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The amazing liver cleanse

As I began to cleanse the liver

Dear! I read your remarks about the unsuccessful cleansing of the liver, and thought to share a simple and very effective method that I read in the book of Andreas Moritz "amazing liver cleanse" (USA).

It is not necessary to follow the recommendations that the liver needs to be cleaned 5 to 6 times. Actually this needs to be addressed until then, until you feel the ease, and when you stop to get out the stones. Personally, I did a course of cleansing the liver from January to August 2008, already 15 (!) again, using this technology. The amazing thing is that during the 15 th amazing liver cleansing, stones continued to come, however, very little yellowish (young), not green chronic.

At first I applied myself to the cleaning of a liver on Malakhov – Semenova. I was left with the impression that this method is very time-consuming, painful and not always get the desired result. Of the six I conducted the purges were successful, only the first two (when they came out a few stones), the other brought nothing. Note, during the ultrasound examination of stones in the liver you will find they become visible when they are out.

The amazing thing is that for 15 years I have maintained a vegetarian diet, body type slim, but during the cleaning I had so many stones that I thought I have clogged not only the biliary tract but also the body of the liver. Apparently, the liver itself is "stick together" all the waste in the stones, and then pushes into the bile duct. If the way clogged, it is natural stones trapped in the liver, respira her.

You may not know that you have something with the liver, maybe you have a common gastritis, or constipation, and may inflamed pancreas, or dyskinesia, etc. After cleansing, everything is back to normal!!! Once the liver starts to cope with its functions, everything goes!!!

I want to give advice to those who won't read the book Moritz: if you are unsure that you will be able to bring the case to the end, it is best not to start. Since the place came pebbles, 2 to 5 days stand other, again blocking the bile duct. Be patient and clean everything until the end! Now you can go directly to the cleaning.

Prepare for an amazing liver cleansing

1.First, you need to clean the colon. More efficiently this can be done after 3 courses of colon hydrotherapy.

2.Six days before the cleaning, it is necessary to drink freshly squeezed Apple juice, a liter a day before meals. Will fit also the store Apple juice, if you are not able to do fresh. In this case, we need is malic acid, which softens the stones.

3.In the cleaning day you will need 3 components is: Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) 4 tablespoons olive oil 120 ml or ¾ Cup grapefruit juice ( you can substitute lemon juice with a small amount of orange). The best oil "Extra virgine oil" - cold pressed oil. Magnesium sulfate in addition to laxative effects still has properties to open the bile ducts.

The process of cleansing the liver

1. Came the day of cleaning, can be easily enjoyed, also a light lunch products, not requiring expenditure of bile. On this day I ate one time at 13-00 hours. After 14-00 is no longer possible to drink water in order to bile accumulated in the liver.

2.Colon should be in this day of the net, it would be good to do an enema or drink a laxative herbal.

3. To 18-00 hours is required to dissolve 4 tablespoons of magnesium sulfate in three cups of water. All of this divided into 4 servings. 18-00 to take the first portion.

4. 20-00 to take a second serving.

5. After 20-00 put a heating pad on the liver area ( large salt heated in a pan, sprinkle in a few bags, so as not burned).

6. 21-30 prepare oil (120 ml) and water (160 ml). The mixture stir in half-liter jar and heat in a water bath. Cover, place the front of the bed. There's also put a hot water bottle.

7. Prepare the bed under your back, place two pillows under the sheets to lay the plastic over(so as to not get up for two hours, even if they the urge). Pillow underlay it is necessary to ensure that the oil is not poured out again into the esophagus.

8. At 22-00 (not too late) shake Well a mixture of oil - juice of about 20 times. To drink in one fell swoop, standing next to the bed (easy to drink!). Then go back to bed with a hot water bottle in the liver area, twenty minutes did not move. Don't get up out of bed for 2 hours, then you can get up, needed to visit the toilet. You can sleep until morning.

9. at 6-00 in the morning to take the third portion of the magnesium sulfate.

10. At 8: 00 to take fourth portion of magnesium sulfate.

This ended the whole procedure. Leave the pebbles will start approximately 6 hours. The largest number of stones out in 8 hours.

It is desirable to defecate in a basin. What comes out sometimes causingshock. During the first cleaning of the stones comes out a little, but with 3-4 cleaning you will see....

Further cleansing of the liver and the result

Cleaning should be done once a month, often, but not desirable. While I personally did the cleaning 2 or 3 times a week. I'm 59 years old, I endured all of that easily enough. Cleaning was done with 11 to 15 lunar days. It is possible and in 4 quarters. Also the result will be good.

At the moment I am not concerned about any gastritno phenomenon, nor constipation. After completely clean the liver, guide the course of antiparasitic treatment, clean the kidneys. That's about it.

After you pass a series of cleansing the liver, it can be cleaned twice a year. Then everything is back to normal, you'll be fine.

R. S. if the removed gallbladder, the liver flush can be carried out, even need! Is the same scenario. Good luck!