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Liver cleansing - yoga exercises

Sarvangasana – the shoulder stand or "birch"

This yoga asana, stand on the shoulders can be attributed to the mystical postures, but it brings a lot of benefits. To perform it lie on a Mat, relax, slowly straighten your legs again slowly raise. The spine, pelvis and legs must be vertical. The back support arms. Elbows lean in the floor, the chin presses on the chest. The rear part of the deltoid muscle and neck touch the carpet.

Don't let your body wobble, the legs must be straight. As soon as the exercise ends, lower legs down very slowly, not with a jerk, and elegant. While performing this asana the body weight is distributed mainly on the shoulders. All the attention focus on the muscles of the lower back. Breathing hold until feel tension, exhale slowly through the nose.

When to perform: Stand on your shoulders to perform well twice a day, morning and evening. After this do Matsyasana – pose of fish. First you need to do two minutes, gradually necessary time to bring to thirty minutes.

The result: This asana cures many diseases. The physical condition of the body improves, awakens Kundalini Shakti, intelligence increases, disappear bowel disease and liver.

Mayurasana – peacock pose

The peacock pose is much harder than the previous Sarvangasana. For its implementation have not enough forces and it is desirable physical training.

This is the horizontal handstand. If at first, it will be difficult to keep balance, can be put under the nose of the cushion. If the difficulty will be in the straightening of the legs, straighten turns, first one then the other. Lean forward, head down, feet will detach themselves from the earth. Asana if performed correctly, the body is one horizontal line. Some are easier to perform this asana on the chair. Ensure that the legs are not bent, and the torso did not rise above the head – it may be detrimental impact on the eyes. Duration 5-20 seconds, with time to bring to 2 – 3 minutes. Breath lingers directly in the pose, exhale at the end of the posture.

The result: the peacock Pose will relieve you from constipation, relieve from the consequences of eating bad food, will cure chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, improve digestion, help eliminate toxins.

Due to the increase in intra-abdominal pressure,normal enlarged liver and spleen. The abdominal organs toniziruyut. Awakens Kundalini (a powerful vital energy). Perform the asana is not for patients with a weak diaphragm or enlarged diaphragmatic opening.