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Useful properties and harms of potatoes

Ulcer of the stomach. Stomach ulcer bad treated potato juice. It can be used as the main tool or to complement medical treatment.

To start taking better with small amounts of juice, which gradually increased to dose a quarter or a third of the glass. It is better to drink through a straw because of the damaging effect on tooth enamel. The multiplicity of reception 3 times a day before meals for 20-30 minutes. The duration of treatment is not less than 4 weeks.

In the acidity. An increase in the acidity of the stomach refers to the first element of all the other problems with that body. To reduce the amount produced in the stomach hydrochloric acid, you can use potato juice.

It can be used both individually and mixed with other components. Pure fresh juice take a third Cup three times a day before meals (preferably 15-20 minutes). To prepare the mixture, you can apply its combination with carrot and cabbage juice. Such mixtures are not less active in the elimination of heartburn, heaviness in the stomach, and other symptoms of hyperacidity.

Tincture of flowers of potato. Strictly controlled the use of the tincture of the flowers helps to suppress fungi Candida and Staphylococcus aureus. This wonderful item is able to quickly eliminate the swelling of the nasal passages, strengthen heart contractions, reduce blood pressure and relieve the symptoms of tachycardia. In addition, the tincture has potent antiallergic activity. The substance solanine leads to wound healing and analgesic effect.

Harm potatoes

Despite a lot of positive effects on the human body, sometimes potatoes can be harmful. Don't forget it when choosing potatoes as medicine. Indeed, certain forms and properties can cause effects opposite to the expected. It can be connected with such circumstances:

  1. Poisoning solanine – a toxic component of the peel of potatoes. For violation of rules and periods of storage of a potato in its skin is the solanine. So it has a greenish color. It's a substance contained in a sproutedpotatoes. The result of the use of such potatoes as a nutritional product or a medicinal component can be nausea and vomiting, dizziness, headaches, diarrhea, shortness of breath, fainting, General malaise and feeling unwell. Besides, solanine is extremely dangerous for pregnant women, since it has a direct teratogenic effect on the fetus;

  2. High caloric content and amount of easily digestible carbohydrate components. This makes it harmful for people with abnormal metabolism, obesity and diabetes;

  3. Harm for the digestive system has a potato in fried form. This dish is a favorite for many people;

  4. Relatively poor composition of useful components. The use of potato as a basic food product will inevitably lead to problems with potency and overall stamina of the body to physical stress and colds.

To avoid such problems, be sure to evaluate the appearance of the potatoes. Focuses on the rind. You should not use potatoes with green rind same can be said of sprouted potatoes. In the use of potatoes which were stored for about three months, while cleaning be sure to remove the peel in a thick layer. Do not use potatoes as the main food product. The diet must be supplemented by cereals, meat, dairy and various plant components.

The cultivation of potatoes

Potatoes can be called one of the most traditional crops for cultivation in many countries. To achieve a good harvest, you should consider the number of mandatory rules. You must carefully choose the place for cultivation, in advance to determine the appropriate grade, right sow the plant regularly and remove weeds.

Most gardeners everywhere grow potatoes, thanks to its productivity and a significant content of healthy microelements. Through the efforts of modern breeders have developed more than four thousand different varieties of potatoes. Not to watch the fall of productivity of potatoes, once in 5 years to change his views.

The most popular varieties are "Timo", "Blue", "Nevsky". They have excellent productivity, and can also boast a great taste. These varieties of potatoes are practically not deteriorate during long-termstorage, resistant to mechanical damage and do not darken in contact with oxygen. It should also be noted their simplicity and hardiness. Smooth tubers have excellent taste, and not susceptible to many common diseases.

Planting and caring. Planting should be in spring when the soil warms up enough. In light soils the planting depth should be about 9 cm in peaty – not more Than 7 cm more fertile the soil, the closer can be planted tubers. The best way of planting can recommend a smooth female fit. To each well, add a little compost to improve the yield. At planting, all shoots should be on top, to emerge faster.

For a good harvest experienced gardeners recommend at least 40 different agricultural activities. Since potato is a moisture-loving plant in a dry summer it must be watered regularly. Ridging will significantly increase the green mass and thereby improve the condition of the roots. On poor soils, fertilizing is required. Everyone knows that the weeds will Deplete the soil, therefore, in the cultivation of potatoes should be cleaned regularly. The best method of weed control can be called mulching.

Contraindications to the use of potatoes

With diabetes and obesity potatoes is contraindicated. In addition, it is not recommended to use at the lowered acidity of gastric juice. In large doses this plant can cause depression of the nervous system and damage the blood cells.