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Useful properties and application recipes kelp

Botanical characteristics of kelp

Kelp is a seaweed brown in color, having a ribbon-shaped thallus, the length of which can reach 12 meters. This thallus is called "thallus". Near the base it gradually narrows and becomes a trunk, which ramifies and enters the rhizoids (root-like outgrowths branching education). Because of these formations is the attachment of kelp to the rocky ground. Laminaria there is a linear green, with a brown shade plate. Every autumn the algae dies, but in winter, it grows again. Kelp can live 2-4 years, but it depends on what the climatic conditions.

Kelp can be seen in the Atlantic and Pacific ocean on boulders and rocks. This Alga is able to form thickets at a depth of 10-35 meters.

Laminaria oil

Of the plates is made of brown kelp oil that contains many vitamins (b, C, D, carotenoids), macronutrients and micronutrients such as sodium, nitrogen, iron and other. Laminaria oil improves metabolism, stimulates blood circulation and reduces the thickness of fatty tissue. Also it has a draining effect, increasing the flow of excess fluid and not allowing it to stagnate in the tissues of the body.

Thanks to the laminaria oil the rejuvenation of the body, as it makes the skin moisturized and more elastic. Also, this oil is used as wound healing remedy. It is used in the fight against cellulite and as an anti-inflammatory drug.

How to apply oil to the kelp? You need to take your fingers a little oil and apply it with massage movements on the skin of the neck, face or other affected area of the body. After a quarter of an hour after applying oil of kelp to be dampened with a hot water towel and wipe buttered place. After this action, you should wash that place of the body of water, which is pre-diluted with lemon juice.

Useful properties of kelp

In the kelp contains a complex of nutrients for humans. One of these substances is alginic acid – an analogue of the fruit pectin. Kelp also contains magnesium, fiber, vitamins many groups, protein, iodine, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese and fukozu.

Components of kelp purify the vessels and prevent the development of atherosclerosis. Besides, this plant contains a polysaccharide mannitol, which the body easily removes toxins and slags.

Kelp helps with thyroid disease, this is due to the iodine which it contains in the form of organic compounds.

An antagonist of cholesterol is another useful substance in kelp. It dissolves deposited on the walls of blood vessels of cholesterol deposits, called plaque.

The use of kelp

Kelp is a General tonic, which is used in various diseases. Thanks to the content of iodine decreases blood pressure and reduces blood viscosity. Kelp is used as a preventive and treatment for existing the following diseases: proctitis, hyperthyroidism, endemic goiter, graves ' disease. Kelp is a laxative used in the presence of constipation.

The algae provides the antidote effect on people who suffer from respiratory diseases because of the work with salts of barium and radionuclide.

Due to the fact that kelp is a tool that inhibits the development of sarcoma, this Alga is used by people with gout. Kelp possess substances which prolongs life, so it is recommended to use for people of advanced age.

The infusion of kelp for inhalation. For its preparation take 2 teaspoons of dried kelp, and fill them with two glasses of water and leave for an hour to infuse, then strain the infusion and use it as a means for inhalation. Inhalation should be done several times a day, with a duration of 5 minutes each. The result will be visible after 10 sessions of this treatment.

Kelp for hair. Kelp strengthens the hair and stops hair loss. The kelp mask for hair normalizes metabolic processes in the scalp, gives the hair roots with the necessary power, brings them to life. Mask kelp – stimulant hair follicles. Kelp can cure oily or dry seborrhea. To prepare masks from kelp need to take 2 tablespoons of algae, pour 100 ml of water and leave to infuse for 2 hours. Further, all heated to a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius and apply to a clean scalp and hair. On my head to wear a cap and keep the mask for about an hour. Wash off the mask should be warm water without using shampoo. This mask is made once a week for two months.

The brothkelp with atherosclerosis. Take the kelp and grind it into a powder. Now 1 tablespoon of powder pour 100 ml of boiling water and leave for few minutes to infuse. Take broth 3 times a day for 1 month.

Kelp cellulite. To prepare this mixture take 2 tablespoons of dried kelp and pour them a glass of warm water. Leave all for 20 minutes to infuse, then add half of egg yolk, 10 drops camphor oil 5 drops of lemon oil. The composition mix well and spread this mixture in the space needed, over ointment put a layer of plastic film. Keep this mixture for 1 hour and then wash off.

Contraindications to the use of kelp

Kelp can not be applied to pregnant women, people with a diathesis, urticaria, boils and nephritis. If kelp is used as medication for a long time, you might see watery eyes or a runny nose, as the body will be an excess of iodine.