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A simple menu for the week of the Kremlin diet

Kremlin diet is one of the popular schemes of nutrition for weight loss today. Stick to it is not difficult, as she is not "hungry". Dieters should limit the consumption of starchy products. When the body gets additional energy source, it begins to consume its own reserves, drawing them from body fat.

Diet involves eating meat, eggs, cheese and other protein products. Under the absolute ban gets sugar, flour dishes, rice, potatoes. Vegetables and fruits should be limited.

To increase the effectiveness of the Kremlin diet is possible, if not to exceed the number of valid points (allownegative) per day. The fact that each and every product and dish has a particular index. Per day not to exceed 60 points. If you do not follow this rule, then the weight will not go. To save own of time, you can use ready-made option menu. It is extremely balanced and will not experience feelings of hunger throughout the day.

The content of the article:

A simple menu for a week

The proposed circuit is estimated. It can be modified at their discretion. It is important not to exceed 40 points in order to effectively lose weight.

  1. Monday. For that day will be typed 38 points

    • The first meal consists of a slice of cheese (1. E.), four fried eggs with ham (2 in. E.). As a morning drink you can use coffee or tea. No added sugar, these drinks are equal to 0. E.
    • Main meal: 150 g mushrooms and walleye, cooked in the oven (1. E.), olives with calamari in a salad (3. E.). To wash down your dinner tea without sugar (0. E.).
    • Before dinner you can eat an Apple of small size – 18 in. E.
    • The evening allowed to eat 200 g chicken (0. E.), one tomato (6 in. E.) and drink sour milk drink with no sweeteners (7. E.).

  2. Tuesday. For this day people pick 22. E.

    • Breakfast allowed a portion of cottage cheese (4. E.), eat twoboiled eggs (1 at. E.) and drink unsweetened tea (0. E.).
    • In the cooking pork chops total weight 100 g (0. E.), eat vegetable salad with pepper and a dressing of sunflower oil total weight 100 g (8. E.), drink coffee with no added sugar (0. E.).
    • Dinner consists of baked chicken breast weighing 100 g (0. E.) and 100 g boiled cauliflower (5. E.). Drink tea without sugar (0. E.).

  3. Environment. During this day people will gain from 24. E.

    • First meal: cheese 100 (2. E.), 2 boiled eggs (1 at. E.) and unsweetened tea (0. E.).
    • You can dine 100 g barbecue (0. E.), vegetable salad with a dressing of sunflower oil (6. E.). As a drink you can use coffee no sugar added (0. E.).
    • For dinner eat one tomato (6 in. E.), 200 g boiled fish to choose from (0. E.) and drink unsweetened yogurt (7. E.).

  4. Thursday. For this day people pick 22. E.

    • Breakfast should be 100 g the cauliflower salad (5. E.), 4 cooked sausages (3. E.), drink unsweetened tea 8 (0. E.).
    • While the main meal is allowed to eat kebab from mutton weighing 100 g (0. E.) and 150 g vegetable salad with mushrooms (6. E.). Drink unsweetened coffee (0. E.).
    • Before dinner allowed to eat a handful of walnuts (3. E.). Their total weight should not exceed 30 g.
    • The last meal consists of lettuce in 200 g (4. E.), fried fish in 200 g and unsweetened tea at 0. E.

  5. Friday. During this day people will gain 29. E.

  6. For Breakfast eat 200 g low-fat cottage cheese with the addition of any greens (2 in. E.), drink unsweetened tea.
  7. During lunch is allowed to eat fried pork loin with egg (1 at. E.), salad with tomatoes and olives (6. E.), drink a glass of unsweetened tea (0. E.).
  8. For a snack take 30 grams peanut (5 E.).

  9. To end your day 100 g cheese (2 in. E.), 200 g boiled fish (0. E.), a glass of dry red wine (2 in. E.), 200 g yoghurt (7. E.).
  10. Saturday. For this day the person attains 32. E.

    • First meal: 2 fried eggs with ham (1. E.), 100 g cheese (1. E.), unsweetened coffee (0. E.).
    • The second meal: 100 g steak (0. E.), steamed squid with a dressing of mayonnaise (1. E.) and a glass of dry red wine (2 in. E.).
    • Before dinner you can eat an Apple.
    • To finish the day 200 g fried fish (0. E.), 100 g lettuce (2 in. E.), and yoghurt without sugar (7. E.).

  11. Sunday. On the last day of the week will be able to collect 33. E.

    • For Breakfast you can eat four boiled sausages (3. E.) and 100 g squash caviar (9. E.).
    • At lunch you can eat 200 g lettuce (4. E.), 200 chicken cooked on the grill and drink unsweetened tea 0. E.
    • Grab a bite to eat 30 g walnuts (4. E.).

    • To complete your day 100 g tomatoes (6 in. E.), 200 g boiled lean meat (0. E.) and fat-free yogurt (7. E.).

The weekly menu for vegetarians

Kremlin diet is not just for meat eaters. It may well apply vegetarians if you use an adapted version of the menu. A day should not exceed the rate in 40 conventional units. If a person follows the Kremlin diet for a long time, the daily ration can be increased to 20. E.

Day of the week

The first meal

Main meal



The first day

Green tea with a teaspoon of sugar, cauliflower, boiled (150 g).

Vegetable soup with added meat smoked mackerel (60 g), 200 g of beans and Apple juice fresh-pressed (200 ml).

One grapefruit.

120 g boiled shrimp, 150 of boiled cabbage, savory green tea.

Day two

150 g stewed with mushrooms, zucchini and ginger tea.

Flounder boiled (150 g), cabbage (100 g), green tea.

200 ml of carrot juice fresh pressed.

200 ml of carrot juice, a cucumber, 120 g porcini mushrooms.

Day three

Apple and rosehip tea.

Buckwheat boiled (100 g), sauerkraut (70 g), boiled white fungus (70g), green tea with sugar (a teaspoon).

Ginger tea.


Day four

150 g sour cabbage, infusion of hawthorn with honey (a teaspoon).

Steamed squid (200 g), boiled rice (60 g), green tea.

Three boiled shrimp.

Boiled bass (100 g), green peas (100 g), Apple.

Day five

Green tea braised cabbage (100 g), boiled shrimp (150 g).

250 g of mushroom soup pureed.


Cooked white mushrooms weighing between 120 g and green tea with a spoon of honey.

Day six

The juice of an orange (200 ml).

Vegetable soup (zucchini, cabbage, carrots, peas) - 200 g, ginger tea.

Pine nuts (40 grams).

Sauerkraut 100 g herbal tea.

The seventh day

Tangerine, black tea with a teaspoon of sugar.

Pumpkin cream soup (150g), cauliflower boiled (80 g).


Sauerkraut, green tea with a teaspoon of honey, boiled shrimp (100 g).

If you adhere to the specified menu throughout the week, you can get rid of 3-5 kg excess weight. To reset to 9 kgyou have to endure this seven-day meal plan for another week.