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Results and reviews diet

Kefir diet can be called one of the most strict, but one of the most effective methods of weight loss. With its help, the extra weight goes away almost immediately. The main product is kefir, which helped not only to get rid of excess weight, but also cleanse the body.

Kefir diet is used by many famous people. For example, it was repeatedly practiced by the singer Larisa Dolina. A weight loss program based on this wonderful fermented drink was made for her by a professional nutritionist. The singer admits that successful weight loss she owes kefir diet. Larisa Dolina from time to time uses this technique for more than 30 years to quickly get in shape. And it was thanks to kefir she gave a total of 30 kg excess weight.

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The benefits and harms of kefir diet

Kefir – a miracle drink. It is completely natural, as it is derived from whole milk. Fermentation is achieved by lactic acid bacteria.

In yogurt contains vitamins A and b, it has magnesium and calcium. Proteins, fats and carbohydrates from yogurt is very quickly absorbed by the body and not transformirovalsya as fat.

Lactic acid bacteria in yogurt produce such substances, which are impossible to find in any other product.

The benefits of yogurt because of its unique composition:

  • Yogurt is a great source of huge amount of nutrients;
  • The drink has low calories;
  • One portion of yogurt can quickly satisfy hunger;
  • Kefir helps to normalize metabolic processes;
  • Thanks to kefir digestive organs begin to work in full force;
  • Drinking it allows faster to excrete excess water and salts;
  • Biocenosis intestinal flora comes back to normal;
  • Fats begin to be broken down faster;
  • Toxins arebody.

Therefore, kefir diet will not only lose weight but also to put in order own health.

Kefir can harm only in the case when it is used people with diseases such as hyperacidity of the stomach, the kidneys and the digestive system. In this case, you need to refuse to drink in large quantities.

Diet on kefir – reviews and results

Valya Wrote:

"I stuck to the diet for 3 days. All my menu consisted solely of this fermented beverage. The day I drank 1-1.5 l yogurt, dividing it into 5 receptions. I totally refused other food. Actually, it's amazing, but the feeling of hunger I experienced. This amount of kefir I want to be well-fed.

According to doctors, kefir diet is strict, because the body gets the vitamins and minerals solely from one product. However, I was for 3 days managed to get rid of 3 kg. Although the end result largely depends on the individual person."

Important! A quick entry into kefir diet without preparation may cause side effects. Among them pronounced headaches, sleep disturbance, weakness and malaise, as well as cramps in the muscles.

Writes Rose:

"I on the first day only had 2 l yogurt and never ate. This allowed us to purify the body. The next day, I ate vegetables. Them and you can cook and eat raw. The third day of the diet was meat. The meat I boiled".

Important! Although kefir method of weight loss remains one of the most effective weight loss plan, it can be dangerous. Especially true is this statement in relation to two-week diet. Her descriptions can often be found on various forums. Before you decide on such a long abstinence from food, it is necessary to consult a doctor.


"Kefir diet has delighted me, I did not expect such stunning results. Learned I from her sister. For three days I drank kefir with 1% fat content, my extra drink was an infusion of rose hips. To sweeten or sour, or infusion should not.

Over the next three days I am drinking kefir and eating other foods. Made myself a light salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, beets. Even you can cook soups of vegetables. Meat (chicken breast and fish) baked in the oven. Fruit salad I also like very much. I usedfor cooking apples, kiwi, oranges, grapefruit, pineapple. In General, the day should drink 1.5 liters of yogurt and eat 0.5 kg of fruits or vegetables.

For example, here is my daily menu:

  • Breakfast: scrambled eggs, coleslaw, a serving of yogurt.
  • Snack: yogurt and an Apple.
  • Main meal: chicken breast, baked in foil, steamed veggies and yogurt.
  • Dinner: bread, Greek salad and yogurt.

In 6 days my diet I have lost five pounds. Of course, sometimes the desire to eat something sweet or fatty, but I overcame, and it was worth it".

Important! You should not eat during a diet of grapes and bananas. These foods contain a lot of fructose.

Olesya Writes:

"I used kefir diet to clean your body. I was very surprised how much it was trash, although I try to stick to a healthy lifestyle.

My version of kefir diet the following:

  • The first day you should drink kefir (maximum volume – 2.5 l) and crackers made of black bread.
  • The second day also must survive on crackers, and yogurt need to be replaced with Apple juice (maximum 2 years).
  • On the third day, you can abandon the crackers, replacing them with bread. To complement the menu should be boiled vegetables and fresh sprouts and cucumbers. Vegetables I used potatoes, beets and carrots.

Throughout the three days I drank only pure water.

The results of my diet are as follows:

  • For three days I've lost 3.5 kg.
  • Waist was less than 2.5 cm.
  • The bowel was cleansed.

  • The mood has become better, physical activity has increased".

Kate Writes:

"A year ago I adhered to the diet. I managed to get rid of 5 kg over the seven days. A year later, again decided to lose weight using this technique. On the second day of the diet went 1 kg. I think that five days again it will be reset 5 kg. When you want to eat, just a yogurt drink, and the feeling of hunger leaves me. Therefore, I recommend all to try."

Natalia Writes:

"I'm on the kefir fasting days you can drink it once or twice a week. The main thing to take a break, because to stand two days can be difficult. In General, adhere to the principle of separation of power. Refused sweet, fatty, that is from all harmful products."

Heaven Writes:

"I can confidently say that kefir diet really helps to lose weight since I tasted it for yourself. And those pounds that are gone, not going back. However, to stick to a diet need to correct in order to not be hurt.

If you have selected a strict fruit diet, longer than three days to practice is not necessary. The drink should be of high quality. Other products in food should not be consumed, otherwise the results can not be achieved.

I prepare the yogurt use yeast Backdraw. Shop milk drinks do not take because they do not really trust their quality.

Be sure to drink water! And on the day you must drink at least 2 liters clean water, despite any other recommendations.

It is very important to get out of the diet correctly. To eat you need to start small meals, foods should be low calorie. This will allow the body to adapt.

I weighed 50 kg, and thanks to the kefir diet managed to lose 2.5 kg 3 days. Of course, many will think that my weight is now normal. However, everyone has their own comfort zone and preferences. More diet I do not adhere to. Signed up for dance classes I have enough to maintain your normal weight. Health there are no problems and in a great mood".

The opinion of doctors about kefir diet

The doctors attitude to the kefir diet is ambiguous. Studies have shown that the body remembers dietary restrictions and later gaining pounds that were lost. Some people, losing weight through diet, indicate that they have experienced any headaches, have a dizziness, increased fatigue.

Doctors do not recommend to practice the mono for more than 2 days. To diversify your menu, you can other products. There is a need to frequently (up to 6 times a day), but small portions. As practice shows, kefir diet, which is complemented by other products that are tolerated by the body much easier.

It is impossible to practice kefir diet for people with kidney disease, liver and digestive organs. It is contraindicated in diabetes. It is logical that to abandon such a diet should pregnant or lactating women.


So, kefir diet allows you to lose weight, and to do so in a short time. The effect of this method of weight loss all people are different. Yet people do not try to adhere to the diet on himself, he will not be able to adequately judge the results. In addition, kefir diet, there are many, so you can choose the most suitable program for yourself.

Doctors to kefir diet wary. However, they rarely approve of any methods of fast weight loss. Like any other method of weight loss, kefir diet has its contraindications. If they are not, and kefir is a drink, why not try using it to adjust the weight. This is especially true for those people who want to get quick results.

It is important to pay attention to the following points:

  • It is not necessary to stick to a diet longer than 3-6 days, despite other people's reviews. Practice weight loss program for this sour-milk drink is not recommended more than 2 times per 30 days. Otherwise, you can disrupt the immune system.

  • Prohibited kefir diet for pregnant women, lactating mothers and adolescents.
  • Out of the diet should slowly and gradually. Portions should be small.
  • We should not forget about physical activity.