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Cleansing of blood vessels garlic

Tibetan recipe for cleansing the vessels

This ancient Tibetan recipe is the purification of vessels, which was found by researchers in one of the treatises. According to him, this tool is able even to renew his youth, and it is based on garlic. It is proven that garlic can cure disease, since the body will get rid of plaques in blood vessels. To cure atherosclerosis, headaches, visual acuity, hearing, to reduce the likelihood of varicose veins. The course of purification of blood vessels garlic should be repeated after three to six years.

To prepare the tincture, take 350 grams of peeled garlic. Grind it to obtain a paste, put it in a jar, close the lid and put in a dark place. After some time, when the garlic will give the juice, you need to choose 200 grams of the most liquid, juicy part and place it in a jar with a volume of half a liter. Pour 200 milliliters of medical alcohol 96%. Is it anything to take with you. Close the jar well and put in a cool place but not refrigerator. Cover the jar with another vessel, such as the hood and let the tincture is so worth it for 10 days. Then press through a linen cloth. The resulting liquid is again put under the hood for three days.

Take three times a day for twenty-five drops as long as the infusion is finished completely. Take fifty milliliters of cold boiled milk, pour it into twenty-five drops of tincture and drink half an hour before a meal. Take the tincture with water. Water you need to drink three times as much.

Every time you leave home, bring a jar with fifty milliliters of milk and a necessary number of drops of tincture. Keep cleansing of blood vessels garlic for three months.


You cannot take garlic tincture for people suffering from epilepsy and kidney disease. Pregnant tincture is also contraindicated.

Drink two to two and a half liters of water a day to facilitate the work of the liver, since all purification runs through it. Move more, drink coffee, strong tea, cocoa,do not use sharp spices and condiments. In any case can not take alcohol. This may give more complications. Use the medication no more than once in 3 years.