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The purification of vessels

The purification of vessels is also needed, as cleansing other organs of our body. And that's easy to explain: just the blood vessels throughout the body spreading oxygen and nutrients that come with food. The more they polluted, the worse cope with its functions.

The water that you drink from the tap, is the basis of Foundation of lime. This water gradually leads to the fact that by the age of 60 vessels become stone, which leads to stroke. And none of the filters do not purify the water. Be aware that only distillation can 100% clean the water, but with it all useful, too, disappears.

There's nothing you can do about it, if every day to cook their own melt water. If you have enough patience for it, it will be a good preventive measure, at the same time and prolong your youth. There are a few ways that help to cleanse our vessels.

Types cleanse the blood vessels

Cleansing vessels folk remedies

Starts the most auspicious time when all the clearing you can find several useful wild herbs. Spring, everyone remembers the dandelion and nettles. But not everyone knows that in spring there is an opportunity to prepare a vitamin drink every day, which is very useful, especially for those whose age has crossed forty years.

Cleansing of blood vessels garlic

It is an ancient Tibetan recipe, which was found by researchers in one of the treatises. According to him, this tool is able even to renew his youth, and it is based on garlic. It is proven that garlic can cure disease, since the body will get rid of plaques in blood vessels. To cure atherosclerosis, headaches, visual acuity, hearing, to reduce the likelihood of varicose veins.

The cleansing of the vessels of honey, lemon and garlic

Honey, lemon, and garlic have proven themselves as medicinal products. The complex obtained is a completely natural product that allows you to solve many health problems and notto have a toxic effect on the body.

It should be noted that high blood pressure and frequent heart attacks and strokes that affect people more and more often, it lies in slagging vessels. Having cleaned them, you not only protect yourself from these horrible diseases, but also rejuvenate your body.

You can be sure that you have intoxicated the vessels, or rather lime. It is the lime that covers our vessels that cause strokes and premature death. This process is very slow takes about 40 to 80 years, depending on who it refers to their health.