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Kefir diet for 7 days

Kefir diet is very strict, but very popular in our time. As this system of weight loss is not balanced on all major nutrients, does not cover all the needs of vitamins and minerals and is not recommended for long use, it is better to consult first with your doctor.

Kefir diet for 7 days is an effective way to get rid of extra pounds with the help of delicious and healthy dairy drink. And for 6 days you can drink not only yogurt, but also allowed to diversify their menu in other foods that have low calorie content.

Kefir – a drink is helpful, but the diet based on it is considered very hard, and addressed her with caution.

The content of the article:

7 days minus 10 pounds of kefir diet – is it possible?

Kefir diet allowing for 7 days to lose 10 pounds is a real test for the body. Being in a state of stress, it begins to burn fat reserves, due to which the person loses weight. Kefir allows you to effectively drop weight due to the fact that in its composition contains a lot of protein but almost no carbohydrates. And the pounds go away very quickly.

Losing weight person should take into account that the diet need to use only low fat dairy drink. Once the body begins to receive less energy from the outside, he will draw her fat.

To achieve a result in minus 10 pounds in 7 days, you can have different variants of kefir diet. If a person possesses will power, then for 7 days he can only drink kefir, water and herbal teas. Limitations in the amount of used drinks there. Immediately you should tune that to withstand such a scheme of weight loss will be very difficult. In addition, the body may react to such a change in the menu is quite unpredictable, so you need to carefully monitor your health.

The second variant of kefir diet is suitable for people who are not as so dramaticallyto restrict your diet. In this case you are allowed to include in the menu fat-free yogurt and 1-2 product with low calorie. For example, you can use chicken breast, Turkey, vegetables, apples, grapefruits, cottage cheese. Total weight of the products that people chose to compose the daily menu should not exceed 0.6 kg. Eventually the day will need to drink 1-2 l of yogurt and eat 0.6 kg meat, vegetables, cheese or fruit, dividing the volume of food in equal portions.

Permitted and prohibited products

In addition that person will drink kefir, you are allowed to Supplement their own menu with the following foods:

  • Chicken breast, lean beef or veal. Visible fat in meat products should not be.
  • White fish.
  • Fruits containing a small amount of sugar: tangerines, apples, pears, kiwi.
  • Dried fruits: dried apricots and prunes.
  • Bran from oats.
  • Cheese, fat content not exceeding 2%, yogurt (they should not have any additives).
  • Oatmeal, buckwheat. To cook porridge without milk, just water.
  • Broccoli, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, beans and other vegetables.
  • Tea herbal, mineral water without gas.

There are foods that while keeping diet are banned:

  • Any fatty meat, processed food and ready meals from the meat.
  • Fatty fish – washed and canned in oil.
  • Fruits under the absolute ban gets grapes of any sort, as well as bananas.
  • Bread and other flour products.
  • Sugar and all products in which it is part.
  • Coffee and black tea.

Food and drink

Drinking enough fluid during the seven-day kefir diet – it is a prerequisite that should be adopted by every person who wants to lose weight. Only in this case will be able to achieve the result. A day you need to drink at least 2 l clean water. This volumeis the minimum required norm. This does not include the yogurt, and herbal teas. Seltzer water can not drink.

You need to eat at the same time.

The approximate schedule is as follows:

  • The first meal starts at 7:30-8:00 in the morning.
  • Before lunch you can eat, but it must be done no earlier than 10:30-11:00.
  • Main meal accounts for 13:30-14:00.
  • Before dinner you can have another snack around 16:30-17:00.
  • The last meal should be held not later than eight o'clock in the evening.

Moreover, the optimal dinner is considered a Cup of yogurt, which drink for 2 hours before a night's rest.

Contraindications to kefir diet

Not all are allowed to adhere to the diet.

This method of weight loss has some contraindications, including:

  • The period of carrying a child and lactation.

  • Cancer.

  • Irregularities in the heart.
  • Diseases of the digestive system: pancreatitis, peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcer, gastritis with high acidity.

  • The presence of individual intolerance to any foods used in menus.

The story of kefir in Russia

Kefir diet remains one of the most popular diets of our time. And to lose weight with kefir women began almost as long as this fermented drink came to Russia. It happened not very long ago, somewhere about a century ago. Moreover, the history of kefir in our country deserves that it was filmed crime drama film, of course, with a happy ending.

Even before the Great October revolution, the people knew about the beneficial properties of the drink, but in Russia do not know how. Yogurt bought from peoples Elbrus. Knew the secret of making kefir shepherds Balkaria and Karachay, but he kept it from prying eyes and ears.

To study the useful properties of kefir in the Karachai were sent Irina Features a young Nevskoi graduate school. This assignment was given to her by the all-Russian physicians ' society. Of course, immediatelyto get a coveted recipe for a fermented milk drink failed, and kefir diet she did not sit, but her charm was enough that it was deeply in love with the local Prince Bekmurza baichorov the.

The love was so strong that the Prince decided to steal Irina and easily carried out his plan. Colleagues Irina woke up in time and wrote a statement to the police. The guards quickly responded, finding and thieves, and ex-fiance. Because Mayak was from an ancient noble family, he decided to much, if only the case came to court.

Irina agreed not to make the situation public, but in return demanded 10 pounds kefir fungi, which soon got. In this way kefir was brought into Russia, where it is first received patients Botkin hospital, then the inhabitants of Moscow and the whole country.

By the way, the Prince himself Mayak also has taken a worthy place in the food industry. He famously was one of the largest suppliers of lamb from Karachay in Moscow and Paris. With the purchase he did the most famous restaurants of two capitals. However, kefir diet, this story of the relationship no longer has.

How to choose the "right" yogurt?

Over any woman, before you start to adhere to diet, wondered what the product will bring maximum benefit. In Russia this drink is regulated by GOST R 52093-2003, which in 100 g yogurt should be not less than 2.8 g protein. Fat product can be in the range of 0.5-8.9 percent.

Throughout the indicated shelf life the amount of beneficial bacteria must be not less than 10 in 7 degrees of SOMETHING, and yeast – not less than 10 in 4 degrees.

Reset extra pounds and recovery of the organism is due to the fact that the drink contains live microorganisms. In the "correct"yeast for the preparation of kefir provides about 20 fungi and bacteria, and must include lactic streptococci, yeasts and acetic acid bacteria.

If the package with the drink is the inscription BIO, then it may contain drugs direct inoculation, among which bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus acidophilus. Scientists believe that these bacteria are particularly resistant, indestructible and able to qualitatively improve the human intestinal microflora.

It should be remembered that the stores can meet"fake" kefir. So choose the product carefully. So, attention shouldbe paid to the shelf life of the drink. What it is, the higher the beverage content of additives, not being able to multiply the beneficial bacteria. They cause the microorganisms to fall into suspended animation until such time as the yogurt is not in contact with oxygen. So kefir with prolonged shelf life will rapidly deteriorate. Sometimes these drinks disappear just for 1 day, even if storing them in the fridge.

To comply with diet you need to choose the beverage, which is fat content of 0-1%. Its useful properties are not worse than with a drink in 2.5% fat, but the calorie content is lower and the consistency is not so thick. In 100 ml of yogurt fat content of 1% contains about 40 kcal.

Variants of kefir diet for 7 days

You can find many variants of the seven-day kefir diet, but each of them is based on common principles:

  • Duration of the dietary scheme will be exactly a week.
  • The main product is kefir, and add to it with protein or carbohydrate food with low calories.
  • Eat to fractional, at least 6 times a day. Between meals should always be equal to the time interval. The latter approach to the table shall be made no later than 2 hours before a night's rest.

Some diets require the restriction of fluids a day to 500 ml of yogurt. Intake of other liquids is prohibited. Experts advise not to lose weight according to this scheme, as it can lead to severe dehydration, which negatively affect health.

The best is that diet that does not restrict the person in pure water and herbal teas, of course, that they need to drink in addition to kefir. At the same time, we should completely abandon coffee, sugar, salt and black tea.

Basic kefir diet for 7 days. The base diet of 1% kefir for 7 days:

  • 1 day. 0.5 l yogurt + 400 g baked potato, cooked without added salt.
  • Day 2. 0.5 l yogurt + 400 g non-fat or low-calorie cottage cheese.
  • Day 3. 0.5 l yogurt + 400 g any fruit. The ban affects only bananas and grapes.
  • Day 4. 0.5 lyogurt + boiled chicken breast 400 g.
  • 5 day passes 3 day diet (yogurt and fruit).
  • Day 6. Allowed to drink only non-carbonated water in the amount of 1.5 l.
  • 7 day passes on the 3 and 5 day diet (yogurt and fruit).

Kefir diet for 7 days with protein. Adhering to this diet plan, you need to rely on the basic kefir diet. But two days (third and fifth or fifth and seventh) will need to have no fruit, and lean meat or chicken breast. The amount of meat is 400 g.

Hard kefir diet for 7 days. This scheme involves reducing meat and fruit 400 g to 100 g. The volume of yogurt drink should be increased from 0.5 l to 2 liters a day.

Diet kefir-Apple for 7 or 9 days. This diet is not suitable for those people who suffer from hyperacidity of the stomach. A day supposed 6 approaches to the table. Each time you need to eat 1 Apple and drink a glass of yogurt.

Alternatively, for three days to drink kefir in the amount of 1.5 l a day. Then another three days people eat only apples in the amount of 1.5 kg a day. Then another for 3 days again need to drink kefir. The amount of clean water without gas is not limited. Apples can be baked, mixed with yogurt, grate, etc.

If possible, keep to a weekly diet no, you can simply arrange a discharge day on this sour-milk drink, diluting the diet with apples.

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How to finish kefir diet?

It is important not only to comply strictly with kefir diet, but also the right to get out of it. Throughout the week, the body has adapted to the fact that the fall in stomach small amounts of food. If you abruptly back to the old portion size, you can provoke the development of various diseases of the digestive tract. Therefore, after the completion of kefir diet it is necessary at some time to give upeating fatty, fried and spicy food. It is not necessary to consume bread and other flour products. This will bring the metabolism to normal and increase the effect of diet.

Not too often practiced kefir diet, as it puts a lot of stress on the body and can be dangerous to health. Therefore, stick to a weekly diet needed no more than 1 time in six months.

The advantages of kefir diet

The main advantages of kefir diet are the following:

  • Products like yogurt, except that it is useful and provides a stable weight loss, improves intestinal flora and cleanses it from toxins.
  • In addition to all this, kefir has beneficial effects on the circulatory and nervous system of the body.
  • Kefir is very cheap, so a lot of money for a week diet to spend more than you have to.
  • You will lose weight fairly quickly.
  • Kefir has a pleasant taste, which is important, especially when you consider that it is a staple food for the whole week.
  • With this diet, you can enrich the body with calcium, improve bowel function, condition of hair, nails and teeth.

If you want to have beautiful and slim figure, also how easy it is to lose weight, kefir diet best suited to you.

Cons diet

It is worth to note that kefir diet also has certain disadvantages that you should consider before deciding to start it.

Cons diet the following:

  • The diet cannot begin if a person has diseases of the digestive system, including stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer, gastritis, colitis, pancreatitis, etc. is Strongly prohibited to use kefir diet for people with high acidity of gastric juice.
  • Kefir diet is able to cause indigestion.
  • During the diet the body receives enough vitamins and nutrients.
  • If too often practiced kefir diet, as hair, teeth and bones does not improve, and worsens.
  • During the diet a person can experiencedizziness, weakness, and fatigue.

What results can you expect from a diet?

Kefir diet is an effective way of getting rid of extra pounds. In a short time will be able to lose weight and to remove a few centimeters at the waist. To say exactly how much it will lose, sticking to a diet difficult. Because the body all different. However, the average weight loss per day is 1 kg only with classic hard-kefir diet.

It is also worth noting that doctors to kefir diet treated with caution as it can cause exacerbation of some diseases. Therefore, be sure to consult a doctor before taking such extreme rapid weight loss method.

Not superfluous to read reviews of real people who have tried the seven-day kefir diet:

Juliana. I barely waited until the diet ends. There is like very much, but when the time came, I found that lost almost 5 kg. But the weight came back over a month. I blame myself, I didn't know that you need to limit yourself to eating and after leaving the diet. Now I want to try again to get through the week, the result was very good.

Alira. A week diet I lost 7 kgbut I combined it with running on the treadmill. I diet easy, as the yogurt I just love. Now all my friends recommend to try.

Sofia. Decided to quickly lose weight before the upcoming trip to the sea. Realized that kefir diet can help. And it really helped, but especially to the success I didn't believe. Over, I sat on yogurt and apples 10 days, not a week. But each day went 1 kilogram. In the end, minus 10 kgwithout sports. In General, at sea I went to great shape! Looking at me, mom also decided to lose weight on a kefir diet. Now I'm her "personal nutritionist". Waiting for the results.

Jeanne. I had no one diet is not sitting, thought will not help. But the yogurt helps, so much so that she does not expect. For a week got rid of 7 kg. Put "control" jeans that store 15 years (I'm 30).