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Characteristics, preparation and use of pineapple

Botanical description pineapple

Pineapple is a tropical herbaceous plant belonging to the bromeliad family. Is a terrestrial herbaceous plant with prickly stem and leaves. Has a large number of adventitious roots, developing in the leaf axils and absorbing the moisture lingering there. The leaves of the pineapple caucasusasia, broadly, very succulent and fleshy, covered with a thick epidermal layer. Can grow up to eighty centimeters in length.

With the full formation of leaf rosette is formed of it long peduncle profusely covered with bisexual flowers. The result of two weeks of flowering the stem formed a strong yellow-gold color, resembles the shape of a cone.

Self-pollinating varieties of pineapples do not form seeds.

There is a widespread plant in tropical South America down to Paraguay and Argentina. The most extensive pineapple plantations are located in the Hawaiian Islands.

Gathering and preparing pineapple

Pineapples are harvested as they Mature. They are used in fresh form and in the form of juice. Also the stems of pineapples to canning and drying.

Medicinal properties and application

Pineapple anciently used as a dessert with exquisite taste and delicate aroma. Its therapeutic properties were discovered relatively recently. The composition of the pineapple is rich in dietary fiber and vitamins, allows us to consider this plant a valuable food source of useful nutrients.

Regular consumption of pineapple reduces blood viscosity, which can be recommended for the prevention of thrombosis and thrombophlebitis. A good effect has the use of pineapple in hypertension, kidney diseases and disorders cardiovascular activity.

Such a property of the pineapple as a removal of atherosclerotic plaques from blood vessel walls provides a highly effective prevention of heart attacks and strokes.

Experts believe that regular consumption of pineapple reduces the appearance of joint and muscle pain, and suspend the development of atherosclerosis and impaired functioning of the pancreas.

Marked property of pineapple to reduce the symptoms of inflammatory diseases which include sinusitis,pyelonephritis, sore throat, pleurisy, pneumonia, and others. In addition, the use of this plant accelerates wound healing and stimulates digestive function.

The most popular pineapple is in connection with valuable dietary properties that manifest in a unique combination of beneficial nutrients and low calorie. In this regard, the use of pineapple is widely used in many slimming techniques.

Almost all of the medicinal properties of pineapple due to the presence in its composition precious substance bromelain. To the effect of hitting of bromelain in the body was the maximum, pineapple is recommended to drink on an empty stomach. When ingested together with food or after meals bromelain promotes the enzymatic activity of gastric juice, and acts as a digestive enzyme.

Recent research scientists suggest that highly concentrated extracts of pineapple can help in the treatment of cancer. A property of the substances contained in the pineapple, to bind free radicals can be a good prevention of cancer.

The juice extracted from the leaves is widely used among the peoples of India as a vermifuge.

Chemical composition of pineapple

The pineapple contains a rich composition of various substances. 86% the stem of a plant consists of water that contains a large percentage of simple sugars, most of which is sucrose. Pineapple is also rich in organic acids, which can be called ascorbic and citric, provitamin a and vitamins of group B.

The pulp of the stems noted the contents of such minerals as potassium, copper, iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, iodine and manganese.

In addition, pineapple contains a complex of proteolytic enzymes, including bromelain, and having high activity. Enzymes have the ability to destroy proteins, resulting in improving the body's absorption of protein.

Recipes pineapple

Pineapples have been used effectively to restore the functions of the digestive system. In order to increase the enzymatic activity of gastric juice during meals drink a glass of pineapple juice or eat a slice of fresh fruit. This is particularly useful in the ingestion of large amounts of meat or fiber. The same amount of juice required to usepeople suffering from atherosclerosis, hypertension, strokes and disorders of the cardiovascular system.

Drinking glass of pineapple juice helps relieve nausea during seasickness or when you travel.

In order to get rid of edema and signs of thrombosis, is recommended every day to drink a glass of pineapple juice or eat half of his fruit.

For elimination of calluses you need to make makoti plants to the damaged area of skin and hold during the night. In the morning the skin should be steam, hot water, and then remove the corn. If necessary, this procedure can be repeated many times.

Marked property of pineapple can affect memory improvement. People engaged in mental work and having to deal with large amounts of information (e.g., programmers, economists, etc.), it is recommended to drink pineapple juice at least twice a week.

Using pineapple to treat colds. This will help vitamin drink. For its preparation you need to grind in a blender 100 grams of fresh pulp of pineapple, add 100 ml of kvass home cooking and a small amount of lemon juice. the intake of this drink three times daily guarantees the weakening of the symptoms of colds and complete deliverance from it.

Use slices of fresh pineapple after a meal will help to part with some extra pounds.

Pineapple has been used successfully in cosmetology. For aging and dry skin of the face and hands will fit the following mask from the pulp of the fruit. You need a good knead two circles of canned pineapple, add three or four drops of lavender oil and a tablespoon of any vegetable oil. Thereafter, the mixture need to be mixed thoroughly and apply on face or hands. The mask should be kept for about ten minutes then rinse it with warm water.

To remove the skin acne and pimples you can apply a cleansing mask. You want to stretch your circle of fresh, peeled pineapple. You then add to the pineapple teaspoon of natural honey and a little oatmeal. The mixture should acquire the form of a thick slurry, which should be applied to the face. This mask should be kept for about fifteen minutes, then remove with a cotton swab. When applying the mask, you may receive a slight tingling sensation is renewed skin and it removes dead skin particles.

For healing dry skin you can apply the following recipe. Crushed pulp is mixed in equal proportions with olive or sunflower oil, the mixture is then a thick layer is applied to the face and ten minutes later washed off with warm water.

To remove excess fat skin it is necessary in the morning and eveningwipe with a piece of fresh pulp of pineapple. You can also put slices on your face and hold them for about fifteen minutes. Then the face should be rinsed with cool water.

Daily consumption of pineapple before menstruation can help to reduce or completely remove the manifestation of discomfort during their arrival.

Wish to reduce weight can arrange fasting days with the use of pineapple. Such fasting days should not be held more than once a week. During the day you need to eat pounds of pineapple, dividing it into four equal parts. No other food should not be consumed. Fasting days are not only helps reduce weight but also strengthen the immune system, cleanse the body of toxins.

Side effects and contraindications to the use of pineapple

Excessive use of pulp and freshly squeezed pineapple juice can cause damage to the mucosa of the oral cavity and indigestion. It is not recommended to eat pineapple people suffering from gastritis and gastric ulcer. From eating pineapple should be abandoned during pregnancy because of the substances contained in it that can cause reduction of muscle tissue and maintain their tone.

At the use of pineapple by children under six years old may cause irritation of the intestinal mucosa, and therefore should strictly limit the amount of consumption.

Not recommended the use of pineapple people who are prone to allergic reactions, as well as with individual intolerance to this type of product.