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Cleaning joints Bay leaf

Bay leaves for purification of the joints

To begin cleaning joints Bay leaf, you need an enamel bowl, pour 300 ml of water, it is placed 5 grams Bay leaf, all this should be done in the morning. Bay leaf is boiled for five minutes with the lid on to evaporated the essential oils, which irritate the kidneys. Next, remove the pan from the stove, wrapped in a blanket, leave to infuse for 3 hours.

The resulting strong decoction drink for 12 hours in small SIPS (taking the entire dose at once can cause internal bleeding). Within three days of taking this decoction, while it is not necessary to adhere to any diet. Three weeks later, a three-day course is repeated. Recommend mandatory, before you start treatment to clean the colon and gall bladder, in order to avoid complications. This is the first stage of purification of the joints.

The recovery of bone and cartilage tissues

The second phase includes the restoration of the destroyed bone and cartilage. For this you will need egg shells, it is necessary to rinse with boiling water to clear from the interior of the film, dry it and grind in a coffee grinder. Make the. it in such a way: by adding one teaspoon of biocalcium, a pinch of gelatin is taken once a day with a glass of silicon water. And so for the whole month. After which the dose can be reduced to use the shell the next day.

Very good to drink tea from the root of couch grass. Brewing tea is no special dosage (about one tablespoon of the herb per liter of boiling water), drink as much as you want. Your health will improve, and men, will strengthen bones and the immune system too. Make the tea you need every day. After you get tired of it, you can take a break. Also, this drink I highly recommend to women over 50. Menopause is accompanied by the loosening of the bone tissue, so that any bad move can lead to hip fracture, and other dangerous consequences.


Infusion of Bay leaf is not recommended for people who have the following diseases of the digestive system tools gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, cholelithiasis. If you have a huge desire to experience this tool, but you have one of the above diseases, the infusion of Bay leaf should take 10 – 15 minutes after eating cold.

Tips for cleaning joints

Menu for cleansing joints should be strictly vegetarian.

-The effect of using a Bay leaf would be much better if we also mention the use of baths of oat straw. For their preparation, a bundle of straw is boiled for 30 minutes, the resulting broth is holding my hands or feet for at least 30 minutes, with gouty lumps. After taking the bath the sore joints you need to grind a special tool.

- To ensure that the slag did not cause different allergic reactions, during clean the Bay leaf, do an enema. If you suffer from constipation, then an enema should be done during the break.

For the first time the joints clean is required once a quarter.

-Then once a year. After cleaning of the intestine.