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Cleansing the kidneys with watermelon

Contraindications cleanse the kidneys watermelon

Method of cleansing of the kidneys watermelon is known to many. Watermelon diet is one of the most effective, which is very important, it is also a delicious way to say goodbye toxins in the kidneys. Although this method has contraindications include diseases associated with the violation of the outflow of urine, congenital anomalies of the genitourinary system, nefroptoz, nephrolithiasis, prostate adenoma, secondary pyelonephritis, caused by postoperative adhesion processes, also diabetes. To all this, if the cleaning to do with black bread, it should give people suffering from gastrointestinal diseases. Especially the contra-indications belong to people suffering from gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer as possible perforated ulcer.

To clean the kidneys watermelons is strictly impossible if phosphaturia because producing the exfoliating cleansing kidney, we unwittingly provide favourable conditions for active formation of phosphate stones. Eventually develop chronic renal failure will most likely result to disability. Also chronic renal insufficiency is the reason for the rejection of watermelon cleansing kidney.

Again, note that when cleaning urine separation increases, and this in turn is strictly forbidden to patients who have kidney Staghorn stones, as the sharp edges of these stones may injure the ureters.

The mechanism of purification

The most convenient time for cleaning it's the end of summer, just as the watermelon season. To cleanse the kidneys with the help of watermelon, you will need not only watermelon, but black bread, that's all the menu for the whole week. Watermelon will be hard to flush the kidneys, biorhythm will give the necessary force to expel the sand. The kidney accounts for the time from 17 to 21 hours.

Important: be sure to consult your doctor before beginning of a "watermelon diet." If you have kidney stones, kidney problems or heart - advice required!

Scheme procedure

Sit in tub with warm water and start to absorb the watermelons. In the end, the urine starts coming out the sand and stones. The warmth helps open the urinary tract and hasanalgesic effect at the exit of the stones. Such cleaning, spend again in 2 – 3 weeks to achieve a good result, because after the first week cleaning can leave only sand. After the second cleaning, the stone can go down into the ureter. And this, in turn, increases the risk that the stone will get stuck there. After three weeks of cleaning, the stones usually come out.

Additional effects from watermelon diet

As in watermelon and still have the fiber, it increases intestinal peristalsis, so watermelon diet will be helpful for people suffering from constipation, although it is very harmful to people prone to diarrhea. Another note, how are you going to stock up on watermelon, don't be black and white without the acid bread. This is because watermelon possesses strong alkaline properties, eating watermelons, we zaslujivaet urine, which normally has an acid reaction. Increasing the alkalinity of urine, we set in motion certain kinds of salts, which in some cases form kidney stones.