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Useful properties, cultivation and application of succession

Botanical characteristics a series

Series – an annual plant, which belongs to the family Asteraceae. The series does not grow above 1 meter in height. The root of the plant is thin and stalky, but well-branched. On a single straight stem red are opposite leaves on short stalks. The flowers are painted in dirty yellow, tubular. All flowers in several pieces collected in inflorescence – baskets, which are placed on top of the stem. A series of fruit – achene flattened shape having a serrated spine. Spine – these are the hairs that cling to fur of any animal. Thanks to this plant, distributed over long distances.

Blossoms from mid-summer to early September. September-October is the period of fruit ripening series. Succession occurs on the territory of Ukraine and Russia, in the Caucasus, in Siberia and in the far East. This plant prefers to grow on the banks of lakes, rivers and streams. Also grows well on a series of swamps and fields.

Cultivation and propagation series

Series likes moisture and a temperate climate. If the seeds are planted in the field, they will sprout slowly. If the seeds be sown in the spring, before sowing they should be subjected to stratification for three weeks. 1 day before seeding is necessary to bring the soil organic and potassium fertilizers.

A series grows best in light sandy loam or loamy soil. During vegetation period it is necessary to do weeding and soil loosening.

After 2-3 weeks after sowing seeds, when sprouts appear, you need to start to monitor the soil, as the weeds choke chain and do not allow it to develop. Timely removal of weeds, the first rule of fast growth series.

Beneficial properties series

The series has diaphoretic and diuretic properties. The grass plants and contributes to the normalization of metabolism. In addition, a series improves the process of digestion in the body. The nutrients contained in the plant, positively affecting the blood and blood clotting.

Series has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties. It is recommended for skin diseases and bleeding. The plant is used as a means that reduces blood pressure. Furthermore, a series gives a good effect in the treatment of diseases of the spleen, bronchitis, liver diseases and diabetes.

Application of succession

In folk medicine used grass and leaves succession in order to prepare various decoctions and nastov for use not only internal but also external. The series is used in the treatment of osteoarthritis, rheumatism, diabetes, skin diseases and malignant tumors. A decoction of the succession is used externally for bathing with abrasions, ulcers, wounds and diathesis. Broth also do the washing in the treatment of arthritis, gout, and rickets. Fresh leaves of the plant are applied to wounds and ulcers.

A succession of treating consternation among the children, bathing them in the tub from a string. In addition to bathing, the kids still give to drink a warm decoction of the plant every day. Series is used against biting insects and snakes as an antidote. In addition, it includes the compositions of many herbal to treat diseases and ailments of varying complexity.

Tincture of succession used as tools, which improves appetite, and normalizes metabolism. Infusion series used in scrofula, psoriasis and scabies.

Infusion series. It is prepared as follows: take the grass succession in the amount of three teaspoons and pour 1 liter of boiling water. The composition is left for 12 hours to infuse, then filter and take 70-100 ml three times a day before meals. If infusion given to children, you can add a little honey.

Tincture of succession for the appetite. Take the grass succession and blend it , 20 grams of prepared raw pour 100 ml of vodka. Leave the product on for 2 weeks to infuse, shaking occasionally. Strain the finished tincture, it can be used before meals.

The infusion of the series leaves cranberries with abrasions. Take 1 teaspoon of grass succession and leaves cranberries. Now pour the mixture with 200 ml of boiling water. Leave for 1 hour, then filtered. Accept prepared infusion 50 ml of not more than four times a day for 14 days.

Contraindications to the use of a series of

Children should not use products from the series for a long time, as this will harm the child. Use a series is required only under the supervision of a doctor or very carefully and in small doses.