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Cleaning of joints folk remedies

Folk purification of the joints

Potato water is the water that remains after cooking potatoes in the skin ("uniform"). It helps to cleanse the body, removes toxins, "smooths"the intestines, relieves the bowel of mucus and"scum."

Drunk in the morning on an empty stomach potato water, day and in the evening before bedtime has a beneficial effect in arthritis.

Also for arthritis cleans the joints it potato broth: One kilogram of unpeeled potatoes cut into small pieces boil one hour and twenty minutes, in three pints of water.

Then strain, wring out slightly. Drink the broth whenever you want.

Cleansing decoction of the roots of a sunflower Bolotov:

Tea from the roots of a sunflower perfectly dissolves various salts in our body, thereby purifying our joints from the salt. In the fall, you need to prepare thick parts of the roots, hairy tops cut off and discarded. The roots should be thoroughly washed and dried before use, pulverize into small pieces about the size of a bean.

To prepare the broth, one Cup of roots pour three liters of water, then boil for 1 -2 minutes. This decoction to drink within 2 – 3 days. The roots are not discarded, and put them in the fridge, and then again, pour three liters of water, but boiled for five minutes, the resulting broth drink again for 2 – 3 days. Then take a new portion of roots, and the above procedure is repeated for three days, the duration of such treatment a month possible longer.

Salt when applying this folk remedy cleansing begins is displayed at the end of two weeks of treatment, it can be seen in the clouding of urine, once the urine becomes clear, the treatment can be complete. Says B. V. Bolotov, if you collect the urine and to defend it, you can see how much salt was contained in the body. In the adult, sometimes gaining about 2 – 3 kg.

While cleaning the roots of the sunflower, you must follow a diet to avoid spicy and salty foods, and vinegar. Your menu should be largely vegetable.

Cleaning joints tangerines

So, pre-clearing the bowels, you can do the deepest cleaning, and to bemore precisely, the cleansing of the joints of folk remedies. This tool is a childhood beloved Mandarin. And for this, you use the whole Mandarin as a whole, both pulp and peel. In addition to the powerful medicinal properties, Mandarin has also antimicrobial properties. Per day need to eat about seven Mandarin. They're eaten before meals and between meals. Before you peel the Mandarin, rinse it thoroughly. Then peel the Mandarin to be dried. Dried rind is best in a dark and warm place. Once the peel has dried, it must be crushed. This is best done manually or by using a mortar. Not worth it for crushing to use different mechanical devices. From the thus prepared peel-brewed healing tea. This healthful beverage is prepared thus: one teaspoon of chopped orange peel and one teaspoon of the leaves of the currant mix. The resulting mixture pour a glass of boiling water, insist 30 minutes. Then freshly brewed tea to drain for 30 minutes before eating to drink. Drink this tea 3 times a day, for each drink prepare fresh tea.

The process of purification of the joints that lasts for 1 or three months. The person starts itself to feel that it became easier. However, when the first signs of improvement should not stop cleansing. For 2-3 weeks after improvement, continue to drink medicinal tea, and diet. Adhering to all these recommendations, do not forget the cabbage, the cabbage is the best friend of the joints. Eat cabbage to be in any types, and fresh and pickled and boiled. Cabbage is good for digestion and thus removes harmful substances from the body. Cabbage leaves are also applied to aching joints. Cabbage leaves reduce pain, relieve swelling in joints.

Chestnuts not only treats the joints

I live in his house with a personal plot. On the plot grow, flowers, trees, among which are chestnut. In the spring the whole is covered with beautiful chestnut large pyramidal inflorescences. To gather chestnuts, I need help, and this helps me a lot my son-in-law Valera. Somehow in 2001 I was approached by our local therapist, and asked me for some fruit of the chestnut, for his good friend. As it turned out, this woman knows the recipe of the liqueur of chestnut. I phoned this woman, we agreed on a meeting where she gave me this wonderful recipe. Forthe preparation of this tincture you will need 300 grams of fruit chestnut. Chestnuts should be clear from brown peel, chop. In a half – liter bottle made of dark glass to fill the chopped chestnuts, pour the vodka to the bottle, then cover tightly. Allow to stand for two weeks in a dark, warm place, shaking every day. Tincture long enough stored up to several years.

I am often tormented by pain in the joints, aching and shoulders and hands, so much so that sleep was impossible. Every day, I started to RUB a tincture of horse chestnut into the sore spots, the pain gradually beginning to disappear. I was treated for over a year. In addition, I got rid of the itching and painful blisters. I every night before bed stand leaning against the chestnut, then very quietly sleep all night. In addition, the infusion of the chestnut, I took and inside. But for such purposes a tincture is prepared a little differently. The recipe is as follows: 50 grams of flowers or fruits of a chestnut horse pour 0.6 liters of vodka. To give in two weeks to infuse in a warm place, shaking every day. Then strain and store in a dark place. Drink 30 to 40 drops 3-4 times a day for 3 to 4 weeks.

Those who are concerned about joints

From joint pain helps me to get rid of the celandine. During the spring the flowering plants, I throw up everything completely, clean, dry and yellow leaves and earth, twisted in a meat grinder. Then, using a cotton cloth or towel, squeeze the juice, dilute the juice 1:1 a strong brew, you can RUB the painful joints with the resulting friction. Is of great help.

I used to be very much bothered by pain in the hip joint, this debilitating pain kept me from sleep. After he started to RUB the juice of celandine, the pain disappeared. Rubbed and knees and shoulder joints. My knees stopped hurting. With the shoulder joints had to work hard. But I never gave up and for a long time, still rubbing the juice of celandine moonshine finally achieved the desired result. Today we can already move my arm.

A decoction of cow's legs

There is another wonderful folk remedy for cleansing the joints. This method I learned when I lived in Azerbaijan. This national dish and I ate there often enough, it's called hash. It is cooked from osmarender, cleared of hair, wool, hoofs and soot of cow's feet.

All this is boiled until sticky and thick, similar to a jelly state, eat hot. During cooking, add a peeledfrom the inner layer of the gastric meat. While I often ate this dish did not bother me neither my knees nor joints. But to cook this dish is not everyone can, so you have to use other methods of treatment.

Tool for grinding joints

Chicken egg (not hatchery) a good wash with water, put in a mayonnaise jar so that it didn't break, fill to the brim 5 – 9% vinegar. A jar lid, leave in a dark cool place for two weeks. After two weeks, you will see that the shell is dissolved, leaving only the egg in the film. Film puncture all the contents to stir thoroughly, leave for another two days. Rubbing is ready.