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Reviews and results diet

Call buckwheat diet easy impossible. It is very hard, as it implies a strict limit on the menu. However, due to the weight loss program for buckwheat, only a week to get rid of 10 kg. The main advantage of buckwheat is that it allows for a long time not to feel hunger and parallel cleanses the intestines. Adhering to the diet, you can get rid of skin diseases.

The average duration of the diet is 7 days. Then you need to take a break, which shall not be less than a month. During weight loss will go not only excess fat but will also decrease the severity of cellulite. It is known that this problem in the modern world face even very young women. It is therefore not surprising that diet is one of the most popular methods of weight loss among people of all ages.

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"I gave birth to a second child and then my weight kind of stopped at around 60 kg. With my height in 162 cm is quite a lot. I tried dieting, which did not want to tell, because the result was zero. Buckwheat diet is a second weight loss program that I decided to try for myself.

The first three days I was very hard, I constantly eat. This sentiment was no. But on the fourth day I woke up in the morning with the feeling that I once again 18 years of age, I weigh on 16 kg less and late to classes at the Institute. To convey the feeling of lightness in the body is simply impossible. As if I dumped a whole load of past years. My first thought was to permanently abandon any food and completely switch to buckwheat. Of course, reason prevailed. During the strike, I got rid of 3 kg excess weight and my health has improved. Therefore, every woman who unsuccessfully struggling with "standing arrow on the scales", I recommend to try."

Elena Writes:

"I have always loved to eat, no dinner in ourthe family is not complete without meat dishes. However, when it came to obesity, the question of surgical intervention. Liposuction I decided not to. Start to lose weight through various diets. Tried to lose weight by using milk, fruit, fish, sustained protein diet. Went for no more than 5 kg, which is negligible.

Completely by chance I heard about buckwheat diet from his distant friend. She liked the fact that you limit yourself to the amount eaten grains are not necessary. I decided to try it. For three days I ate only buckwheat porridge and my pounds began to melt like spring snow. After reviewing more information on the buckwheat diet, I started to do fasting days with this cereal. In just 6 months I managed to get rid of 37 kg excess weight. Now I go to the gym, back to my former cheerfulness gone nervous tension. However, there was a joyful event in life – her husband returned, the separation of which was very hard.

Another of the advantages – now I have no digestive issues, chair the regular and decorated. Life is beautiful and I am beautiful too. Want to get rid of fat – take will in a fist and try out the buckwheat diet. It does not require a lot of money and very simple to implement."

Eugene Writes:

"For most of my life I was not very healthy lifestyle: eat than have used alcohol. Naturally, this affected the health, began to hurt the kidneys, stomach, liver. Started losing hair, flaky nails, appeared gray.

Once I looked at myself in the mirror and decided – enough to drive themselves to the grave! The image has changed, but with the extra pounds the new image does not jibe. I decided to lose weight and to tighten the muscles. The first thing I joined the gym, and then began to try various versions of the diets. Until I ran into the buckwheat diet, tried a lot of methods. They did not approach me, his head began to hurt, the stomach, the weakness increased.

At work a colleague told me to try the buckwheat diet. I immediately relished. Porridge is a nutritious, hearty, hunger I had, the stomach and intestines worked on the clock as a uniform mechanism. Energy is also increased. I want to say that I except buckwheat ate more bananas. After 3 weeks I again felt like, a boy weighing in at 70 kg and height 171 cm Surprisingly, even my old jeans fit me better. So I want to Express my sincere gratitude to the colleague who advised me of this miracle diet."

Tatiana Writes:

"My goal usebuckwheat diet – lose a few pounds for the warm season. This methodology seemed to me the most simple and affordable. Especially the buckwheat with milk can I eat "basins". The first days I was very comfortable. Had the roasted buckwheat – very tasty!

Then it became a little bit bored, and I added to cereal honey, dried apricots. Another day cooked veal, early in the afternoon to prepare vegetable salads. Of course, drank enough water and went to the stadium to run.

The result stunned for 8 days I left 6 kg. Isn't it wonderful? Now I advise all my friends."

Alena Writes:

"I am married, I really got better. And it took 20 years from the day of the wedding, and only a year. All the things I started small, because I gained 15 kg. It was time to start losing weight. The choice fell on the buckwheat diet, as buckwheat I love very much. Although to be honest that after the diet even to see her. But I survived. Only in the first week lost 5.5 kg. There are very few."

Nastasya Writes:

"I have always been sitting on different diets. In my life there were many. Through trial and error, I came to the conclusion that diet suits me better than the rest. Why? Because the buckwheat is very healthy and tasty. Harm diet will not bring, if you follow all the recommendations. And it's very easy to carry, as cereals have as much as you can."

Olesya Writes:

"I childhood overweight. It always worried me quite a bit both mentally and physically. Standing on the scales and seeing the value of 98 kg, I decided that I needed to change something! I was determined not just decisively, and aggressively.

Very often I hear about buckwheat diet, as one of the most effective. Here it is with it I decided to start. The portions I made just meager: 6 spoons of buckwheat in the morning and 6 spoons of buckwheat in the evening – that's all! Earlier in the day drink a glass of yogurt and plenty of water. Only for the first 7 days I got rid of 6 kg and was weighing 92 kg. of Course, it gave me strength and motivation. And now, after 4 months I lost 27 kg!!! Now I weigh 65 look at life through completely different eyes."

Says Olga:

"I'm over fifty and the weight I've gained decent. Decided to sit on the buckwheat diet, but salt could not refuse. Even apart from the cereal I ate vegetables and fruits. Once a week allow myself a chicken.

In the end, managed to get rid of 13 kg. Now my weight is 71 kg, is the norm For me. I want to say that it's been more than six months, the number on the scales doesn't change."

Alira Says:

"Try the buckwheat diet decided on the advice of his friends but did not believe in a positive result. She told me that she lost 20 kg it is buckwheat, but I thought it is not so. And she achieved these results in a month. Still, I decided to try, because of the confinement and six months of breastfeeding I gained 13 kg.

Breast feeding I stopped and switched to buckwheat. For the second week to sit on it, but left only 3 kg. Long as 14 days and take a break."

Vlad Wrote:

"Thank you cottage cheese diet and the one who invented it! Thanks to her I've lost 32 kgwhen starting weight 132 kg. In order to lose weight I had to hold out for about 3 months.

During the first 14 days I ate nothing, except buckwheat. Drink a lot of water. Then gradually began to add vegetables, then chicken or beef (3 times a week). Of vegetables I ate cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, peppers. Gradually I got out of my diet and switched to regular diet. Now started going to gym, doing weight-lifting exercises. You will lose weight, although not as fast as before. However, the process is running."

Writes Nicholas:

"I had a buckwheat diet for yourself. And sat on it for a long time – 1.5 months. Exercise was not engaged, but in the morning were running. Managed to lose 15 kg during this time. I can say that it was pretty hard, but the effect is. Twice a week diluted its menu, beef, fish, chicken. But it is possible, it is better not to do it."

Karina Writes:

"I've never been skinny. With the growth 170 cm my weight was always 67 kg. For me this is the norm. But after pregnancy and birth weight increased by 23 kgthat is quite a lot. Therefore, during breastfeeding I started to pick up his diet and stopped at buckwheat weight loss program. When I stopped breastfeeding, I began to hunger strike.

I drank kefir and ate the buckwheat in the end, for 2 weeks managed to get rid of 6 kg. Buckwheat I'm not steamed, and cooked as usual. But salt is not added. Of course, managed to lose weight even more, but I eat fruit and porridge was periodically added dried fruits. However, the result is impressive. Probably will wait another two weeks and try again to stick todiet. Want to recover their former 67 kg and feel comfortable."

Alina Writes:

"My height – 162 cmand the weight is 83 kg. I look very full. Have tried many different diets, no visible results to achieve was not possible. I decided to try buckwheat diet for 14 days. For a week recovering from a 2 kg. And it felt bad – there was a lack of energy and General malaise. Of course, I thought that more weight, but apparently this diet is not for me."

The opinion of doctors and nutritionists

Senior nutritionist of the center for weight loss LOTOS notes that buckwheat diet is very effective, as follows from numerous positive reviews about it. However, we must not forget that it has certain disadvantages, not just advantages.

For example, a diet consisting of only one buckwheat and kefir is difficult to name a variety. In addition, buckwheat diet not to practice for people with diseases of the digestive tract. During the diet should not be engaged in active physical labor.

Most people tolerate buckwheat diet is difficult, so it is not necessary to eat such a monotonous scheme more than 10 days. Nobody can give guarantees that after the "test" man will not break and will not start to overeat. If this happens, then the body quickly to make up for all that managed to lose.

To the extra pounds has not returned at double the amount, eat correctly will need throughout life. Moreover, to dispense with the exercise also not work. So before you give preference to a particular method of weight loss, it is necessary to carefully assess all its pros and cons.

In the case where the individual actually has obesity, self-treatment is not necessary. Because obesity is a disease.

The Dietician Lyudmila:

Remember that any diet involving the consumption of one product is not the best method of getting rid of excess weight. The body begins to suffer from a lack of nutrients, because on Earth there is no such product, which would allow to cover all needs of every human cell.

You should be prepared for the fact that after the abolition of the diet lostpounds to come back. To lose weight properly, you need to exercise and eat healthy. Strongly recommend anyone to sit on a buckwheat diet for a long time. The maximum period is one week. Clearly this diet is not suitable for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.