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Datura ordinary

The cultivation and benefits of Datura

The Botanical characteristics of a dope ordinary

This annual plant belongs to the family Solanaceae. Datura grows to 120 cm in height. This plant is unpleasant to the smell, with straight and branched stems, and has a powerful spindle-shaped root is white color. Large regular leaf edges are sharp teeth. If you RUB the leaves with your fingers, it will appear a very unpleasant smell. In the leaf axils singly arranged large white flowers. From the intoxicating smell of the flowers coming.

The fruit of the dope – box, similar to the egg. The box outside has a lot of green spikes, and inside is from 500 to 800 seeds. Seeds of black color and large size. Flowering of the plant begins in July and lasts until early September, and fruits ripen in October. Dope propagated by seeds.

Datura can be seen in the Crimea, Ukraine, the Caucasus and Western Siberia. Plants grow on the fresh soil near houses, on waste ground, in places of a congestion of garbage in the ravine. Datura prefers a loose, moist and rich soil. Very rare plant is found in scattered form, but in clumps – often.

Datura – poisonous plant! But if applied in correct doses, it has a therapeutic effect.

Growing dope

Today, many gardeners grow this plant, because it is not only undemanding, but also flowering it lasts. The soil for growing dope to prepare in advance. It is necessary to add humus, sand and earth from the garden. To prepare the ground must fall. Spring – time for sowing seeds and transplanting. Sowing seeds it is better to carry out in plastic containers , which were filled with the peat and fresh autumn soil. 10 days later the first seedlings appear.

In the pan where it will be possible to buy dope, you need to pour a solution of manganese. This solution will protect the seedlings from any fungal infection. The seedlings need regular watering, but avoid water stagnation. From may to June can be planted seedlings of Datura in the ground, keeping the distance between plants in 1 meter. Dope, when it grows, takes a lot of space. He is very tall and has spreading branches. To dope is well growing and developing, he needs each spring to transplant into the soft black earth.

Care dope

A place to land intoxication should be not only Sunny and bright, but protected from the wind. What quality waterused for irrigation depends on the flowering plants. It's best to water intoxication water is hard, but if not, then you can use soft water. But in this case it is necessary once for the whole season to water intoxication with milk of lime.

In the spring and summer Datura grows very actively, so at this time he was pruning the faded flowers and watering twice a day. At the same time, you need to be and the seeds collected from the fruits that remain at the site of emergence of the first flowers. To avoid shedding of seeds should be put on a fruit-box special bags.

Pests dope not like moisture, so the plant should be sprayed with plain water. And in some cases, the dope is sprayed with a solution of pyrethrum.

Oil dope

Oil dope derived from the seeds of the plant Datura ordinary. The main use of this oil is the removal of unwanted hair on any area of the skin. The oil penetrates into the hair follicle, destroying it from the inside. This means that more in this place, which was treated with oil of Datura, will not grow hair. Apply the oil: first you must make the wax, and then you need to take the palm a few ml of oil and apply it to just open pores and exposed bulbs.

Oil of Datura is still used in deriving the intestines from fecal stones and stones from the gallbladder. It normalizes the function of gastrointestinal tract and improves bowel movements. The oil of Datura there is also a soothing substance, thanks to which it helps with nervous stress.

Externally the oil of Datura is used for sciatica, burns, arthritis and eczema.

Useful properties and applications of dope

The leaves of the plant are used for medicinal purposes in the form of tinctures and extracts. Seeds of Datura are part of the tinctures that helps fight asthma. Preparations from the leaves soothes the nervous system. In addition, they have antispasmodic effect, lowering the secretory function of the glandular apparatus, therefore, these drugs are used in bronchitis and asthma.

The children also helps this weed. For example, it is given to children when frightened. Infused with vodka, the seeds come to the aid of paralysis, shortness of breath, severe cough with apesma and nymphomania.

A decoction prepared from the flowers of Datura are in angina pectoris and epilepsy. Weed is an excellent remedy in the case of partial prolapse of the uterus or colon. Lotions from broth (diluted tincture)used for inflammation of the eyes.

Seeds of Datura are used in a manic state and neuralgia. A decoction of Datura helps against toothache.

Tincture of Datura. For its preparation you need to take 100 grams of the crushed seeds of the plant, pour 500 ml of alcohol and leave to infuse in a dark place for a week. After steeping, strain the infusion. The finished infusion is used for inhalations. Pairs of this tincture must breathe in about 20 minutes. Some take it inside 5 times a day, spreading a few drops of tincture in 50 ml of water.

A decoction of Datura to have a bath. You need to take 20 grams of the crushed dried herb of Datura and pour in a bucket of water, pour boiling water and infuse for about 30 minutes.

Contraindications to the use of Datura

Given the fact that Datura is a poisonous plant, it is necessary to strictly observe the dosage of the drugs out of him. Overdose happens the poisoning of Datura, which will save only the doctors. Signs of poisoning are the following: dry mouth, diarrhea with blood, dilated pupils, and memory impairment. With these symptoms the poisoned person is an urgent need to wash out the stomach.

Before you apply the dope, consult your doctor!