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Diabetology is the branch of endocrinology, which studies issues concerning the development of such diseases as diabetes. Doctors of this specialization are interested in the causes of disease, methods of treatment and prevention of diabetes. The doctor specializing in Diabetologia called Diabetologia is uzkokoleinaya a professional in the field of endocrinology see patients with specific disease.

Diabetes mellitus occurs on the background of disorders in functioning of the pancreas, failures in the development of insulin. In the end, the tissues of the body is unable to metabolize this hormone. The second type of diabetes is the most common and most often diagnosed in older people.

Generally, this disease is chronic endocrine violation type. Thus the patient may suffer from complete or partial insufficiency of insulin. In addition, the metabolism in the body fat and protein, carbohydrate and mineral and water-salt. There are several types of diabetes gestational, the first and second type.

The fourth boundary condition before the disease is prediabetes. It is characterized in that the sugar level in the blood increases and is at a critical boundary, however, not extend beyond it, as if true disease.

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What symptoms is necessary to consult a diabetologist

To go to the doctor for a consultation should be the case if there are several indications of the disease:

  • The functionality of the lower limbs is broken.
  • Appears inexplicable weakness.
  • People all the time thirsty, and thirst is unquenchable.
  • The performance of the patient is reduced.
  • Weight either increases or he starts to leave, while the objective reasons for such spikes there.

How is the appointment with a diabetologist

Basic primary visits to diabetologists do not differ much from standard procedures in the office of another doctor. First, is a survey of the patient, when the doctor finds out the complaints of the patient and the symptoms. The doctor then performsmeasurement of glucose levels in the blood or recommends that you take a test in the lab the next day. May be assigned analysis of urine ketone bodies and daily monitoring of glucose levels in the blood.

Secondly, the doctor received all the results, will prescribe treatment, which may not be confined only to receive medication. Developed a plan that provides detailed recommendations on lifestyle, mode of work and rest, and possible physical stress.

Diabetology is the doctor who directly deals with the treatment of diabetes and development of measures for its prevention. An important element of working with patients is to prevent complications of the disease that allows you to make regular observations of the patient from your doctor.

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