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The results and feedback on a rice diet

Figure – a great product that helps get rid of excess weight. This is possible due to the fact that the barley acts as a powerful sorbent. Once in the gastrointestinal tract, the rice grains absorb all the excess and unnecessary body. This quality contributes to its purification.

The rice contains magnesium, silicon and zinc, these minerals strengthen the immune system. At the expense of potassium from cells of excess fluid. To get rice maximum benefit, you need to choose unrefined cereals. In addition, the present rice lecithin, which is essential to women in lactation.

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The results of the rice diet

Most women who adhered to the rice diet, claim that they quickly managed to get rid of extra pounds. Body weight goes steadily, and the plumb is quite impressive. If you follow the rice diet for months, it is possible to lose about 10-15 kg. The specific number depends on the initial weight of the person, as well as the individual characteristics of the organism. It is logical that the greater the starting weight, that stronger woman lose weight.

Should not refuse the renewal rice diet, if after 1-2 days from the beginning of her weight stood on one mark. It is quite normal because the body is not willing to part with dialed kilograms. In addition, it is possible that soon the woman will begin the next critical days. During this period, the body weight is always slightly increased, and to cope with this "problem" rice diet will not.

You can also find negative reviews about a rice diet. For example, some women claim that they have lost weight only due to the fact that the body went excess fluid.

Sometimes the rice diet can lead to constipation. So if there are problems with the chair, to resort to this method of weight loss does not follow.

To make it easier to endure the days when I have to eat only rice, you can vary your menu with dried fruit. Dried apricots and prunes will help to fill an organism with energy and vitamins.

As evidenced by numerous reviews, the effect of diet can be enhanced, if the day additionally drink a Cup of green tea.

Reviews lost weight on rice diet

Lida Writes:

"The rice helps lose weight – it's true! I checked the rice diet for myself and was delighted. Of course, rice is not the most delicious dish, but you can endure. Except that I got rid of the extra pounds, the menu disappeared, problems with the joints.

Suggest to start losing weight on the waning moon – the effect will be better. The rice was soaked in the banks, as it should be. But the last water I drank, and pour. This allowed me to clean the intestines. For lunch I ate meat or fish and potatoes and bread. Dined on cheese, apples, yogurt. Vegetables not eaten at all.

After 2 weeks managed to get rid of 8 kg. In addition, swelling was gone, no longer sick knee joints. Plans diet to repeat. Again I eat rice with meat or fish."

Angelina Writes:

"I decided to try the rice diet for yourself. On the first day puking rice did not cause, but then wanted to eat it less and less.

For Breakfast he ate nothing, and in the afternoon did not allow himself anything extra (unhealthy, fatty, or fried). But to give up bread and potatoes and could not. Drank a lot of water.

Honestly, at the end of the second week of the rice itself, pushed by force. For the first week I lost 3 kgfor the second week – still 3 kg.

To summarize: to survive the rice diet is difficult, but possible. Moreover, the results are worth it. When her husband returned from a trip, said I not only noticeably thinner, but younger."

Katerina Writes:

"I want to tell you about how I lost weight with rice diet. Cereal at night is filled with water, and in the morning was cooked for 10 minutes. Of course, after sleep, to eat such a big portion of rice I was able to work. Nevertheless, I held on. A week lost about 2 kg. However, I was glad in vain, as this diet messed up my stomach.

For the whole week I had problems with the chair. Rice is very strong mounts, so I couldn't go to the toilet. I still suffer from irregular bowel movements. Diet is adhered to in winter, no vegetables, no fruit did not eat. It is likely that rice would be easier, but cooked cereals do not advise anyone. It may be necessary to Supplement this dietthe laxatives, then this effect I would have not received. Next time I will try buckwheat diet. I think that after the problems with the chair will not."

Yesenia Writes:

"I don't adhere to a strict rice diet, and spent days on the rump. Found out that the rice helps to lose weight from the book by famous nutritionist Margarita Koroleva.

I took 250 g rice, soaked in cold water and left overnight. Morning rump washed until then, until the water became transparent. Then pour the rice with boiling water and cooked 15 minutes. The resulting dose should be divided into 6 times and eat during the day. The last meal should be no later than 20.00. To chew the rice slowly and carefully. For day to your diet to add 3 more teaspoons of honey. I do not like it, but when I have a headache, he helped me. Probably, the organism required glucose. All day I drank about 2.5 l water.

If you fulfill all conditions, it is possible in a day to lose 1 kg weight. This is no problem with a chair I have not encountered. Now I stick to rice fasting days 1 time a week and very happy with the result. Weight really goes away, and hunger throughout the day, absolutely no worries.

On the downside, it is only one – to the end of the day the rice is very boring!"

Says Marina:

"I stuck to rice diet a year ago. Then in 3 months I managed to lose 15 kg. In parallel, I played sports. For the year, again scored 5 kgso I ate everything. Decided to once again take on the rice diet. Add vegetable salads. During the week managed to get rid of 3 kg excess weight. So anyone who wants to lose weight, it is worth Fig."

Lolita Writes:

"Actually, the rice diet is just wonderful! For the first 4 days I already managed to lose 3 kg. The first day I ate boiled rice without salt, 1/2 Apple, 1/2 banana and 1/2 pear. The next day, I ate rice, two apples and a cucumber. If you do exercises in the morning, the result will be even more noticeable. When you start to cause constipation, can you take Bisacodyl, it will help to get rid of problems with a chair."

Nutritionists opinion about a rice diet

Nutritionists point out that rice is a product useful for the body. Rice diet allows you to lose weight quickly and effectively. Experts call rice diet balancedso it can be used by those people who adhere to proper nutrition. We are talking about seven-day and forty-day method weight loss with the help of Fig.

To a strict weight loss schemes that are designed for a shorter period, nutritionists are much more wary. According to experts, fast weight gone as quickly come back. Especially if you expose your body hard the hunger strike. So before you start losing weight on a particular scheme, it is best to consult a nutritionist. The physician examines the human condition and will find the most suitable scheme of weight loss.