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Kalina common

The cultivation and use of useful properties of viburnum ordinary recipes

Botanical characteristics of viburnum ordinary

Kalina is a tall shrub belonging to the family caprifoliaceae. The plant has a rare crown with irregular shape. Shrub grows about 4 meters in height.

Viburnum leaves are opposite, serrated on the edges, green in color. At the tips of young branches fragrant flowers are white or pink and white in colour, collected in inflorescence. Viburnum fruit – an oval red drupe, inside which there pointy bones.

The taste of the fruit is bitter-sweet and tart. Viburnum fruit Matures in late summer – early autumn. Kalina found in the forests of Russia, in the steppe areas, on edges and glades, lakes and rivers.

Grow and care for viburnum

Viburnum can be propagated by layering, cuttings and shoots. Viburnum cuttings propagated in the following way. Take the scissors and cut the viburnum cuttings, plant them in a greenhouse. Every day you need 3 times to make watering cutting. For viburnum very well to make the tempering, that is why the frame of the greenhouse should sometimes open. And with the time frame generally clean. Viburnum cuttings root very quickly. Once the cuttings are rooted, they need to dig out the greenhouse and transplanted. It is necessary to make a trench or a bed. The cuttings are transplanted into a garden bed or in a trench to ensure that they are fully formed and matured. In the summer the cuttings should be watered and produce loosening the soil. When the plant is 2-3 years, it already can be planted in a permanent place.

Layering is also a good way for viburnum. For this method you need to take 3-5 seedlings, and one plant. Viburnum seeds to propagate just a little bit harder. In the early to mid-fall is required to collect the green berries and extract the seeds from them. In the spring, you need to stratify the seeds before planting them.

Before planting viburnum soil must be prepared, namely to aerate, remove weeds and fertilize peat, sawdust and humus. Old and broken shoots of the plant should be cut off. In autumn the soil around the Bush need to dig. After every 2 years is recommended fertilizing with organic fertilizers. In the spring you need to make mineral fertilizers.

Kalina Kalinova loves the leaf, so the spring should be cut all the tops of the plants as it will have this pest, and lays its eggs.

Useful properties of viburnum

In the bark of viburnum discovered many useful substances, such astannins, vitamins, organic acids, resins and flavonoids. Viburnum fruits contain pectin, tannins, organic acids and carotene.

Preparations of viburnum have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and they are used as a means which stops the bleeding. In addition, Kalina calms the nervous system and relieves pain. Long application of preparations of viburnum leads to a decrease of cholesterol in blood, improvement of blood circulation in the kidneys. Kalina is an excellent diuretic. Funds on the basis of viburnum increase the tone of uterine muscles and promote better fat metabolism.

The use of cranberries and recipes with her

Kalina has long been used in folk medicine due to its beneficial medicinal properties that have berries, seeds, bark, branches, and flowers of the plant.

Fresh cranberry juice is used for stomach ulcers, gastritis, edema and poor appetite. Viburnum berries with honey are a very good cough remedy for colds, hypertension, jaundice and liver and heart.

The bark of viburnum helps with allergies, bronchitis and malaria. In addition, the bark has haemostatic property.

Berries contain a lot of ascorbic acid, for this reason they are recommended to take as a vitamin funds. Preparations from the fruit of viburnum are the means by which increases heart rate.

A decoction of the berries or flowers of the plant is accepted as a gargle in angina or the presence of Osoblaha voice. Fresh juice from the leaves of viburnum – the perfect tonic for recovery after suffering a serious illness.

The infusion of the bark of viburnum with scrofula. To prepare it, take 10 grams of the bark of viburnum and pour them a glass of boiling water. Express the composition in the flask for 6 hours for it to steep. After straining, you can apply the medication. Take the infusion before meals 50 ml three times a day. In addition to the scrofula, this infusion is used in the following diseases: bleeding, cramps, insomnia and spasms in blood vessels.

The infusion of the fruit of viburnum with honey. You need to take 1 Cup of viburnum berries and crush them, all put in a glass jar, which pour 700 ml of boiling water. Next, close the composition with a tight lid, akutem and leave for 6 hours alone. After this time, take a colander and drain all