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The medicinal Angelica

Useful properties and application of root extract of Angelica

Description of Angelica

Angelica is an unusual umbrella plant that often reaches a height of over two meters. Thick rounded stem is hollow inside, and the top is very extensive. Large smooth leaves of this herbaceous plants are considered dailyprice. Very small flowers are greenish-white tint. They are assembled in globose umbels of complex shape, which are 20 to 40 rays. These original umbrellas there is no General typical of the wrapper. The fetus presented in the form of dvusemyanki.

Angelica blooms from June to the end of August. Aging the fruit is in August and September. The plant is very common in Russia and Europe. It can often be found in Siberia and the Urals. It prefers wet soils along rivers, ravines, swampy woods and bogs. For use for medicinal purposes harvested rhizomes with powerful roots. After digging they should be well washed in cold water and then cut into pieces of the desired size. Dry raw material recommended outdoors in the shade.

The beneficial properties of Angelica

Large rhizomes and roots of Angelica contain a lot of organic acids, carotene, beeswax, and essential bitter tannins, and essential Angelica oil, resin, starch, volatile, furocoumarins and coumarins. Thanks to this unique composition, if you overdose they can cause severe toxic and allergic reactions.

The plant not only has anti-inflammatory and diaphoretic properties, but also boasts the ability to enhance motor and sensitive functions of the gastrointestinal tract. Amazing Angelica quickly reduces or completely eliminates the negative fermentation processes in the intestine of man while removing spasms. Umbrellas also have an expectorant effect in various inflammations of the respiratory system.

The use of Angelica

Submitted to plant helps with chronic colitis and gastritis. Numerous preparations on the basis Angelica is indicated for the treatment of respiratory diseases, bronchitis and laryngitis. In stomatitis and gingivitis, they are administered as a rinse. Regular procedures these diseases recede. You can also use Angelica in the form of infusions as a diuretic or cholagogue.

Various decoctions of the roots of Angelicauseful for insomnia, severe exhaustion of the nervous system, acute or chronic neuralgia and bronchial asthma. Assets have a relaxing effect for perfuming baths. Special alcohol tincture of the plant in most cases is used externally for gout and rheumatism. In ancient times the roots were used as natural flavor and incomparable spices.

One of the methods of preparation of Angelica include the following. 3 tbsp of dry and well powdered herb take 2 cups of boiling water. Insist this delicious concoction for at least two hours, and then filtered. Take the infusion should be half a Cup 4 times a day before each meal.

Angelica root

In autumn, collect roots and rhizomes. Dig them up, then cut into small pieces and dried for a long time under the eaves in the open air, so they do not get direct sunlight. To prepare a medicinal decoction of the roots of Angelica will be required for 100 ml of water not more than 10 grams of raw materials. This excellent tool shows bronchitis, hepatitis, laryngitis, as well as other equally dangerous respiratory diseases.

Many doctors recommend taking a decoction of the plant for treatment of gastritis, flatulence and problems of the duodenum. It helps to restore the mucous membrane of the stomach after tightening ulcers. This tool is distinguished for its anthelmintic, antitumor and spasmolytic properties. It is possible to make compresses for the treatment of not only gout and rheumatism, but also tooth pain.

Healing root tincture can be drunk with nervousness and dangerous diseases of liver. If the drip the juice of the roots into the hollow of the tooth, then it will work no worse than modern pain medication. All funds of the roots of Angelica can boast antipyretic, tonic effect on the human body. They are easy to relieve headaches, ease fevers and relieve pain in the joints.

Extract of Angelica

Magical herb Angelica is used since ancient times by our ancestors. Informed with the help of this amazing plant cured the plague and other deadly ailments. Wonderful extract of Angelica is one of the miraculous remedies in folk medicine. This healing agent has to have a therapeutic beneficial effect on virtually every organ of the bodyperson. It is effective in the treatment of diseases of the spleen and liver.

Also extract of Angelica in the shortest amount of time helps to restore the functioning of the Central nervous system. This amazing plant has a positive effect on the body is important in the gastrointestinal tract and responsible the cardiovascular system. After completing a full course of treatment with this extraordinary tool, there is a fine appetite and full digestion and assimilation of all components of the foods. Simultaneously, this drug is able to rapidly normalize blood pressure.

Extract Angelica essential in the fight against various dysfunctions of the human body. One of them can turn serious functional disorders of the Central nervous system. Women having any problem on the background of inflammatory processes of female genital sphere, should undergo a long course of treatment such means. In combination with modern treatment, you will be able to get rid of recurrent gynecological ailments.

Types of Angelica:

A fantastic medicinal plant Angelica includes several basic types, which are widely used since ancient times for the treatment of many diseases.

The wild Angelica. Is a biennial herbaceous plant grows up to two meters in height. It has a short thick rhizome. At the turn due to the attractive white juice, similar in consistency to milk. Erect naked stalk is very thick, it is presented in a fistular form. Oblong leaves of the plant can be twice or trizhdyperistye. Small white flowers gathered in cymes. Their diameter does not exceed 17 cm.

The fruit is represented as a small dvusemyanki. From mashed fresh rhizomes and stems stands out the bitter taste and strong odor. Blooms of this species of Angelica, from June until the end of August. It grows on moist meadows, gentle streams and rivers, and also among the bushes. The plant is common in Russia and the CIS countries almost everywhere.

Angelica swamp. Presents a view of the plant height does not exceed one meter. This herbaceous perennial with hollow, angular-furrowed stem, and large pinnately dissected leaves have oblong fruit oval, the length of which is 5 mm. In diameter umbrellas reach 7 cm, they have 8up to 30 rays. White petals have a broadly ovate form. Of many linear-lanceolate leaves is graceful obertochka. Angelica swamp blooms all summer, starting from late may to mid-August.

The plant is found in Ukraine and Belarus, in the territories of the European part of Russia and in Eastern Siberia and in Central Asia. It usually prefers wet meadows and swampy shores of rivers.

Chinese Angelica. This umbrella perennial is not very tall. He has a thick powerful roots, hollow stems and large fleshy leaves. Small flowers form a healing parasols. This medicinal plant incorporates exclusive healing components. Chinese Angelica contains in the popular Supplement "lien-Yang", which today is very widely used for effective treatment of respiratory diseases, gynecological diseases and gastro-intestinal pathologies, as well as other chronic problems.

Contraindications Angelica

Due to the photosensitizing properties of the plant, it is necessary in the process of using herbs to avoid direct sunlight. Should strictly follow the designated doses avoiding overdoses.