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Andrology is one of the sections of modern medicine, which is related with some other areas. Among the roots that lay at the basis of andrology, it is possible to allocate urology, sexual pathology, endocrinology, vascular, plastic and microsurgery. Andrologist, it is possible to tell, universal male doctor, because, in addition to the problems in the above industries, he is able to provide expert help for venereal and dermatological problems.

Turning to the back, the man will be able to get rid of problems in the sexual sphere, because that is what the doctor performs the diagnosis of such diseases and is the most appropriate scheme of treatment and prevention for each patient. This, if I may say so, a personal "male" doctor which competence includes the decision of problems with health of a strong half of mankind. He is welcome with the emphasis on men's anatomical, endocrinological and psychosexual characteristics.

In addition, there is a children's andrologist, which solves a similar problem of young male patients. It helps to cope with diseases of the reproductive system of boys, only this time, focusing on the features of the child's body.

The content of the article:

Andrologist: treats that the doctor

To further investigate the activities of this men's specialist, you must refer to the specific diseases it cures:

  • Prostatitis, which is inflammation of the prostate gland; (see also: causes, signs and symptoms of prostatitis in men)

  • Varicocele, namely, pathological dilatation, located in the testicles and the associated with this extension, other problems such as low semen quality, infertility;
  • BPH is a benign growth of the prostate tissue;
  • Phimosis, which is expressed in the inability to output the head of the penis men, due to constriction ring foreskin;
  • Menopausal symptoms in men;
  • Metabolic syndrome that defines many of the pathologieswhich are caused by metabolic disorders and failure of hormone production.

In addition to the services, as a specialist, you need to contact if you have one or more of the following pathologies:

  • Infertility in men regardless of its etiology; (see also: causes, symptoms and treatment of male infertility)

  • Sexually transmitted diseases, i.e. those transmitted sexually;
  • Cancer of the male genital organs;
  • Any disease of the prostate gland;
  • Disorders of hormone production; lack or surplus that is associated with the malfunction of the endocrine glands;
  • disorders of the sexual function;
  • The need for surgical intervention androgenital nature, in particular the operations aimed at restoring sexual function, which arose on the background of external and internal faults in the area of genitals;
  • Male menopause, which occurs when the natural process of aging (treatment may need cardiovascular, genitourinary and other systems or organs).

Organs which treats andrologist

The above pathology could relate to men's bodies:

  • The testicles and their appendages;
  • Penis;
  • Urethra and prostate;
  • The urethra, the ureter, the bladder;
  • The kidneys and other organs.

Urologist – andrologist: when you need an appointment?

To go on reception to the expert in the field of andrology, in that case, if the following problems arose:

  • There are questions about methods of contraception.
  • There are problems with erectile function. (See also: erectile dysfunction in men)

  • If you are unable to conceive a child, but the woman is of healthy reproductive plan.
  • If there are signs of inflammation that affects the genitals. Medical advice requires the presence of hyperemia, pain, disorders of urination, discharge from the urethra.
  • Congenital or acquired abnormalities of the genital organs.
  • Signs of premature aging.
  • Iffamily planning the conception of a child, the male will need to visit a doctor for consultation.
  • The problem with a morning erection while men in the reproductive age.
  • The age of 45 years. In this case, a visit to the doctor is necessary in order to ensure the absence of any abnormalities, which can occur unbeknownst to the man. If any, then get rid of them in the early stages is always much easier than at later stages.

Children's andrologist-urologist: when to go to the reception?

Parents must bring the boy to a doctor, if it found the following violations:

  • If at birth or during the first year of life did not happen the dropping of the testicles into the scrotum.
  • If you notice growths or protrusions in the scrotum area.
  • If the child is older than three years there are problems with the opening of the head.
  • If there are violations of the location of the urethra.
  • If the child is overweight (this often is associated with impaired production of sex hormones).
  • If you do not appear typical of the male signs, the child is under the age of 13.
  • If after 4 years the child suffers from enuresis. (See also: causes and symptoms of enuresis children)

  • If there are problems with urination.
  • If painful sensations appear in the relevant fields, i.e. in the groin, genitals.
  • If the testicles of a child have different size.
  • Other disorders in the urinary sulphur.

Welcome back: as he passes?

Visiting the doctor for the first time, most likely, the patient will go through a few basic points:

  • The doctor finds out the complaints of patient, collect anamnesis, find out about major disturbing symptoms, etc.
  • To perform an external inspection of the genital organs, will produce palpation of the prostate through the wall rectum.
  • Assign delivery of necessary analyses, for example, ultrasonography, or delivery of the smear from urethra.

With regard to child age, routine inspection of this specialist is impractical, in the absence of any complaints. If something bothers parents, it is first necessary to come to the appointment with the pediatrician. However, since joining the boys inadolescence (i.e., ages 12 to 16 years), medical services should be regular.