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Description, cultivation, useful properties and application recipes BlackBerry

BlackBerry: a description of the plant

Many have seen this useful plant, and I know that it is a shrub with perennial root system and biennial stem with many thorns. BlackBerry is not found with a height of over five feet. Triple leaves grow on petioles, the edges toothed with small hairs. Flowers, sometimes white or pink, located on short little stalks. Flowering BlackBerry falls on the period from mid to late summer. The fruit of the BlackBerry is a complex fruit with a small seed. Ripening occurs in late summer.

This delicious and juicy berry is found in the European part of Russia, in Central Asia, the Crimea, Siberia and the Caucasus. Growing blackberries in the woods, among bushes, on the edge of the clearing on the trails and on rocky slopes.

Blackberries come in different varieties, which are separated into two groups:
– BlackBerry with erect shoots;
– creeping (creeping) BlackBerry.

First grade only propagated by root suckers, and the second is the rooting of the apical buds. Erect blackberries ripen late, the harvest is quite large. Curly BlackBerry (sundew) has long stems with thorns, and harvest a lot more, and berries larger than erect blackberries.

Growing blackberries

Before planting blackberries, it is necessary to amend the soil with organic and mineral fertilizers. Time to plant blackberries in the spring. Land plants have at a distance of about two meters, near the fence or plots in the garden.

If the variety is of erect blackberries, it needs a trellis or also need to make the shortening of the stems. Due to the shortening deteriorate the yield of the BlackBerry, however, the size and quality of berries can improve.

For any sort the best way the formation of clusters is the fan method. This technology provides for the separation of growing and bearing fruit stems from each other. After one year from the date of planting the young shoots need to be tied to a trellis, with shoots need to send in one direction. In the second year these stems already to harvest.

Reproduction BlackBerry

BlackBerry with erect stems propagated from root cuttings. For this spring you need to dig out the pieces of roots not more than 15 cm long and plant them in another place. Root cuttings should be placed in the soil in a horizontal position.

Creeping blackberries propagated by rooting the tops, because she has a very small amount, if not produced offspring. Rooting the topsproduce easy and fast. To this end, the end of the summer you need to bend the ends of the shoots to the ground, bent in the form of an arc, put in the prepared hole, whose depth is not more than 10 cm Then, taking the top 10 cm in length, they are taken to the surface and prishpilivayut to the ground with metal staples. Over the tops need to fill fertile and moist land.

Some varieties of BlackBerry, the branches of which it is impossible to bend down to the soil, can be propagated by air way, and to make cuttings in the air. For this method you need to prepare the young shoot. So, make a cut on escape from top escape to the kidneys at a distance of 15-35 cm Incision should be treated with a special stimulator of root formation. Next, you need to invest in a cut piece of moss (it is sold in a specialty store). After the branch cut, enclose in a plastic bag and secure the bottom with a strong thread. Now in the package, sprinkle the moss to the top of the pack and secure the package top. The appearance of the roots they will sprout in moss. The branch must tie to the backup.

The beneficial properties of the BlackBerry

The leaves of blackberries contains many useful to human body substances, such as tannins, flavonoids, organic acids and Inositol, therefore, decoctions, juices and infusions of leaves is often better to apply to both adults and children. Blackberries – berries, containing sucrose, fructose, potassium, manganese, carotene and vitamin E strengthen immune system, normalize metabolism and improve all body functions.

Blackberries have antipyretic effect. BlackBerry – natural replacement for aspirin, which is not harmful to the body and has a positive effect on every organ.

BlackBerry has a tonic, diaphoretic and anti-inflammatory properties. Also BlackBerry can calm the nervous system.

Application BlackBerry

The juice and decoction of the BlackBerry is used as an anti-inflammatory agent in diseases of the liver, ascites , and bleeding hemorrhoids. An infusion of the aerial part of the plant is recommended for gastritis, helminthiasis and anemia. Drugs from the aerial part of the BlackBerry can be applied topically for ulcers, stomatitis, sore throat and purulent wounds. Mature berries are used as a laxative.

The infusion made from the leaves of BlackBerry, is used in sore throat, inflammation of the throat and bleeding gums. BlackBerry is a General tonic that normalizessleep and reduces anxiety.

BlackBerry is included in some fees that are used in hysteria, atherosclerosis and hypertension. Bowel cataracts can be cured with the help of a mixture prepared from the flowers of BlackBerry and liquorice. BlackBerry juice is used as a means of quenching one's thirst in fevers.

Recipes for medicines from BlackBerry

To date, BlackBerry made a lot of different agents used for the treatment of various diseases and illnesses.

Tincture of BlackBerry at strong supercooling. For its preparation take 10 grams of blackberries and pour 100 ml of vodka, leave to infuse for a week in a dark place. Do not forget to periodically shake the tincture. Taking medicine for 50 ml at a time.

Diuretic decoction of the roots of BlackBerry. 15 grams of dry powdered roots of the plant need to pour 300 ml of boiling water and put in a water bath for 15 minutes. This medication must drink 1 tablespoon every 2 hours. Decoction diuretic in dropsy.

Infusion of BlackBerry rinse. Take 10 grams of leaves of the plant and pour a glass of boiling water. Leave for 4 hours, and then strain. This infusion rinse your mouth and throat inflammations, it can even be used as a tool that gets rid of bad breath.

Infusion of blackberries diarrhea. The infusion is prepared by taking 5 grams of BlackBerry leaves and the Bay 500 ml of boiling water. State composition for 1 day to infuse, do not touch and do not stir. Ready infusion is used as a binder with diarrhea and bleeding of the stomach.

Infusion at menopause. For its preparation take 2-3 grams of root powder of blackberries and pour 200 ml of boiling water. Leave for 2 hours to infuse. To make this infusion you need during menopause or bleeding 1 tablespoon throughout the day (not more than 500 ml per day).

Contraindications to the use of BlackBerry

Some people can appear allergic to this berry. Due to vomiting, can occur disorder of the intestine, and in some cases there are violations of the heart. And beside that BlackBerry has no contraindications.