.

The most important component of green juices, chlorophyll molecules which are perfectly combined with molecules of hemoglobin. Fresh vegetable juices are capable of restoring the metabolism, broken up at different physiological levels. All modern methods of treatment of juices from fruits and vegetables mainly is based on the research of Dr. Walker. The theory of Dr. Walker has a lot of fans, although there are difficulties in choosing the personal program of cleansing the body juices and his subsequent treatment. This is to maintain the position reasonable selectivity.

Dead juices

More than 90% of juices sold in the shop, restored, or pasteurized. They will not have a curative effects on our health. These juices can even be called "dead." Useful minerals and vitamins are killed during pasteurization. Heat treatment destroys live enzymes enzymes.

For this reason, choose "live" juices that have not undergone heat treatment. Such juices can cleanse our body.

How to make live juice for cleansing the body

  • Well wash the fruit, clean the vegetables from the skin.
  • Clean, cut, wash vegetables or fruit immediately before preparing juice.
  • Prepare exactly how much you drink at one time. As in 30 minutes "live"juice starts to"die". The only thing that beet juice should settle at least two hours in the refrigerator.
  • In juice, do not add salt or sugar.

  • How to live accept the juice

    Before you drink juice dilute it with clean water. Natural vegetable juice has a strong cleansing effect to the body time to get used to them.For starters, consume the juice in small amounts different types of. This applies mainly to cabbage or beet juice. Make them start with 1 teaspoon at a time. This will allow the body to get used to them and learn the body's response to these juices. Don't forget that beetroot juice before drinking should stand for two hours.

    A day of cleansing the body juices transform our body

    Throughout the day drink only fresh squeezed juices, pure water, if you wish, you can green tea. They eat little but often. At 19-00 o'clock the last admittance of juice.

    Example: 2 cups of cucumber juice, 3 cups of tomato juice, 1 Cup carrot juice, 1 Cup of potato juice. Another example: 2 cups cucumber juice 2 cups tomato juice, 1/2 Cup carrot+1/4 cabbage+1/4 Apple, 1/4 Cup of beet +potato 1/2+1/4 water.

    Properties of juices

    A very effective way to remove toxins from the body these juices like cabbage, potato, cucumber, carrot, beet, tomato, juice of Jerusalem artichoke and pumpkin.

    • Avitaminosis, gout, atherosclerosis, obesity, essential cabbage juice.

    • Reduces liver disease, gastrointestinal disease, and atherosclerosis juice of cauliflower.
    • Normalizes the work of cardiovascular system, reduce inflammation, relieve constipation, gastritis and ulcers is a very good potato juice.

    • Very useful for stomach, liver and teeth, good for obesity, anemia and constipation cucumber juice.

    • Beet juice is useful for stomach, liver and to the respiratory tract.
    • When skin diseases, osteochondrosis, atherosclerosis, anemia, gastritis will help carrot juice.

    • Salad juice is recommended for stomach disorders, anemia, hypertension.

    • Wellremoves toxins, has anti-cancer effect, good for the stomach juice of Jerusalem artichoke.
    • Removes toxins and relieves chronic constipation pumpkin juice.

    But there are some contraindications

    • Carrot juice, juice of radish, radish and bell peppers, should avoid people with ulcerative diseases of the stomach and gastritis.
    • The juice of carrot and sweet pepper is contraindicated in renal stone disease.
    • From carrot juice and juice of sweet pepper is to give people suffering from acute colitis.
    • People suffering from diabetes first type, a juices are contraindicated at all with the exception of beet juice, but in very small doses. Beet juice lowers the blood sugar level.
    • People suffering from diabetes of the second type, you need to eliminate all juices containing sugar, that is all fruit and berry juices.

    How to increase the effectiveness of cleansing the body juices

    The second or fourth phase of the moon is the best time for cleansing, these days, the result will be better. Before cleansing the body juices should be during the day, eat some vegetables or fruit. Menu: after cleansing day should consist of vegetable salads, flavored butter and fruit. It will set your stomach to receive the usual food. Day cleanse body juice well to hold once a week.