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Why men need to drink ginger tea?

The name "ginger"is translated from Sanskrit as"universal medicine", translated from Chinese it means "masculinity". It is no coincidence, after all, ginger is stimulating, increasing virility, which in turn, naturally, gives the man confidence in their qualities.

As a medicinal plant, ginger is well-known to man for over two millennia. In classic Chinese medicine the root is applied from diarrhea anti-nausea. Considered ginger the best way to cleanse the body, getting rid of toxins. Chinese doctors attached great importance to the bioenergetics of this plant. According to them, ginger improves memory, prevents colds.

Manly root

So the Chinese word for "ginger"is"masculinity". Little ginger accelerates blood circulation, increasing the potency. While ginger oil to seduce a man, gives him confidence in his masculinity. During a romantic dinner, ginger is perfect as a seasoning for the evening meals. It will soothe the digestion and cause the blood flow to the male intimate areas. Continuation of the evening will not be spoiled!

About the miraculous effects of ginger are just such quality that distinguish the man, even mentioned in the ancient treatise on love "Kama Sutra". But I know it is not only Indians. The ancient Chinese and Japanese have revered this plant. From this perspective, the name "courageous" very accurately conveys its essence. Nearly two millennia ago, this plant was brought to ancient China. Here very soon I realized that ginger is a powerful aphrodisiac. In their unsurpassed and still works so he calls him Confucius. Ancient Chinese healers understood the properties of ginger as a powerful stimulant, which gives a man almost no passing youth. That is why he was held in high honor among older Chinese from the most noble families.

Without any deviation from the truth, ginger can be called a natural sexual stimulant. In fact for all these years – from the antiquity to present times, ginger is used to enhance potency. It is known that means, surprisingly kindling the flame of love, called ginger the beautiful Scheherazade in a fairy tale for her husband, the king of Persia.

Ginger for potency

Scientists have long recognized that ginger is an aphrodisiac. But it is effective with regular use. What is the effect of ginger on the potency of men?

Studies of a number of scientists indicate that the positive effect of ginger on male potency is associated with an increase in the blood level of testosterone. This hormone is responsible for male strength.

Today ginger is recognized as a strong means of increasing potency. It is good, especially to people who do not recognize the chemical concentrates.

Ginger tea

To cook it you must buy fresh ginger root. It will be enough a small piece of 2 cm in length. Clean it from the skin and thoroughly chop with a knife or simply RUB on a grater. Pour the resulting slurry was freshly boiled water and steep for ten minutes. And here is a miracle drink, dispersing the blood and improve the potency prepared. You can drink it with honey.

Another recipe is the preparation of tincture of ginger. Prepare a kilo of grated root of miraculous plants and just fill it with a liter of good quality vodka. Give the root to steep a fortnight, occasionally shaking the mixture. Tincture is ready.

Ground ginger root is a yellowish powder possessing a characteristic odor. In cooking it is the powder is usually used instead of fresh root. Very useful to take this powder mixed with honey every evening with plenty of plain water. Thus, a man may not only improve potency, but also to prevent another very common male disease prostatitis.