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European wild ginger

Properties and application of European ungulates

Botanical characteristics of European ungulates

European wild ginger is a plant that covers the soil under the trees and forming a carpet, it is very common in the forests of Siberia and the European part of Russia. European wild ginger is part of many drugs.

Wild ginger, despite its unusual name, was anciently very common. It was used in magic and folk medicine. But only in the very recent official pharmacology paid attention to this herb. European wild ginger is an evergreen plant that grows in the forests of Russia. The leaves of this plant are dark green, in winter they are well preserved under the snow.

Strange, but the leaves of ungulates fall only after the winter cold period and wait for the beginning of the summer. Learn the European ungulates, despite the fact that it grows in the forest with many other plants, it's easy. It looks like this: wusasa and long stem located leathery leaves with a long stalk, this is all reminiscent of the shape of the hoof. Hence the name itself – "European wild ginger". The smell of this plant is quite bitter, with hints of pepper. Feel it when you pound into the hands of the leaves of the plant.

From what wild ginger is pretty peculiar looks, a specific smell, and has a certain amount of toxicity, it has many different names. Listed below are the names of this plant: "ipecac," "Robotnik", "wild pepper", "rabbit root", "earthy incense," "podlesnik", "core" and many other names. To use wild ginger should be in moderation and very carefully because it is poisonous. And toxic is not a separate part of the plant, and all of it completely. If you ignore all the rules of caution in the use of medicines, which are based include wild ginger, you can get serious poisoning.

European wild ginger during flowering – and it happens in spring, in late April or early may – covered with flowers, which are very difficult to see under the wide and dark leaves. Wild ginger is propagated by seeds. If you talk about the reproduction of this plant, it's all very well thought out, because the forest to the ground there is no wind, and the seeds carry as it is necessary. This work occupied workers-ants. Attracts them this job is the fact that the seeds have a fleshy-oily appendages, which are verywell-suited as food. Insects will eat them and carry seeds throughout the forest.

For medicinal preparations of traditional medicine use only the roots and leaves of ungulates. The roots are dug in either spring or autumn. And the leaves are preferably collected during the flowering plants, approximately to the middle of June. But, in fact, if you look, the leaves can be harvested throughout the summer until early autumn. Dried leaves of ungulates is necessary in the shade. The room should be well ventilated and the temperature should not exceed fifty degrees Celsius.

The application of European ungulates

For rheumatic, joint and headaches use compresses with a decoction of wild ginger, various lotions or oil. For the treatment of eye diseases is necessary to resort to the decoction of the leaves of ungulates.

Wild ginger can be used as a drug when you're sick with pneumonia, colds, bronchitis, asthma or tuberculosis, because wild ginger has anti-inflammatory, expectorant and bronchodilator effect. To cure these diseases, you need to use wild ginger in decoction or tincture on alcohol. To a decoction of the wild ginger is not too sharp it before use, dilute with either honey or hot milk.

Wild ginger is also used for the treatment of diseases of the biliary tract, gastrointestinal tract, gall bladder and liver. In earlier time, wild ginger was used to treat jaundice. If you suffer headaches, insomnia, increased nervous irritability, neurotic States and epilepsy and migraines, as a sedative, take European wild ginger.

In small concentrations, tincture of the leaves of European wild ginger is used to treat women's diseases, and leads to normal heart function, increases vein tonicity, and is used to increase blood flow. The use of powder or of decoction of European wild ginger is recommended if necessary in the treatment of alcoholism or poisoning when to call retching, and strong. The purpose of curing human alcohol dependence treatment people can pass without knowing it. That is the concentrated decoction of the wild ginger is mixed with alcohol, after the patient drinks it, he starts vomiting. After a series of such techniques in future alcohol (without ungulates) also causes severe vomiting.

European wild ginger is used not only in folk medicine and modern pharmacology, but even in magic varietycountries. The leaves of wild ginger were dried, and then added in various combustible mixtures, which fumigated the room, that is cleaned it from evil spirits. The leaves are used to create all sorts of charms, talismans: they were believed to protect from the evil eye or damage. Also, to protect the animals from the evil eye, above the door hung a dried wild ginger.

At a time when it was common tradition to smell the tobacco, it was specifically added to the dry leaves of European wild ginger: people believed that thus he gives the healing power of tobacco, tobacco actually enhances its effect. This occurred mainly in Europe. Now, this plant is used for landscape decoration.

Properties of ungulates

The structure of the European wild ginger include volatile oil, various resins, alkaloids, starch, mucilage, glycosides, tannins, flavonoids and much more.

European wild ginger possesses extensive pharmacological properties. It causes an emetic, expectorant, bronchodilator, anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, laxative action, and also has antipyretic, wound healing, diuretic, vermifuge, soothing, anti-sclerotic properties. Also, European wild ginger is used to treat different wounds, formed purulent ulcers, scabies.

Preparation of ungulates

European wild ginger is used for the manufacture of ointments for external use. Doing it this way: grind the roots of wild ginger in powder and mixed with oil, vaseline, lard or fat. That ointment was most effective fat you must use the badger, and the oil of sea buckthorn or cedar.

Of the ungulates can be prepared not only for ointment and oil, but also tinctures, decoctions, infusions, powders. Powders, by the way, are made from the root of wild ginger. All this, in addition to oils and ointments, can be used inside.

To prepare the daily rate medicinal tincture, you must take two teaspoons of European wild ginger, pour into a thermos and pour a glass of boiling water.

Contraindications to the use of ungulates

European wild ginger though slaboyadovitym plant, but this should be made only with the permission and on the advice of a doctor. Beware of overdose! In no case do not take one more two tablespoons of the drug.