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The Kremlin diet: pros and cons

One of the most paradoxical methods of weight loss is diet. She gained many fans due to the fact that during the whole period of weight loss a person eats is very diverse and can eat what he wants, but within the limit of accumulated points. The number of points depends on the content of carbohydrates in the product. At each stage of the diet is allowed a certain amount of points per day – from 20 to 60.e. (in conventional units). For the convenience of the followers of the diet created a special table, in accordance with which is formed the daily menu.

Since diet is considered to be protein, foods high in protein have less points. The consumption of meat and fish products have yielded very few points, and has the opportunity to contribute to the menu additional dishes. And eating a piece of bread, he is not allowed anything else to eat, as chosen by that its normal points.

The followers of the diet drop 5-8 pounds in a week. The longer the diet, the more reduced the weight. You need to go through four stages of the Kremlin diet, each of them calculated its own rate of points per day.

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The history of the emergence of the Kremlin diet

Now this method of weight loss is known to almost everyone, and recently this dietary diet for many was a mystery. Diet before had called "diet of American astronauts". In Russia this method was first used to meet the needs of the party elite. Are they happy to have used the method of correction of excess weight, allowing you eat anything, choosing delicacies from a menu, but also to lose weight.

Nutritionists also welcomed a methodology that allows not to endure the famine and related negative symptoms: dizziness, feeling of exhaustion, obsessive thoughts about food.

The essence of the Kremlin diet

The basis of the diet based on the following principle –due to a sharp reduction in the number of incoming carbohydrates, the body needs energy. To cover this deficit, he refers to internal resources by spending body fat. Reducing the number of fat leads to weight loss.

One of the advantages of this diet is that losing weight one can indulge in "forbidden" in other diet products in any quantity. These are sources of protein like cheese, cheese, meat, fish, eggs. Forbidden to eat bread, pastries, many fruits and vegetables, potatoes and rice, drink fruit juices.

With the help of the Kremlin diet weight quickly decreases.

There is a simple algorithm:

  • To lose weight, the amount scored per day points should not exceed 20-40.e.;
  • To recover to be above 60.e.;
  • To keep the achieved results equal to 60.e.

Part of losing weight is admit the mistake, spontaneously changing the amount of points your diet. Points belong to the conventional system, installs the products on a certain rung of the "ladder of acceptability".

The minimum score is assigned to the sausages, cheese, dairy products (0-2 y.e.). The highest possible score of confectionery, dried fruits, jam. Following the table, in the diet include all foods within the daily allowance of points.

Important nuances:

  • The table shows the number of points for 100 grams, not per serving;
  • Losing weight is a man engaged in the hard work, can get 80-100 points, and not to increase the weight. A person engaged in sedentary work, it is advisable not to cross the maximum threshold of points;
  • No need to feel a sense of hunger, snacking between meals is acceptable.

3 conditions of the Kremlin diet:

  • Maintain control of carbohydrate eaten units;
  • Do not add sugar to third meals, do not eat sweet;
  • Actively move, to do as much physical activity.

If you do not exercise, the skin due to rapid weight loss sagging. To bring the body to tone, those who lose weight, it is necessary to train.

The fundamental rules of the method

To lose weight without harm to health, or gain weight if necessary, you need to carefully follow the principles of the Kremlin diet, regularly to count points, exercise.

The basis of the Kremlin diet, truth about it:

  • From the diet excludes sugar, as100 g of this product contains 99.e. a at stage 1 of the diet daily ration is equal to 20-40.e.
  • To maintain water-salt balance requires at least 2 liters of fluid. It can be tea of hawthorn, ginger, broth hips that contains a lot of vitamins.

  • Continuously control the amount of food absorbed, the exclusion from the diet of salty, fatty, spicy food. Limit the use of alcohol.
  • It is forbidden to eat even permitted food so as not to gain weight, do not stretch the stomach, slow digestion.
  • It is recommended the use of lean meat, lean fish, vegetables (tomatoes, cabbage, cucumbers), unsweetened fruit (citrus, pears, apples, kiwi).
  • For the daily control points to use the table of the Kremlin diet, check meals your diet on the content.e. It is important not to exceed the allowable number of carbohydrate units.
  • Deficiency of minerals and vitamins make up the vitamin complexes.
  • To validate its capacity and to start to trial the week of power based on new principles, and on successful result, practicing the full course of weight loss.

When conducting a two-week course is the emergence of constipation and disorders of the digestive tract. Will help to solve the problem introduction in the diet of 20 g of bran daily. If you follow the above principles, excess weight will go in the short term.

Video about the principles of the Kremlin diet, a nutritionist commented Andrey Nikiforov:

The pros of the Kremlin diet

This diet is very effective – following her week can get rid of 4% body mass for the month from 7-8%.

The positive side of the method:

  • No need to meticulously count calories to determine the energy value of foods there is a special table.
  • Reducing carbohydrate intake normalizes metabolism.
  • Diet can be applied without departing from a usual diet.
  • Protein foods are digested for a long time, so a person does not feel debilitating hunger.
  • Allowed many products to prepare a variety of dishes.
  • Throughout the month people get rid ofaddiction to consumption of sweets.
  • No need to buy special supplements, as subject to other diets. The cost of food almost does not increase.

Minuses of the Kremlin diet

  • As a result of incomplete combustion of body fat due to lack of carbohydrates in the body are formed ketone bodies. This leads to ketosis – the hidden poisoning, tissue damage in the brain, liver and kidneys. Ketosis may not be evident for 3-6 months.
  • In the diet the deficiency of plant fiber, that negatively affects the digestive system, causes the development of intestinal putrefaction, dysbiosis.

  • Due to the lower content of vitamins, calcium, bioflavonoids in the diet and by lack of access to fruits can worsen the condition of hair, nails, skin, skeletal system.
  • Excessive protein intake overloads the system the urinary tract. It appear stagnant processes, the formation of kidney stones and bladder. A generous intake of animal cholesterol can lead to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, clogging blood vessels.

  • Contraindications for the Kremlin diet

    Very important before you go on a no carb diet, to consider the state of his health.

    Contraindications to the use of the Kremlin diet:

    • Pathology of urinary system (renal failure, pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis). The organs of the urinary tract are unable to timely bring the decay products of the large amounts of protein. The use of animal food causes the formation of large amounts of uric acid that is causing gout, leads to the development of kidney stones.

    • Cardiovascular diseases (ischemia, hypertension, angina). Due to excessive receipt of cholesterol with food of animal origin with a high risk of development of fatty hepatosis,of atherosclerosis.

    • Diseases of the digestive tract (dysbacteriosis, constipation, gastritis, peptic ulcer disease).

    • Pregnancy and breast-feeding.
    • Menopause. The lack of calcium in the diet increases the risk of osteoporosis, and more than 3 times increased in women older than 60 years.

    • Diabetes. Patients with this diagnosis are encouraged to lose weight under the supervision of an endocrinologist and strictly follow his recommendations. A reduced level of blood sugar can lead to hypoglycemia and diabetic nephropathy.

    To the body is not felt deficiency of vitamins and minerals that inevitably arise after 1 month of following the diet, you need to take supplements and vitamin-mineral complexes.

    The stages of the Kremlin diet

    Following the carbohydrate-free method of weight loss, you can count on consistent and uniform decrease in body weight. Stages diets differ in duration and content menu. The more precise rules for each stage, the better the weight will come back normal.

    Stage 1 – induction phase

    Lasts 14 days, the goal is adaptation to a new diet, starting the process of lipolysis (fat burning). At the beginning of the weight loss required to bring the allowance to 20 carbohydrate units per day. Should be excluded from the menu, alcohol, fruit, sweets, bread, starchy vegetables (potatoes, corn, peas), and foods containing caffeine.

    In the first stage, the menu includes:

    • Fats (sour cream, olive oil);
    • Proteins (marine fish and seafood, eggs, cheese, veal, poultry, crayfish);
    • Green vegetables (greens, lettuce, sorrel, cucumbers).

    All these products can be eaten in any quantity. From them prepare the most diverse dishes to brighten up the most difficult phase of the diet. The meal is 3-4 times a day. Optimal weight loss at this stage – 2-10 kg. These figures depend on initial weight losing weight person individual type of metabolism.

    Stage 2 – active weight loss

    The goal is the definition of norm of carbohydrates, using which the person will still lose weight. In a diet administered to 5 carbohydrate units per week. This fruit (raspberries, strawberries, melons) vegetables (red pepper, asparagus, onion, spinach), seeds and nuts, tomato and lemon juice. If weight lossslowed rate of consumption of organic matter is reduced to 3.e. In the second stage the person remains until, until all that's left to lose 2-4 kg to the desired goal.

    Stage 3 – extension diet

    The aim is to devise an optimal diet, weight reduction 2 to 4 kg, the introduction of the menu of carbohydrates to 10.e. and monitoring the body's reaction to each product. Is grains, sweet fruits, nuts, starchy vegetables, legumes. For convenience, daily monitoring is introduced for a single product. If the body weight ceased to decrease, the product is excluded from the diet.

    Norma carbohydrate units of 60. E. per day. "Dangerous" products – rice, barley, bread, potatoes, watermelons, beans, grapes, bananas, sunflower seeds, mango, strawberries. Every day introduced 80 g of fruit, 40 g seed, 100 g of cereals and cereals. The third stage lasts from 2 to 3 months.

    Stage 4 – long life

    The purpose is saving the result, the phase lasts throughout life. The basic principle of supply at this stage – use of all components of food (fats, proteins, carbohydrates) that are most beneficial.

    These are foods like sprouted grains, dried fruits, berries, seeds, whole wheat bread, milk, and vegetable dishes. To save the result, you need to count daily points and control body weight. It will increase the signal to return to the previous stages.

    Physical activity is a necessary component of the diet.

    The goal is achieved in sports during diet:

    • Creating muscle tone;
    • The improvement of health;
    • Accelerating the metabolism;
    • Stimulation of digestion;
    • Strengthen ligaments.

    In addition, the dosed physical activity improves mood and supports immune status, and this is extremely important for a radical overhaul of the diet.

    Misconceptions about the Kremlin diet

    Sometimes we hear complaints about the diet from those who adhered to it.

    Basically they contain the following claims:

    • Diet ineffective;
    • The power is not balanced;
    • Man is enclosed in a rigid framework of requirements that are difficult to observe.

    Most often such claims are made from lack of information about the principles of diet.

    Major errors losing weight:

    • To effectively lose weight, people significantlyreduces caloric intake. This is wrong because constant hunger causes the body to produce fat reserves, frequent breakdowns. It is advisable to eat your fill as usual – Breakfast, lunch, dinner, with small snacks between meals.
    • From the diet completely exclude fruits and vegetables. These products provide your body with valuable fiber, vitamins and minerals, so it is impossible to refuse completely from them. It is better to include in the menu less calorie vegetables and fruits: tomatoes and cucumbers, apples, kiwi. Do not eat cherries, bananas, sweet grapes.
    • From the diet excludes fats. This is wrong, fats are vital for the body, they help in the absorption of certain vitamins participate in the synthesis of hormones. In accordance with the principles of the Kremlin diet menu includes foods that contain healthy fats such as fish, Flaxseed and olive oil.
    • Natural sugar is replaced by artificial sweeteners. It is better to abandon their use because they give a signal to the brain about the imminent intake of glucose, which is actually in the food contains. This leads to excessive secretion of gastric juice and the painful feeling of hunger.
    • A person eats only protein. The power in this mode excessively overloads the kidneys due to excess protein, which can lead to the disruption of their work. The diet should be varied, with the inclusion of permitted vegetables and fruits.
    • Losing weight begin to over burden yourself with physical exercises. In the phase of active weight loss it is better to observe moderation sports.