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Diet after liver cleanse

Fresh juices

The next day after the liver cleanse would be good to start with fresh carrot juice, or beet – Apple juice. Best apples with a sour taste, along with beet juice will be a pleasant mixture of tastes. These juices can have a laxative impact and this will help bring the remaining in the liver and in the intestines stones.

Experts say that beet juice minerals are alkaline compounds, and this is its uniqueness. Research beet, carrot and cabbage juices showed that beet juice is best secretes bile.

Ancient healers knew about these choleretic properties of beets. Even Avicenna noted that blockage in the liver and spleen, reveal beets. Russian scientists have been identified in beet betaine, which is absent in other vegetables. Betaine is a rare element, its chemical properties it resembles choline and lecithin and that's the best regulators of metabolism. They help you to assimilate proteins, improve the functioning of the liver. In the beet contains saponins, they bind cholesterol in the intestine in plohousvoyaemy complex. Mainly saponins are used as the basis for drugs from multiple sclerosis. In the beet contains more vitamin U, it promotes rapid healing of ulcers, again anti-sclerotic effect, normalizes the cholesterol metabolism as well as methionine, and anti-allergic qualities. Magnesium, contained in beets, regulates vascular tone, and does not form clots in blood vessels.

The medicinal qualities of these juices will encourage fast healing of your liver, it mainly affects the elderly, since they contain volatile, which adversely affect the microbes. Volatile, which are contained in large amounts in onions, garlic and carrots clean your mouth, stomach, intestine from microbes. In addition, the carrot has no peculiar smell, like onions or garlic.

The salad greens

After you drink the juice, it would be good to eat a salad of fresh greens, slightly acidulated or salted, is better than something natural: lemon juice, cranberry, seaweed. Thus, it is possible to have lunch and dinner. The next day the food can vary.

Now is the time to start eating healthy food to the liver stronger.

And for this, we need to know which products are most harmfulfor our the liver, and remove them from your menu. These products include: roasted meats and fish strong meat and fish broth, canned food, smoked food, fatty snacks (especially cold) and products that have passed the high temperature. White flour, pastries, and other foods that are rich in starches, clog the liver with toxins and makes it solid. Poorly tolerated in diseases of the liver beans and mushrooms. To eliminate vinegar, pepper, mustard, pickles, turnips, radishes, radish, onion, garlic, sorrel, spinach, strong coffee and cocoa, alcohol. Dishes with a sharp taste, incredibly negatively affect the health of the liver.

In ancient times, healers have noticed that different tastes differently stimulates different energy in our body. Using this knowledge it is possible to stimulate the function of organs. For example, the sour taste stimulates the liver and gall bladder, salted, to a lesser extent, but stimulating, but astringent and sharp depressing.

As established by modern scientists, products with sharp and tart taste harm not only the liver, but the mucosa of the stomach and duodenum. Given all this, are people who want to improve the function of the liver should include in their menu necessarily, foods with natural sour or salt taste, and to avoid foods with a tart taste.


If you overdone to stimulate the liver, feel for any sour taste on the tongue. In this case, it is necessary to limit intake of foods with sour and salty taste, with a tart and sharp increase. It is very important to achieve a balance, to not have any taste sensations in between meals. For those who suffer from liver diseases, to strengthen the liver mandatory vitamins a, C, j, K, especially of group B. Vitamin B6 increases the antitoxic function of the liver, B3 (PP) plays an important role in energy metabolism of cells, does not allow them to die. B1 (folic acid) and B12 are involved in the metabolism of proteins, enzymes and redox reactions, promote protein synthesis and are considered as growth factors. Vitamin K is involved in the process of blood clotting, increases the energy potential of the hepatic cells. Deficiency, disturbances occur secretion and fat absorption in the intestine. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) at a dose of 1 gram a day improves liver function, increases the antitoxic function, and improve regenerative processes.

Due to disease of the liver and biliary tract, poorly absorbed minerals, but their excretion increases. And a lot of them contains Apple, carrot and beet juices, in a very easy-to-digest form. Thesethe same substance also found in other fruits and vegetables.

For more tips

It is still very important, after cleansing the liver to eliminate salt intake. Such a diet reduces the formation and excretion of enzymes in the digestive tract from the liver and bile ducts and it does not disturb diseased organs.

It is necessary to consider the state of the intestine, need to get rid of constipation. Otherwise putrefactive processes in the intestine will only intensify in the blood will penetrate the toxic substances that through the portal vein to penetrate into the liver, thus will only worsen her condition. Healing of the liver will be long.

If all this into account, we can conclude that it is necessary to give preference to fresh vegetables and fruits. Most of all excites the secretion of bile beets, carrots, zucchini, tomatoes, cauliflower, grapes, watermelon, strawberries, apples, prunes.

Promotes rapid healing of the liver and sprouted wheat, using it you can prepare this mixture. 100 grams of sprouted wheat grains, grind in a meat grinder, add 100 grams of chopped beets, carrots, dried apricots and 50 grams cranberries (you can substitute lemon juice) a little honey. Taste the mixture should be pleasing slightly acidic. To adopt it, replacing cereals, although you can alternate: one time – porridge, the other is a mixture. To prepare this compound, the most important thing is to take 100 grams of sprouted wheat and other ingredients to taste. Oil, butter or vegetable, add in a ready meals, but not during their preparation.