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otolaringolog (lor)

Doctor otolaryngologist or ENT specialist, an appointment that often come children. Parents, suspecting your child has a disease in the system of "ear-throat-nose", rush to the specialist. However, getting rid of one problem with adequately appointed treatment, the next time adults begin to use the already-familiar therapeutic regimen under similar diseases without consulting a doctor. Many think that enough of the advice of a pharmacist from the pharmacy in order to save a child from frivolous, at first sight of the problem. In the course are needed, but often unnecessary drops and pills. As a result, this self-medication leads to chronicization of the pathological process and to Mature age people not by hearsay familiar with diseases such as chronic rhinitis or tonsillitis (see also: causes and symptoms of tonsillitis).

Most people do not attach importance to the fact that they had a cold, and do it in vain. The nose is the main entrance opening for the ingress of infectious agents transmitted by airborne droplets. Next, they spread in the process involves the nasopharynx, inner ear, throat. So ignore the cold can not in any case, because the nose is the most important organ, which often starts a serious disease.

You should always remember that regular angina have a devastating effect on the heart, joints, kidneys. If the tonsils are healthy, they exude an infection that easily penetrates into other bodies, affecting them. Treatment in this case is quite serious. With timely consultation from the ENT specialist, such problems could have been avoided.

However, once on reception to the doctor should not strive to remove the tonsils from the body. First we need to go through a full examination, blood tests and determine the cause of frequent sore throats (see also: what is angina? Causes and symptoms of angina). Perhaps this condition can be averted by following the simple guidelines of an expert. While the nature of protection against infections of the tonsils, will remain untouched.

What cures a otolaryngologist?

To begin with, the physician must decide the patient's problem. For this purpose it conducts inspection of nose, ears, larynx and pharynx. If necessary, the doctor even in his own office to do sometherapeutic techniques, such as: lavage of the affected organs, treatment of mucous surfaces with antiseptic preparations, that possess not only antibacterial properties but also anti-inflammatory effect.

The otolaryngologist is faced with many diseases, which come to him patients. One of them is snoring. For some people it becomes a real problem, reducing quality of life. In addition, he even threatens her, although many don't think about it. Apnea may cause interruption of the respiratory function during sleep and the person will die as a result of the cessation of cardiac activity. However, LOR a few minutes able to resolve this formidable problem. It is important to find a competent specialist, master admission in a specialized clinic.

In addition, thyroid surgery (most of them) is carried out by otolaryngologists. Problem disorders widespread in some regions, the number of patients is 90% of the total population.

A deviated septum – here is another common problem in the practice of ENT. Cosmetic defect can be completely invisible, but the inconvenience the patient has significant. It consists in the difficulty of breathing, which in turn leads to oxygen starvation of the organism. In addition, there are problems with the sense of smell, which also affects the quality of human life. To get rid of such problems it is possible on reception at the otolaryngologist, if his office is equipped with necessary appliances. It is necessary to apply to private clinics. By the way, the apnea frequently occurs precisely because of a deviated septum.

Therapy of diseases of the ears is also in the competence of the ENT doctor. Many people suffering from partial and complete deafness, years of living inferior lives without asking for qualified help. But to suffer does not make sense, because modern otolaryngology has extensive capabilities that allow you to save the patients even complete deafness. In private clinics set implants due to which the person begins to hear.

Meniere's disease is another pathology that no problem fixes otolaryngologist. In addition, pharyngitis, sinusitis, otitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, everything is in the competence of the ENT doctor and successfully correctable. Modern equipment and techniques used allow to get rid of most of the diseases of the respiratory system, olfaction and hearing. It is important not to run which began with minor symptoms of the disease and to seek qualified help in time.