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A pinched nerve in the joints

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A pinched nerve in the hip joint

When the pinched nerve in the hip joint, the patient experiences pain in this region, which gradually spread below. To cope with the discomfort is possible by restoring the natural position of the pinched nerve and addressing the root cause of this phenomenon.

The pinching in the hip joint caused by the following factors:

  • Osteochondrosis. As the progression of the disease the intervertebral discs cease to perform their cushioning function. This leads to the growth of bone tissue, resulting in nerves are pressed into new formations. The intervertebral discs not only wear out, reducing the distance between them. As a result, the nerve can be pinched and.
  • Injuries. When damaged the muscle tissue are hemorrhage, displacement of parts of the skeleton. Such a violation of their natural condition affects the nerves in the hip.
  • Tumors. The impact of this factor does not depend on whether the lump is benign or not. The tumor compresses the nerve, causing inflammation.

In patients with pinched, the appearance of sharp pain in the hip, you may notice redness and numbness of the individual sections. Depending on the nature of nerve compression discomfort is concentrated in a specific part of the thigh or distributed in the Shin. When pinched, the patient can not rise from a prone position, as have a lot of pain. To bend the thigh in most cases, it also fails.

If a pinched sciatic nerve, there is a piriformis syndrome. It implies a burning character of the pain. Turn your hips in when this syndrome is accompanied by unpleasant sensations.

After clinical diagnosis of pinched nerve treatment painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. Surgical intervention is necessary if the compression caused by hematomas, tumors, and external injury. It is also important to restore circulation to the affected joint. For thisappointed special medicines. After elimination of the pain syndrome are physical therapy sessions and massages.

A pinched nerve in the shoulder joint

This phenomenon is more typical for the right hand and in medicine it is known as neuralgia. Its cause may be another disease that complicates the diagnosis. The addressing the symptoms of the pinched nerve will be ineffective if you do not deal with the factor causing it. Injury, mechanical damage, increased exercise – that can also be the cause of inflammation in this area.

The pain in this case has a different character and is the main symptom. In patients with pinched in this area there are also muscle spasms, changes in skin tone: she turns pale or, on the contrary is covered with red spots. In severe cases, loss of sensitivity of the affected areas of the shoulder joint. All the movement in it is difficult.

Treatment for pinched nerve involves medical therapy as a General method, acupuncture, massage, exercise. First of all, you should eliminate the pain. Only then can you move on to the massage and medical gymnastics.

A pinched nerve in the elbow joint

In the result of a sharp blow with the elbow on a hard surface in the joint having severe pain that spread to the brush. The same feeling causes compression of the nerve in this area.

Its causes be as follows:

  • Multiple exercise of repetitive motion in the elbow joint and significant physical burden on him, for example, during a bench press;
  • Frequent fractures, bruises and other mechanical damage;

  • Anatomical changes.

Pain in the pinched nerve at the elbow are localized not only in the field of compression, but are felt in the fingers. The discomfort is accompanied by numbness and stiffness. Most pronounced are the symptoms after the hand was for a long time in a bent position.

The identification of pinched nerve in the elbow joint is possible by external review. As additional diagnostic methods used radiography and computed tomography. Conservative treatment is usuallyenough to eliminate the disease. This sore spot is treated anti-inflammatory ointments and gels. During the period of treatment is necessary to minimize the physical strain on the elbow, to avoid any repetitive motion in the joint. A few months later conducted a second inspection and if no improvement is assigned to the operation.

A pinched nerve in the knee

Inflammation of the nerve in this area is generally caused by ruptures of the meniscus, injuries and separations of the patella. Some chronic diseases of the joints, accompanied by overgrowth of bone tissue, thus cause jamming. In the course of inflammatory processes in the surrounding tissue can swell, putting pressure on the nerves.

As in all other cases, the jamming in this area there is acute shooting pains. Performing flexion-extension movements in the knee joint, accompanied by extreme discomfort. In connection with the unpleasant sensations of the patient even change gait.

Diagnosed by visual inspection of the surgeon pinched in the knee joint is eliminated by eliminating its causes. Generally, the treatment starts with the intake of anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve the pain. To manual therapy, therapeutic exercise running after elimination of unpleasant sensations in the affected area. As part of the prevention of the disease should monitor their weight in order not to create unnecessary stress on the joints, exercise.