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Sambucus nigra

Useful properties and the use of black elderberry in folk medicine

Sambucus nigra: a description of the plant

The elderberry is a tall shrub or small tree. A shrub differs from the others by its bark, which is grayish-brown color. The plant is covered with many small, yellow lenticels. Long and opposite leaves of elderberry have a complex structure. Each leaf consists of 5-7 leaflets, which are ovate pointed form.

Fluffy, creamy-white in color elder flowers gathered in large inflorescences. The fruits of the plant are drupe purple-black color. Flowering plants starts in may and lasts until July. The fruits ripen in early fall.

Where it grows apples?

Elderberry grows in subtropical and temperate regions of the world. The only place where it does not meet is a southern and Central Africa. Elderberry grows in places of distribution of the nettle, where a lot of quinoa, but also a great place for elder – dump. In the woods or in the meadows you can also see it's poison, but at the same time, a medicinal plant. Unpleasant smells of elderberries, which it is not suitable animals.

Rare, but still found the elder and in mixed and coniferous forests. Some people bred elderberry especially in its parks and gardens.

Propagation of elderberry

Elderberry is propagated in three ways: seeds, layering and cuttings. Autumn sown seeds that the spring had sprouted. A year later seedlings are safely planted in a permanent place. Seed propagation is only suitable for species of plants.

In order to get a new elderberry bushes your favorite type, it is necessary in the summer to cut and rooting of green cuttings of plants. Before these should be treated cuttings are substances that stimulate rooting.

Undoubtedly the best method of propagation of elderberry the propagation by using cuttings. With this method, do the following: new shoots bend, and then just lay them in the grooves. A year later these shoots should be separated from the parent plant.

When it comes time for planting elderberry, you should be careful. For example, it is not necessary to bury the root neck of a sapling her to sit on the ground level. Before planting you need to prepare the soil, which should mix peat (1 part), sand (1 part), grassy land(2 parts) and humus (2 parts).

Elder flowers

The black elderberry flowers are considered very valuable. They contain the followingingredients: essential oil, choline, rutin, Apple, Valerian, and coffee acid. Elder flowers are used to prepare infusions and decoctions, which have a diaphoretic and anti-bacterial effect on the human body. That is why medicine from the flowers of the elderberry is used for colds, flu, respiratory diseases and angina.

The infusion of elder flowers. For its preparation you need to pour 1 tablespoon of flowers 200 ml of boiling water and put this mixture on a small fire for a quarter of an hour simmering. Then cooled, squeeze and take hot. A one-time administration of infusion – 100 ml a day should be taken 2-3 times before meals. This infusion helps in rheumatism, arthritis and gout.

The beneficial properties of elderberry

Inflorescences elderberry contains many useful substances, such as organic acids, essential oil in semi-solid state, choline, carotene, tannins and parafinovoe substances, glycoside sambunigrin and sugar.

Elder berries are rich in ascorbic acid, resins, glucose, and free acids, tyrosine and colorants.

Fresh leaves of elderberry are also very valuable. They contain aldehydes, tannins, alkaloids, essential oils and vitamins C and B. the Leaves of this plant have a laxative diuretic effect. Young leaves have tonic properties. Steamed leaves of the elderberry is used for inflammation, diaper rash, furunkuleze and burns.

In addition, the bark of the elderberry is also has beneficial properties. The broth is cooked on its basis, helps with kidney disease and skin diseases. The same decoction is used in the form of lotions and baths for arthritis and rheumatism.

The use of elderberry in folk medicine

In folk medicine, elderberry is used for the treatment of various diseases.

Elderberry has antimycotic action on the human body. A decoction of the bark used as a laxative, a diuretic agent in the treatment of kidney diseases, diabetes and tumors.

Leaf decoction and take orally (gout and diabetes), and topically (for skin diseases, tumors, colic and hemorrhoids).

A decoction of the flowers of elderberry are used as diuretics in myocarditis, heart diseases. Decoction of flowers is used in the form of droplets and inhalation insinusitis, rhinitis and respiratory diseases.

Infusion of fruits of elderberry. You need to take 10 grams of dried fruit and leave for 2 hours in one Cup of cooled boiled water, after which the infusion should drain. To make this remedy you need 150-200 ml once daily. This infusion helps with constipation.

Infusion of the bark of elderberry. Take 5-8 grams of bark and pour them a glass of boiling water. 5 hours leave the infusion in a thermos, drain. Take this medication for swelling or inflammation of the kidneys half a Cup 5-6 times a day.

Infusion of gathering herbs elderberry. To prepare it you'll need elderflower, sage, mallow (20 grams). Stir ingredients. Take 20 grams of this mixture, pour a glass of boiling water and leave for insisting. Then the composition of the strain. Use this infusion for rinsing the mouth and throat with inflammation of the mucous membrane.

Infusion of flowers elderberry. It is used for wiping and washing face. You need to take a handful of black elderberry flowers and infuse them in 500 ml of boiling water for 20 minutes.

A decoction of elderberries. You need to take 30 grams of berries and pour one liter of boiling water, then put on a weak fire for 10 minutes. After that, remove the water and insist 45 minutes. Of course, filter. Apply the remedy for neoplasm or diabetes.

A decoction of the roots of the elderberry. Take 30 grams of the roots of the black elderberry and boil them in 500 ml of water. Use the warm broth, making irrigation during the cervicitis, vaginitis and other inflammatory diseases of female genital organs. Do douching need when to be held 2 days after menstruation. 2 days before the onset of menstruation need to stop treatment. Continue it after your period until complete recovery.

The juice of elderberries

For juice take the flowers or ripe fruits of elderberry. Raw materials need to press and the juice is ready. Make it useful for nerve pains, rheumatism. The dose depends on the tolerability of elderberry juice by the human body, it can be 30-200 ml. But before making the juice, it must be mixed with the same amount of honey. Taking elderberry juice for half an hour before meals.

Contraindications to the use of elderberry

During pregnancy it is better not to take elderberry do or make, but under the supervision of a physician. If the child is under 12 years, to treat his elder with necessary care. It is necessary to strictly follow the dosage intake. If the dosage is exceed, it will lead to vomiting, nausea. Given the fact that drugs from elderberry have diuretic and laxative effect, they cannot be taken by diabetics and ulcer.