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Useful properties and applications of herbs cocklebur

Botanical characteristics of cocklebur

The cocklebur of the Asteraceae family is an annual plant. Its branched stems are grayish-green and covered with short stiff hairs. Tall grass up to 70 cm Leaves at the base of the stem cordate, lobed and incised-dentate in the middle and on the top of the stem. Cocklebur has a unisexual inflorescence is monoecious plant. Male inflorescence many-flowered spherical shape, the wrapper is one of a number of narrow leaflets. Female flowers dvusvechnye, cristalina wrapper consists of fluffy, egg-shaped, studded with spikes and spines of the leaves. The barbed grass can be grown from seed, it grows naturally on wastelands and polluted soils. Common cocklebur in Russia, Eastern and Western parts of Siberia, in Africa, in Asia, in America.

The beneficial properties of cocklebur

For use as a medicinal herb used aerial part, to gather in the ripening period. The roots are harvested in the fall season, seeds are gaining strength after maturation. Medicinal plant rich in iodine, also contains pigments, ascorbic acid, alkaloids. Present resins, glycosides and fatty oils. Marked anti-inflammatory and diaphoretic properties of the herbs. In addition, this herb has antiseptic and analgesic action, cleans the blood and stimulates various body functions.

The use of cocklebur

Medicinal property of cocklebur is used in cancer. Due to the presence of iodine, decoctions and infusions enrich the body with useful elements, which is especially valuable in endocrine disorders. The cocklebur has an impact on the removal of infection in dysentery, scrofula, malaria, strigosum lichen.

Inflammation of the bladder and prostate is treated much more effectively at prima funds on the basis of the cocklebur. A calming effect of the herb is excellent for the treatment of rheumatism, arthritis, relieves pain and removes inflammation of the tissues. Marked beneficial effects of plants in various ulcers, psoriasis, baby rash, abrasions, dermatitis. Decoction of cocklebur clean spasms in the throat, the grass slows the breathing in asthma.

Decoctions of jimsonweed


Recipe No. 1: 1 tablespoon of crushed fruit is required pour 1 Cup of cold water, boil 10 minutes on low heat, drain. Take remedy for goiter 1 tablespoon 3 times a day after meals. The course of treatment is 1-2 months.

Recipe No. 2: 1 teaspoon of crushed fruit pour a glass of boiling water and keep the liquid in a water bath for half an hour. Do not boil! This infusion in oncologic problems as a tea after meals 3 times a day. The course of treatment, usually 1-3 months (until complete recovery), be sure to take a break one month after each course.

Seeds and roots used to treat indigestion, tuberculosis of the throat and larynx cancer. Folk healers recommend in such diseases to burn the seeds and inhale the resulting smoke. Well treated grass buds, removed the swelling, cocklebur diuretic, reducing pressure.

A decoction of cocklebur, applied topically, and relieves itching in scabies and insect bites.

Tincture cocklebur

Recipe No. 1: collected in the autumn of raw materials together with thorns you want to put in a glass jar, filling it to the top, and pour the vodka. After the liqueur is aged for 3 weeks, should take 30 drops 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. This infusion will allow to do without drugs chemical based for treating goiter.

Recipe No. 2: two tablespoons of cocklebur to pour 500 ml of vodka, insist 10 days in a cool dark place, then strain. Holds a course of treatment should be for ten days, taking an infusion of 1/2 teaspoon with a half glass of hot water or boiled milk 3 times a day before meals.

Oil cocklebur

In the fatty oil of seeds of cocklebur contained stearic, palmitic, oleic, linoleic acids, has anti-cancer effects. The oil is extracted by cold pressing, to taste it resembles a poppy, it can be used for the treatment of eczema, neurodermatitis.

The juice of a cocklebur

Use the juice of a cocklebur in a fresh kind, and also apply the method of "preservation" pouring alcohol.

Tincture from the SAP of cocklebur: you have to mix the juice of a cocklebur and vodka or 40% alcohol in the ratio 1:1, close tightly, you can use the bottle of alcohol. Make the tool recommended 30-40 drops for prevention, for Oncology patientsthe dose should be increased in 2-4 times.

Because this remedy stimulates gastric digestion, then quickly removed the spasms, cramps in the intestines, restores its functions, increases peristalsis in atony of the intestines. The beneficial properties of cocklebur eliminate inflammation of the liver is effective treatment of acute and chronic bronchitis, OK depart of patients with pertussis cough.

Extract of cocklebur

The gradual evaporation of the water decoction of leaves of cocklebur yields a thick extract. It can be used for the treatment of patients with leprosy. Also, this miracle extract helps to reduce pain arising during menstruation. In combination with other drugs cocklebur contributes to recovery from cancer and goiter. When applied topically the substance is suitable for compresses and aromatic baths.

Recipe of the extract of cocklebur: 1 tablespoon of herbs required to brew a Cup of boiling water, in a water bath to keep the evaporation of half of volume of the liquid, cool and strain. Medication should be 1/3 of glass 3 times a day.

Extract has a calming effect on the Central nervous system, it is recommended that when lack of iodine in the body. The tool is useful for women with uterine fibroids, pathological process, benign growth of tissue in various organs, helps with mastitis.

Cocklebur zapovidny

This heat-loving plant is considered a weed, it can be found almost everywhere. Favorite places are growing fields, where they grow corn, soybeans, cotton and sunflower. Cocklebur is not attractive. On the tops of the stems in the leaf axils with three blades are green flowers, as flowering ends, and seeds appear, they are hiding in the fruit with a hard shell, dotted with a large number of hooks, clinging tightly onto clothes and animal fur.

But this plant has many virtues, including excellent healing properties. If you RUB the stems and leaves of the cocklebur to a pulp, after removing the thorns, you get a tool with unique properties that must be applied to the affected areas when eczema and herpes. And the purified seed oil of plants can beto eat.

Cocklebur California

Cocklebur reproduces California shifts, so it must be cut before the appearance of the fruit. This weed clogs the pastures, meadows and fields. Young shoots are poisonous to animals. Mature bushes can be harvested for medicinal purposes. To do this, tear the whole plant with root, cleaned of earth and dust. To wash it is impossible! Dried raw materials are stacked in storage in a box and used in the form of decoctions, infusions to normalize immune and endocrine systems. Great value grass has to prevent diseases of the thyroid gland.

Contraindications to the use of cocklebur

External application of oil cocklebur, infusions, extracts and decoctions in the form of lotions can cause slight burning, so you need to strictly follow the recommendations of folk healers. Because this plant is poisonous, it is necessary to observe the exact dosage. Grass cocklebur contraindicated in pregnancy. It is dangerous to accept funds on the basis of this plant in acute forms of peptic ulcer of the duodenum and stomach. Before treatment it is better to determine the individual tolerability in order to avoid allergic reactions. Cocklebur different fixing properties, therefore, the decoction of the roots and seeds cannot be used for constipation.