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Ginger with lemon and honey – recipe for health

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Ginger with lemon and honey to boost immunity

Vitamin bomb of ginger, honey and lemon can be prepared in different ways. The main properties of the mixture from the minor variations of the amounts of the ingredients do not change, so everyone can try several options and to choose the individually optimal ratio. For some may be important the sort of honey or even a kind of lemon.

Recipe of ginger with lemon and honey

Despite the large variety of recipes offered in various sources, a mixture of honey, ginger and lemon prepared according to several General principles:

  • Always take approximately the same number of components;
  • First, you mix the ginger with lemon, then added honey;
  • The mixture is stored in glass, clay or ceramic container with a tightly sealed lid.

The process of preparing medicinal mixtures is quite simple:

  • Take two lemons and 250 g ginger root and honey. honey it is desirable to take liquid (lime) to make the mixture more homogeneous, but you can use any, again, depending on personal preference.
  • Ginger root rubbed on a grater with a fine mesh. Rind with Golden roots don't need to clean off – it consists of rigid plant fibers, which are very useful for self-cleaning of the intestine. Of course, because of the rind of the process of grinding the ginger may be delayed. If you don't have the time or patience you can just cut the roots into pieces and mince.
  • Lemons are also used along with the peel. They need to chop, so cut the fruit in small pieces and turn into a homogeneous mass with a blender or grinder.
  • Ginger and lemon weightmix in a separate bowl, then add honey. Stir again, carefully previous.
  • Choose a vessel for storage. The easiest option – a glass jar with a threaded twist cap. Put it in the mixture and twist firmly. A jar placed in the refrigerator and in a day drink is ready to use.
  • In the experiment, the ginger with lemon and honey, you can add a variety of spices. For example, a teaspoon of turmeric or cinnamon, a few sticks of clove.

    Might do therapeutic weight that spicy how you like it!

    Useful properties of ginger with lemon and honey.

    The main component of a curative blend – ginger root. It has long been used to increase overall body tone, as well as antiparasitic and detoxifying remedy. Modern research shows that ginger root, in addition, accelerates the exchange of oxygen in muscle cells, helps to successfully combat nausea, and gives a pleasant smell to the breath.

    Here is a list of the main vitamins contained in ginger root:

    • Retinol (A) – enhances the barrier properties of the mucous membranes, stimulates the activity of nonspecific immunity factors, ensures the recovery of the epithelium after injury and irritation, a powerful antioxidant that protects the body from damaging free radicals;
    • Thiamine (B1) – responsible for processing of carbohydrates, proteins and fats into energy;
    • Riboflavin (B2) – necessary for hemoglobin synthesis and maintain the health of epithelial tissues (skin and mucous membranes);
    • Niacin (B3 or PP) – important for metabolic chains of synthesis and breakdown of proteins and lipid metabolism.

    Ginger root gives the body needed to optimize peristalsis fiber and rich in mineral components.

    Lemon, as you know, is notable not so much vitamin C, how many significant deposits of volatile, organic acids, flavonoids and carotenes. Thanks to this citrus fruit a lot of people quickly and painlessly ill with colds and other diseases. With the help of lemon stimulate the immune system, normalize hormonal balance and delay the aging process – these properties are unique and necessary when dealing with any illness.

    It is difficult to find a replacement for such a unique product, like honey, which is produced by bees from floral nectar and pollen. In addition to intense energy support, which giveshigh contents of fructose and glucose, a variety of plant active substances cause of its antiseptic, tonic and immune strengthening properties. Thanks honey immune system interferons are synthesized faster, and the vessels are cleaned of toxins from deposits of calcium and cholesterol.

    As can be seen, each of the ingredients of medicinal mixtures supports the immune system, but, with his hand. When you merge their properties, there is a synergy that greatly increases the efficiency of the use of mixtures compared with the separate use of each component.

    Vitamin bomb of lemon, honey and ginger root is transformed into a shield against any disease is necessary for all during winter climate changes (spring and autumn). Vitamin deficiency leading to frequent colds, you can quickly and efficiently overcome only thanks to this organic and natural body product.

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    Drink for a cold is ginger, lemon and honey

    If you like to only drink hot tea with ginger blend, think about what all the possible properties it is just the smell of lemon and the sweetness of honey.

    The solution to this situation is very simple: brew the tea with boiling water for an aromatic effect, add grated lemon zest and spoon the healing ginger mixture, dissolve it only after lowering the temperature to 50 degrees. The only way tea would make a really healthy drink that you drink about two liters per day.

    Tonic properties of ginger are not allow to use it too late in the evening, so as not to disrupt healthy sleep. However, in some cases, a mixture of ginger acts on the contrary – normalizes sleep and induces drowsiness in the required time (from 22 to 23 PM).

    Antiparasitic candied ginger

    To make ginger root useful sweetness, you first need to peel and slice the desired amount of this product.

    • Next, slices of ginger are boiled for half an hour to soften a strong plant tissue;
    • in a separate pan preparing the sugar syrup: mixed with three tablespoons of water and about 5 tablespoons of sugar, then brought to the boil;
    • in the boiling syrup laid-cooked slices of ginger root and heated until complete evaporation of water.
    • covered with syrup, slices of root ginger crumble in the sugar sand and laid out to dry on a baking sheet, previously covered with parchment for baking.

    Dried candied ginger ready-to-use – dissolve in mouth to prevent cold-related and parasitic diseases.

    Ginger with lemon and honey for cholesterol

    It is proven that ginger is an excellent remedy to cleanse blood vessels from cholesterol plaques. During this healing property that meets substance, gingerol, can break down bad cholesterol to bile acids. Niacin, in turn, lowers the overall level of low density lipoproteins, which prevents the development of atherosclerosis.

    In addition to the ginger, against atherosclerosis help spices like cinnamon and turmeric,which you can also add in ginger vitamin mixture to enhance the effect of purification of vessels.

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    Contraindications in the use

    All the components of a mixture of ginger, honey and lemon there is no specific contraindications, except for individual intolerance (Allergy) to any of them.

    However, the effect of natural vitamin bombs can be very strong for the body, so in some cases it is better not to take:

    • In hypertension, because of possible pressure surges;
    • For any bleeding due to blood thinning;
    • Ulcer of the stomach or intestines, especially in the period of exacerbation;
    • Pregnancy and breast-feeding, because of the risk of allergic reactions of the fetus and child to separate active substances.

    Taking a mixture of ginger root with honey and lemon, fill yourself accordingly and adjust the intake of vitamins. Remember that healing ginger-lemon weight with honey is a medicine, a biologically active cocktail, not flavoring.

    Green smoothie with ginger, lemon and honey

    okolova Nina Vladimirovna, doctor-naturopath, herbalist