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Cleansing the liver on Malakhov

Methods of cleansing the liver on Malakhov

The best time for cleansing the liver on Malakhov is 10 – 13 lunar days before full moon. For this before Breakfast drink fresh juice, easy Breakfast, it's also easy to eat. After 1-2 hours to put on the region of the liver warmer. Good water bottle to snap and go on all day until 7-8 PM. In the evening oil and citric acid solution to heat up to a temperature of 30-35 degrees.

Dose the oil pick up with the calculation of self-weight and portability of oil. One or two swallows of oil and drink one or two SIPS of juice. 15 minutes to wait, it is possible to repeat again. Slowly take the oil out of juice until the end.

If you feel nausea, wait until the disappearance of these symptoms. Then continue the procedure. If the symptoms are persist, then limit already drunk. A heating pad, do not remove.

After drinking the oil and juice (dose of oil and juice should be about 100 to 300 ml), you must do several activities to enhance the cleaning effect of the liver. Approximately 1-1. 5 hours after drinking the oil with the juice, take a comfortable position (the most suitable heels) to Close the left nostril with cotton wool and breathe through the right. On the tip of the tongue put a little hot red pepper, and the liver area to put the applicator Kuznetsova, preferably with metal needles. These activities are aimed at the production of energy and heat in the region of the liver.

Next, imagine that the breath you aim a fire arrow in the region of the liver. The breathing should be slow and smooth (4-6 breaths per minute), good working iris. On the inhale, the belly bulging, exhale to shake.

It perfectly massages the liver, improves blood circulation, the liver washed out waste products and clots. To breathe, thus, it is necessary for 15 – 30 minutes rest after one hour and again to repeat. During a holiday in the region of the liver, and put the magnetic applicator or simply a magnet. The use of the magnet, this is an important factor that increases capillary circulation.

About 23 hours until 3 a.m., and sometimes later in the morning closer, you begin to get out rocks and miscellaneous waste, it looks like a regular indulgence. From 23 hours to 3 hours the biorhythm of the liver and gallbladder maximum. Often even in the morning and sometimes loose stools with that have more stones and mastooreh of bile. It is necessary to make a cleansing enema. You can relax a bit and have Breakfast. The first meal consisted of 0.5 liters of juice (carrot; beet – Apple 1:5). The juice will help cleanse the liver. Only then you can eat salads, porridge cooked in water and then live the usual life.

Additional recommendations

Generally, as practice showed, people with a body mass of up to 60 – 65 kg, also people with poor tolerance of the oil for the first cleansing of the liver is enough for 150 – 200 ml of oil to avoid vomiting. In the future, the cleansing, the amount of butter can be increased to 300 ml as possible and to leave the old number, that's enough.

If suddenly, after a while happened vomiting and in the vomit was mucous present on (green or black), this suggests that the SAP is oil worked in the stomach while I cleaned it from pathological film. This happens most often during the first cleaning. For the second use then less juice and oil, but third is still a bit increase the juice with oil.

In the period of purification according to Malakhov should relax. Usually, the cleansing the liver with oil and lemon juice, is painless. More often there was a massive evacuation, expulsion, this raises the feeling that the liver is "breathing."If you feel fear, anxiety, or nervous and it's all tied up with anticipation, a feeling of"stiffness", then drink 2 tablets shpy and calm down. The whole process of cleansing the liver will go well.

Cleaning is contraindicated to do after continuous fasting or after hard work. Should rest to gain strength for 3 -5 days. Otherwise, the body will simply eat the oil and lemon juice, or you will exhaust yourself. You need to understand that you are invading the liver, and for that she needed strength for such a powerful strain. You will be able to feel the liver vibrates and breathes, mainly for the first cleansing.

The number of purges

The first cleaning is the most difficult for her, the body requires a lot of effort. It happens that when you first clean out a lot of old bile, whitish filament, mold, and stones do not go. This is not to say that the cleaning was unsuccessful. All right, apparently, the liver is so jam-Packed that one does not need a cleaning in order to reach the exit of the stones. The second and remaining cleaning do considering your health, they will be already easier. For example, the first 3 cleaning do with a break of 3 weeks, the fourth – month, fifth – two months. The next year spend another 2 and by the following year, one cleaning. Only need to spend approximately 9 – 12, and even more cleansing of the liver.

Diet after liver cleanse

To eat after cleansing the liver on Malakhov, we should start with the appearance of appetite. For a start, drink fresh carrot or Apple juice along with beetroot. The best apples to take the sour taste, in connection with beet, you get a very pleasant mixture.

After drinking juice, eat a salad of fresh greens, acidulated or salted all natural ingredients ( lemon juice, cranberries, seaweed). Then porridge made with water, its seasoned with oil and seaweed. Therefore, you can have lunch and dinner, the next day food could be more varied.

The best time to eat right, so this contributed to the strengthening of the liver. From your diet eliminate fried meat and fish, rich meat broth, fish broth, canned food, smoked food, fatty snacks (especially cold) and past exposure to high temperature. Foods high in starch, especially white flour, baking, clogs the liver tissue making it hard. Poorly tolerated legumes and mushrooms. Contraindicated: vinegar, pepper, mustard, pickles, turnips, radishes, radish, onion, garlic, sorrel, spinach, strong coffee and cocoa, alcohol. Negatively affects liver dishes a sharp and spicy taste. Stimulates the liver and gallbladder sour tastes. Salted taste indirectly stimulates the liver. Tart and tangy taste – inhibit liver function.

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