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Pepper and ginger will help get rid of flu and cough

Tibetan healers in ancient times were of the opinion that positively affects the body any food. They divided the products according to the principle of "hot"or"cold,"i.e., warming and protecting against diseases of the body, or cooling – destroy existing disease.

"Cool" products were considered as fruit juices and whole fruits, milk and dairy products - cheese, yogurt. Also, this group included rice, cabbage, pumpkin, poppy, and meat - pork. The category of "hot" belong to all other types of meat, from which was isolated the most hot – bear meat and horse meat, for example, compared to the same lamb.

Ancient Tibetan healers successfully used spices: cinnamon, pepper, ginger, cloves, saffron. They were made of the powders, crushing in a mortar made of brass or bronze. Very often used is a simple mix of ginger, white and black pepper.

It was thought that the ginger helps with any colds, because it is a "hot" product. He also warms the liver and stomach, increases the potency, although it is harmful to the kidney and fat. White pepper warm the lungs, liver and stomach, increases the potency. Black pepper relieves cough, but it greatly depletes the body. Depending on the desired result, these components were mixed in various proportions.