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Cleansing the kidneys at home

Cucumber cleansing the kidneys

In order to carry out the cleansing of the kidneys need to systematically arrange cucumber fasting days. For this whole week, it is some cucumbers. eat cucumbers only from 7 to 23 hours. Throughout the day you should eat about one and a half pounds of fresh cucumbers. Note that to pickle cucumbers it is impossible in any case.

In order not to feel the debilitating hunger can be eaten in a day, three baked (jacket) potatoes. Also eat potatoes without salt and oil. To enhance the cleansing effect, you can drink one Cup of weak, light barley beer. Beer again, you can take between 17 and 19 hours. You can't eat for an hour before the reception of beer, and an hour after his admission.

Before bedtime is very good to drink tea made from thyme (bogoroditskaya grass). To prepare it you need half a teaspoon of herbs to brew Cup boiling water, infuse one hour, strain, take one hour before bedtime.

Results cleanse the kidneys folk remedies you'll be able to notice immediately, but for about a month. I also want to draw your attention, if you have kidney problems, you must release the fears and negative emotions, because they block the energy that circulates in the kidneys. After you succeed, this weight will be released, even mentally, the kidney will immediately begin to work better.

Hips to cleanse the kidneys

Can offer you the real elixir from kidney disease and from other diseases. For its preparation it is necessary to take one common root rose hips, grind it to a boil. The proportion of such six glasses of water, you will need one Cup of sliced root, boil it until 2/3 of the original volume. The resulting decoction is used at any time, it is advisable to alternate on an empty stomach, before meals, during meals, after meals. Adults are recommended up to 4 cups for children 1 to 2 glasses per day. This decoction can be drunk to the recovery, but will be better after a 20 day course to make a 10-day break.

Recipe 2. Another very good remedy to cleanse kidney at home: 2 tablespoons of chopped roots of wild rose pour a glass of water, leave to infuse during the night, preferably outdoors, and then boil for 15 minutes, leave to cool. Drain. Drink 1/3 Cup to 5 times a day for10 days. This tool helps dissolve any stones in the body, even the fine grains of sand that will come out with urine.

Cleansing the kidneys fir oil

Ancient method of cleansing the kidneys using fir oil. For its preparation it is necessary to take 20 grams of pine oil and the herbs in equal parts (20 grams): sage, knotweed (Polygonum bird), lemon balm, oregano. The grass is in the form of tea.

Throughout the week, your menu should consist of vegetarian dishes, and the tea should be of the following herbs: sage, horsetail in equal proportions, or wormwood and sage in equal parts (purifies the blood).

Still very good to drink tea from the leaves of black currant or three cups of infusion of juniper berries, rose hip and horsetail. For ten days I recommend to take a warm bath of a decoction of oat straw ( after two days at 30 ° C for 20 minutes). After a week on the seventh day half an hour before meals to drink the infusion of such herbs: sage, knotweed, Melissa, oregano, or rose hips, horsetail, juniper berries in equal parts and add five drops of pine oil. All this is thoroughly mixed and drink with a straw to protect tooth enamel from destruction. Use the infusion with fir oil should be 3 times a day for 7 days. The result will feel not at once, perhaps a few days during the month.

Often go brown, reddish, gray, oily rocks and sand with the smell of pine oil, which go along with urine.

If stones are present in the bladder, together with the use of essential oils, it is good to take this folk remedy. Pour a glass of boiling water over one teaspoon of corn silk, to insist 30 minutes in a water bath, after 2 hours in a thermos, then strain. In the same way prepare the napar from a mixture of crushed flowers and rose hips. For cooking it is necessary to take one teaspoon of flowers and fruits, then mix both together and drink in the form of heat 1/3 Cup 3 times a day.

Cleansing the kidneys at home

Dr. Walker, the founder of modern sokoterapii, recommends its own method of cleansing at home. At home, everyone can carry out the cleaning according to this method, with the exception of those suffering from urolithiasis. In this methodinvolved two mechanisms – plant pigments and essential oils.

According to Dr. Wacker, inorganic substances, mainly calcium, which is contained in bread and other concentrated starchy foods contribute to the formation of granular deposits in the kidneys. In order to clean and treat kidney he advises the juice of carrots – 9 pieces, beets-3, cucumber -3 and the other option: carrot -9, -5 celery, parsley -2.

A little information about the parsley juice. Parsley juice is a wonderful remedy for diseases of the genitourinary system is very good ( because it contained specific bitter – taste cool) at stones in kidneys and bladder, nephritis, when the urine protein and other kidney disease. Need to consume the juice as greens, and roots. This is one of the potent juice, for this reason you should not drink pure more than 30 – 60 grams.

Old recipe cleanse kidney

To our times has reached such an old but very effective folk remedy for cleansing kidneys. It is based on the use of the decoction of bearberry. To prepare a decoction one tablespoon of herbs, pour a glass of boiling water, infuse 20 minutes in a water bath. Drink the decoction 3 times a day for two tablespoons 15 – 20 minutes before meals.

The second ingredient is oatmeal jelly. Prepare it thus: natural oats in the husk, washed, fill with water so that the water was a little closed oats. Put on fire and bring to a boil, after boil, lower the fire as much as possible. Once the oats is cooked, it is ground through a sieve. Take the jelly like a regular dish, no added sugar and salt, and as often as possible, to improve the taste you can add honey.

Cleansing the kidneys infusion of Flaxseed

To clean the kidneys, Russian doctors in the villages, used the flax seed. For its preparation it is necessary to put in an enamel bowl one teaspoon of flax seed and pour it a glass of boiling water, boil on low heat for 2 -3 minutes then remove from heat. After the 1 – 2 hours, strain, take 1/2 Cup every two hours. Drink within two days. If this drink will not seem pleasant to the taste, you can add lemon juice.