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Birch tar

Birch tar children inside, from parasites, acne, hair

The production of birch tar

Birch tar is an oily, dark, viscous liquid with a pungent odor. It is a product of dry distillation of birch bark. The word "tar"means"burnt"or"burnt".

Ancient fishing and relevant today, the principle of obtaining tar is almost not changed. Artisans stuffed with birch bark tray -liners with a narrow hole for draining resin and fueled torch. Elm reprisals, melted and singled out the tar.

Modern production of tar is iron boilers, which compacted the crust. The sealed container is heated, the distillation time is 10-11 hours. Of the 75 pounds of birch bark is obtained 22.5 per kilogram of pure tar.

In ancient times tar was indispensable in almost all spheres of life. Tar smeared leather shoes and armor, in order that they do not soaked in the rain, was soft and not dried out. Traditional medicine put the tar in the first place, its application was very wide. Folk healers prescribed tar as an anthelmintic, healing the wounds of animals and people, recommended as an antitumor drug. Nowadays, the use of tar was significantly reduced, but pharmacologists use it as a component in the manufacture of drugs.

Treatment of birch tar. What cures a birch tar?

Tar is obtained due to the decomposition of betulin, which is composed of benzene, phenol, toluene, xylene, volatile, organic acids.

In atherosclerosis, these components will be unusually helpful. There is a wonderful treatment method of birch tar. Half a teaspoon of birch tar stirred into a glass of warm milk home. Taking the drug have 45 days one glass 3 times a day an hour before meals. The break is one month. A year must pass three or four such courses.

Tar well cured the angina, gangrene, bronchial asthma, when it is used a decrease in hair loss, eliminates fungal infections of the skin. The use of birch tar has a positive effect in the long-term healing tropical ulcers, scrofula, inflammatory diseases of the rectum, erosive proctitis, erosion and extending to the mucous membrane of the rectum. There has been a rapid recovery of those suffering from itching skin, skin ulcers, rashes. Effectively cured women diagnosed with"postpartum mastitis". Easy to treat microbial eczema, tumors, smallpox, sores, psoriasis.

In the treatment of skin diseases such as scabies, psoriasis, dandruff, erysipelas, leprosy, pityriasis versicolor, athlete's foot – pure tar in combination with drugs having an invaluable impact, improving the quality of treatment.

Properties of birch tar

Birch tar has excellent healing properties. Known for its strong antimicrobial and antiseptic effect. On the basis of birch tar are produced Vishnevsky ointment and Wilkinson, coal-tar soap. It has reducing, antiparasitic, a drying, anesthetic effect. In suppurative, inflammatory processes in the skin tar reduces inflammation, enhances absorbability, reduces itching.

The use of birch tar

Purified tar is used in Oncology, it neutralizes the negative effects of chemotherapy and medication. It is able to inhibit the growth of tumor cells in the ovarian cysts, mastitis, fibroids, adenoma, is a preventive measure, to prevent the transition of benign tumors to malignant forms.

Birch tar with milk

Birch tar with milk – an effective tool in clinical form of tuberculosischaracterized by the presence of rounded formation in lung, emphysema and various infections in the body. Take on an empty stomach scheme, diluted in 50 ml of warm milk:
– 1st day – 1 drop;
– 2nd day – 2 drops;
– 3rd day – 3 drops and so on to 10 days, each time adding a drop of tar. Then you should make a seven days break and again repeat the course, during the treatment period will last six months.

Catarrhal cystitis take 5-10 drops of birch tar, diluted in 1 Cup warm milk 3 times a day.

Birch tar from parasites

Birch tar is also used for getting rid of parasites. It has a local irritating effect aimed at the destruction of worms, lice, disinfecting works, saving us from germs. Using tar you can easily get rid of anthrax, scabies mites.

Cleaning from pinworms and ascarids will be very effective if one teaspoon of liquid honey to mix with birch tar and take this mixture before going to bed. A course of twelve treatments. Every day the number of drops increases by one andbrought to eight.

For prophylaxis, preferably the treatment carried out annually.

Birch tar for hair

Itching and irritation of the scalp with dandruff are removed using birch tar. Dandruff is a phenomenon, is added to the oiliness of the hair and hair loss. The use of natural product will calm irritated skin, normalizes the sebaceous glands. Cleaning the skin of the head from the stratum corneum cells, tar activates their breath, there is a saturation of cells with oxygen. It increases blood flow and accelerated regenerative processes.

You can use an excellent tool in the prevention of dandruff: 1 tablespoon of tar dissolved in two tablespoons of castor oil, add 100 grams of alcohol. The mixture should be gently massage into the scalp. After 2-3 hours it should be washed off.

Birch tar from acne

Natural, environmentally friendly product can be used to treat the skin from acne. With oily skin, frequent rashes acne will help coal-tar soap with a high concentration of birch tar, which relieve irritation and inflammation, cleanse and make the skin soft and velvety. Also, tar can be used to prepare various means of purifying problem skin:

  • To process daily skin lotion: 50 grams of 95% alcohol, 5 grams of tar a few drops of salicyl alcohol.
  • Honey and tar mixed in a ratio of 3:1. The prepared mask is applied to skin in a thin layer, then wash off with water at room temperature.

How to make birch tar inside?

Birch tar ingestion normalizes blood pressure, strengthens heart muscle and improves metabolism in the body. It is useful to take tar water morning on an empty stomach, in the afternoon – two hours before meals and at night before going to sleep. This is a wonderful remedy against fever, purulent cough, dropsy. Used to treat internal diseases birch tar clears of toxins in the blood, liver, intestines and pancreas. Over time, patients feel improvement of work of gastrointestinal tract, heal ulcers of the stomach and duodenum.

How to drink birch tar?

Tar water helps to cure many ailments. It can be easily made by the knownsince ancient times, recipe: 4 l of cold spring water and 500 g of tar is required to be mixed thoroughly in the vessel, which should then close tightly and stand for two days to let the tar settle. Carefully remove foam, pour clear liquid. Store tool is required in the tightly closed container.

Adults take tar water for 100 g in the morning for 15-20 minutes before eating. Also in some infectious diseases it is possible to make birch tar, dissolved in warm milk.

Recipe ointment of birch tar

At home you can cook the ointment of birch tar. Tar, mutton or pork fat mixed in equal amounts, used to treat wounds and skin diseases. Ointment of pure birch tar and vaseline in the ratio 1:10 treat ulcers, pyoderma, infected wounds.

Birch tar children

Little children very often suffer from unpleasant allergic disease diathesis. Birch tar is able to cope with these problems. Folk medicine recommends to lubricate the affected area with butter or baby cream with a few drops of birch tar.

Contraindications to the use of birch tar

Pure birch tar and coal-tar preparations can cause allergic skin irritation, until the development of dermatitis. Use birch tar as a therapeutic agent is possible only after medical consultation. Not recommended the use of tar during exacerbation of chronic diseases of the skin. In acute eczema, dermatitis, exudative psoriasis, folliculitis use it sparingly.

The application of birch tar on large areas of skin for extended periods of time can lead to toxic effects on the kidneys. There may be weakness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, convulsions.

After application of tar in patients observed burning, but it disappears. If the burning stops after 10-15 minutes, so the treatment can continue. Before the beginning of the application of birch tar, you need to check the tolerance on a small area of skin to examine the urine.