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Reviews and results of the Kremlin diet

No carb Atkins diet or diet of American astronauts-known in our country, as the Kremlin diet. She has many followers who have reached significant results in weight loss. The creators of the diet laid the basis for the next principle is that the body loses carbs to draw energy from its own fat reserves are rapidly depleting, and the person receives a slender figure.

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How many kg can you lose weight on the Kremlin diet?

Every person has individual peculiarities of metabolic processes, but despite this, the Kremlin diet is effective for most people. The result of no carb food comes very quickly. During the first week, the weight may be reduced by 5 kg after a month of 7-10 kg, and in 2-4 months the result is simply staggering – lost 10-14 lbs!

However, not all dieters can achieve such success. Sometimes fixed is less rapid dynamic weight reduced for 2 weeks only 3 kg, for 3 weeks – 5 lbs. Such indicators can not be called great, though there is persistent weight loss.

There are cases when, after intensive weight loss, his numbers are just standing still. Overall, however, the results of the efforts are pleasing to followers of the Kremlin diet.

Reviews of doctors

Doctors and nutritionists encourage extremely cautious appears to be the effect of using the Kremlin diet and note its shortcomings:

  • Due to the frequent consumption of foods saturated with cholesterol, can cause problems with the cardiovascular system;
  • Deteriorates the functioning of the digestive system, constipation and flatulence, resulting in problems with skin and the development of insomnia;

  • Due to the limited number of vegetables and fruits in the diet the body will get fewer vitamins and suffers from the immune system;
  • Dieters often havedepressed due to the lack of the usual sweets in your menu, the lack of glucose during intense intellectual activity
  • Due to the fact that sausages are not of the best quality is replaced by the proportion of meat in diet menus may disrupt salt metabolism and appear sweating, resulting nutritionists do not recommend abusing sausages.

Despite the negative effects of no carb diet, dietitians find in it positive sides, and even brought under Kremlin diet historical database. It turns out that our body is genetically adapted to a low-carb diet, because the only source of a meager amount of carbs for our ancestors was plants and berries, and they ate mostly seafood, meat of birds and small animals. Cereals and dairy products appeared in the human diet only with the development of agricultural production.

Reviews celebrities

Many politicians and famous media personalities share the positive results of the use of the Kremlin diet.

  • Catherine Zeta Jones was expelled from your diet sweets and flour products and for the 3 months before the wedding was able to lose 19 lbs. These results so impressed her that she became addicted to the new eating habits and her husband Michael Douglas.

  • Jennifer aniston says that when carbohydrate-free diet she was able to overcome his tendency to be overweight and to use her opportunities for a career in the movies.

  • Madonna used a carbohydrate-free diet on the advice of his personal nutritionist ray Kabarda. He and pop diva spread only positive feedback about the food system. However, Madonna sometimes allowed himself a small breakdown, eating candy. The nutritionist believes that this weakness can be from time to time afford, to rigid taboos had no effect on the emotional and mental state of the star.

  • Boris Moiseev left the not so optimistic comments about the Kremlin diet, unable to give up your favorite pies. For him, the diet has become an ordeal and absolutely does not fit.

The results of the Kremlin diet

Very interesting to see the stories of people personally who have experienced the Kremlin diet. Below you will find reviews, followed by reviews of the dietitian.

Ekaterina, 27 years. Neverdieted, at the time of the decision to use the Kremlin diet weighed 91 kg In the first week of sharply reduced consumption of flour and sweet, has learned to count points. Lost 10 kg.

Then was included in the menu nuts, cucumber-tomato salad, mushroom soup. 2 months weight decreased by 25 kg. At the moment I weigh 55 kg, waist 64 cm Occasionally allow themselves deviations from the diet does not affect weight. Physical activity – walking and outdoor games in the fresh air.

Review dietitian: Kate did it right. During the first two weeks the body adapts to the new diet, limited intake of carbs. Because of their deficit of fat cells receive a signal about the lack of sugar. Therefore, at the initial stage of the diet is better not to use apples, oranges, starchy vegetables.

Kate does not suffer from a lack of sweets, eating meat products, diversifies the diet with fruits and vegetable salads to enrich the body with vitamins. Perhaps the girl would be nice to have spot to create a more slender figure.

Olga, 24 years old. During the first 2 weeks, when I refused from sweet and flour, was very irritable, felt a constant weakness. During this time, my weight decreased by 7 kg, but to sit on this diet then I don't want to.

Review dietitian: this diet is Olga contraindicated, because the failure of the sweet causes her serious discomfort. This is highly undesirable and should try other diets where used low-calorie foods with a high content of carbohydrates.

Generally, the tooth can give the following advice: foods with fast carbs consumed after 2-3 hours after a meal and in very small quantities, then the subcutaneous fat is formed. However, this technique is prohibited at the first stage of the Kremlin diet.

Anastasia, 26 years old. Used diet for six weeks. It was especially hard in the first 2 weeks. Doing morning Jogging, but became so tired that the race had to be abandoned. In the first stage have lost 5 lbs.

Then took a liking to the new diet but lost 3 kg, I just kind of stopped. Waist size decreased from 64 to 62 cm. And although I completely refused from sweet, never could get used to eating meat in large volumes.

Review dietitian: during running, the body Nastya did not receive glucose from the blood, because of low sugar content the girl was tired. With its small weight and active lifestyle there is no need to sit on any diet. To achieve the slimness of her optimal diet with a high content of healthy carbohydrates (vegetables,fruit, cereal) and a minimum meat content.

If the girl is concerned that the weight will come back, she is shown to run in the mornings only, but also in the evening.

Vasilisa, 28. The extra weight (I weighed 95 kg) I decided to reset with the Kremlin diet. Not eating any sweet or starchy foods, was included in the menu of the lunch and dinner meat and broth. The result – 6 weeks gone 10 kg, but the waist measurement is 80 cm remained the Most intensively weight went in the days of fitness.

Review dietitian: possible errors girls few vegetables in the diet and not enough fluids consumed during the day. This key points to the Kremlin diet. When excessive physical loads of vegetables is necessary to saturate the organism with vitamins.

Drinking plenty of fluids stimulates the excretion of toxins and waste products of energy metabolism. Aktiviziruyutsya metabolism, fat deposits in problem areas reduced, the body is cleared. It is important to remember that excessive protein intake leads to intoxication.

Marina, 30 years. Has gained weight up to 90 kg during a leave to care for a child. At the end of breastfeeding on the advice of the doctor decided to try the Kremlin diet. In the first 2 weeks were excluded from the diet of sweets, bread, cereals, potatoes. Became actively prepare fish and chicken, often drank mineral water. Weight decreased by 8 kg, waist size – 2 cm of Discomfort was not.

Then was included in the menu vegetables, nuts, fruits, drinking milk products. After 3 months, the weight dropped to 25 kg, achieved 57 lbs. were Engaged in the fitness center doing exercises.

Review dietitian: Marina and eating right have lost 33 lbs. She followed the principles of the Kremlin diet: drinking lots of water, limited carbs, intensively trained, ate low-fat dairy products. In the future, she is advised to eat less sweets and to continue training.

What to do if diet is not helping?

Sometimes dieters complain that weight is in place after a relatively high rate of weight loss. Optimal strategy in such circumstances:

  • For a week to sit on a hard limit of 15-20.e.;
  • Temporarily do not consume dairy products, any fruit, cheese – 100 g daily;
  • Salads to fill with linseed oil;
  • To increase physical activity forby walking, Jogging, exercise;
  • If these measures do not help, you need to give up tea, coffee, alcohol, nuts, do not consume sugar substitutes.

Perhaps the reason for stopping the diet was the problem with the thyroid gland. If the body temperature measured in the morning, for several days keeps on a mark below 36,6, it can be a symptom of hypothyroidism. Additional symptoms: frequent headaches, brittle bones and nails, depression, problems with libido. Here a doctor should be consulted.

The cause of the problem can be the use of oral contraceptives.

Contraindications to the use of the Kremlin diet, pregnancy, kidney, intestine, heart, stomach. Can't use this diet people who fall into depression without the consumption of sweets. To use this method of weight loss you need to have great health.

Mistakes made on the Kremlin diet

Without thinking as it follows the strategy of its behaviour during the transfer process, the Kremlin diet, people make mistakes. The result is too slow weight loss, or it is standing still.

Errors that make the diet ineffective:

  1. The diet changes dramatically, meals become scarce, greatly decreasing their calorie content. Meals include Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between. Menu should be fully compliant with diet. The result will be a high rate of metabolism, keep you feeling fine, no hunger.

  2. Excluded from the diet all fruit. Complete abandonment of the fruits leads to the fact that the growing thirst for their use. Permitted to include in menu fiber-rich fruits and berries: raspberries, grapefruit, peaches, kiwi, blueberries, strawberries.

  3. Fat intake is sharply restricted. Restriction of fats leads to weight gain instead of reducing it. According to the canons of the Kremlin diet you need to eat healthy fats olive oil.

  4. Dieters are hiding from themselves all sorts of Goodies in order to avoid breakdowns. Familiar snacks like cookies, candy, cakes should be replaced with cucumbers, cheese, sausage, yoghurt.

  5. Diet diet is supported at home and outside the man eats everything. Compliance with the principles of the Kremlin diet under any circumstances is a prerequisite.

    Dieters eat meals sweeteners. If the body is not able to learn allowed diet sweeteners, the weight will not decrease, but increase. Part of losing weight sweeteners can cause uncontrollable desire to eat sweets.

  6. Diet depends on counting calories. Fat while following the Kremlin diet is combusted not due to the reduction of caloric intake and as a result of falling levels of insulin. To ensure that it is consistently low, you need to adhere strictly to the rules of the diet.

  7. In the diet, too ready low-calorie foods produced by the food industry. Caution! Such products can be very harmful, and they will not allow you to change the eating habits of losing weight person.

  8. Losing weight tolerate excessive exercise. To maintain the results achieved must be constantly dosed, and to engage in favorite sports, but to be zealous not to be.

  9. The volume of ingested protein increases, to the detriment of all types of carbohydrates. Exceeding the optimum amounts of meat can lead to metabolic disorder. Kremlin diet involves eating 40-60 grams of carbohydrates daily.

Secrets of successful the Kremlin diet

  • Secret 1: you need to know how much carbohydrate is contained in different foods. In many foods there are carbohydrates. Before adding them to your diet, you must examine the label, focusing not on the amount of fat and calories and fiber and carbohydrates in the product.

  • Secret 2: to compensate for the lost carbs are replaced with protein and fats. If this is not done, the inevitable failure due to inadequate calorie intake. Fish, shellfish, nuts, olive oil – the best sources of healthy fat. If a person is hungry, he lacks fats. They are not converted to body fat if not combined fat from carbohydrates.

  • Secret 3: instead of the quick carbs you need 2 times to increase the servings of vegetables. Use vegetables high in vitamins, minerals and fiber. The creators of the diet are allowed to eat vegetables in any quantity except corn, yams, potatoes and green peas. Better to eat them raw but you can cooksteamed, dressed with butter or olive oil.

  • Secret 4: at least 3 times a week should be physical workouts of varying intensity. Classes can be short, as the body, deprived of glycogen, starts immediately to spend the accumulated fat reserves. Physical exercise burn fat, build muscle. To speed metabolism, combining cardio with strength training for 45 minutes.

  • Secret 5: you need to drink a lot of water. To avoid dehydration, you should drink more fluids – at least 10 glasses including coffee, tea, carbonated water without sugar. Dehydration slows down the metabolism, not the weight goes.

  • Secret 6: avoid carbs and not be afraid of them. It is important to choose the right carbs (fruit, wholegrain bread, legumes), every day, including in the diet of 40-60.e. Occasionally you can afford a retreat from the diet, not to dwell on the limitations.

  • A diet restricted in carbohydrates can actually be tasty and healthy.