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Liver cleansing with olive oil

It is a way of cleansing the liver for people who love extreme sports. Olive oil has a strong choleretic property, plant has such properties if taken in large doses. It promotes contraction of the gallbladder and maximum disclosure of all of the bile ducts.

Contained in the vegetable oil oleic acid, is almost completely absorbed in the intestine, used by the body in metabolism. This acid is related to unsaturated fatty acids, and has great biological significance for the organism. They contribute to the change cholesterol in easily digestible compounds that are easily excreted from the body. In addition, unsaturated fatty acids increase the elasticity of blood vessel walls, reducing their permeability. Applying for treating vegetable oil, you can quickly increase the content of unsaturated fatty acids. They are very close to the body. For this reason, for food and for treatment it is necessary to use products, which contain unsaturated fatty acids. The rich content of oleic acid is olive and almond oil. Sunflower oil contains this acid in two times less.

Attention! This procedure does not in any way is not for people who have a gallbladder with large stones, with exacerbation of heart disease, hypertension, acute inflammatory diseases of the digestive tract, pregnancy, menstruation.

Many people question how to get stones while cleansing the liver, whose diameter is larger than the diameter of the bile ducts. Very often, worried that the stone may clog up the bile duct or other complications.

Scheme of cleansing the liver with olive oil

Drink the juice from beets and apples for three days before the full moon. Juice should be freshly squeezed. Take to cook four pieces of apples and one part beet. At this time, do two times a day enemas for cleansing the body. In the mornings and in the evenings. Instead of juice you can eat are green apples that are sour.

In the day when you will be doing a liver cleanse, you should drink the juice every two hours of the day. In three hours of the day, drink one tablet shpy and one tablets of allochol that you need to drink hot water. You'll need to heat the region of the liver warmer. And you need to warm up the liver and on the back, not just the stomach. To warm up the liver, and using thefinalgon with butter. Or take the heat pad.

At five o'clock and thirty minutes, make yourself a cleansing enema. Half an hour later six drink one tablet shpy.

At seven o'clock begins the very liver cleansing olive oil. Everything you do is only preparation, that itself was clean, painless and successful. Begin drinking olive oil with lemon juice. This part to prepare in advance – one glass. At one time drink one tablespoon of juice and one tablespoon of oil. Drink this amount of juice and oil every fifteen minutes. Until the oil and juice.

You may be sick, then you need to sniff a lemon peel or garlic. In those fifteen minutes between taking the juice and oil you need to lie on the right and left side, squat, shake the belly, walk, and maintain heat in the liver from the abdomen and spine.

At eleven o'clock in the evening will discharge from the intestines. Going out, necrotic mucosa, bile, green education, sand, black stones, some film, a fungal film. It may be that the secretions from the intestines will not at this time, then make yourself an enema. Until the morning maintain warmth in the liver area, since the cleansing process will last all night. In the morning you need to do an enema. Breakfast first, drink fresh Apple juice that should be diluted with water in a ratio of one to two. Half an hour later drink the juice of grapefruit. Then eat only fruits and fresh juices, or oatmeal, oatmeal "Hercules", which should be cooked in water without added salt.

This cleansing of the liver can not be done during menstruation, pregnant women or people suffering from hypotension, hypertension, heart disease, diseases of the acute inflammatory character, and when large gallstones.

The real story of the cleansing of the liver oil

A couple of years ago my eyesight had deteriorated so much, the color of the whites of the eyes has changed, become more yellow. I went to the doctor. He said it could be hepatitis. But the tests, the diagnosis is not confirmed.

But it turned out that I have a bad liver. In the hospital I was prescribed many expensive medicines.

I decided to treat the liver by means of traditional medicine. I read in the newspaper that this disease can be cured with vegetable oil. It was enough for all three procedures.

I decided to check out the recipe for yourself. And it so happened that I'm not cured, but rather worsened the condition. Couldn't get out of bed, the stomach very strongly was ill. In the newspaper it was written thatas it should be and it's just the body's response to cleansing.

All day I was in such a state, but then family called me an ambulance. I did an emergency surgery because it turned out that I was suffering stones in the gall bladder.

The doctors explained that people who begin to do cleaning the oil, but do not know they have stones, as a rule, come to the place. It turns out the situation in which a person can just die.

My example suggests that before conducting a liver cleanse, be sure to complete the full survey. The result had to buy drugs even more than after the first survey. And most importantly, for good health you need to eat right, not Smoking, and to abstain from alcohol. Because these factors are the main cause of liver disease.