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Useful properties and applications Lavra

Description Laurel

Laurel is a small deciduous shrub. It is densely covered with leaves of an intense green color with a shiny surface and unique flavor. Laurel blooms inconspicuous flowers are yellow. This remarkable plant often grows in the southern territories in the Caucasus and in the Crimea. He belongs to the popular family Bay, likes bright light, but can do without it. In the height of the shrub sometimes reaching 6 meters and room view – up to 2 meters.

Lavr-known as a culinary seasoning. But this plant is possible, and even necessary to grow at home, since the leaves contain substances that kill bacteria. It can adapt to any conditions, but the optimum temperature of its contents – 20 degrees. In the summer it is better to make the balcony. Laurel prefers moderate humidity. But in the winter it is better to reduce the number of waterings, and feed it is necessary only in the summer. Type of plant propagation – cuttings.

Useful properties of Laurel

Laurel has a lot of advantages. It improves appetite, and normalizes digestion. Its leaves emit volatile, it is believed that these substances are destructive to the tubercle Bacillus. Using the leaves can be treated with a strong inflammation of the oral cavity to treat colds, sore throat.

Unique essential oil, which is easily obtained from Laurel, has many useful properties. It is an effective antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. This makes the oil a versatile product used for medical purposes.

Laura also contain terpenoids that allows you to apply a medication of Laurel improper metabolism, rheumatism. Some positive results of the use of Laurel was seen in the treatment of the circulatory system and diseases of the stomach.

The use of Laurel

Laurel has found wide application in modern medicine for the treatment of many diseases. Laurus has a wide range of actions: diuretic, expectorant, antiviral and antiseptic. Products containing Bay leaf has long been used effectively in folk medicine in many developed countries.

Small Bay leaf perfectly calm the nervous system, relieve tension, relieve insomnia, activates the protective functions of the body, to help cope with depression condition, fatigue. To do this, hold the aromatherapy, it can be done at home and inhospitals. The incense burner was added 4 drops of Laurel essential oil and breathe in his scent. The steam of this oil is antiseptic, which cleans the air in the room.

For the purposes of special protection from infection wear the medallion, to which is added a few drops of oil can also be put in a pocket Bay leaf. In order to significantly reduce inflammation in the joints, enhance blood flow, relieve pain, essential oil is recommended to RUB into the skin. In diseases of the respiratory tract, acute respiratory viral infections they RUB the back and chest.

The Laurel oil can be done at home. To do this, take 20-30 grams of the crushed Bay leaf, you can take fresh or dried. The mixture is poured a glass of high quality olive oil and infuse in a dark place for at least a week. To apply this oil tincture after meals for 10 days. Oil extract helps with painful conditions of the respiratory tract, diseases of the spine, in neurotic States.

To strengthen the immune system several times a year you must take the following decoction. You need to take a handful of dry Bay leaves and pour 500 ml boiling water, boil for 5 minutes on low heat, then allow to brew for 4 hours. This broth for best results, you should drink several times a day a tablespoon. This tool is recommended to rinse hair. This will prevent breakage, will help in the prevention of various diseases of the scalp, increased formation of dandruff.

When inflammation of the skin Bay leaves soaked in warm water and applied to the skin. They are fixed with a bandage and keep at least one hour.

Cough soaked in warm water the leaves are used as a mustard applied between the shoulder blades or on the Breasts.

In case of serious sleep disorders Bay leaf has also found its application. Before bed Bay leaves should be dipped in water and then applying them to the forehead and neck, put on your head, tie a scarf and leave for an hour.

Adding a Bay leaf to cook a miraculous ointment. It will help in parasitic skin diseases - dermatitis, eczema, scabies, diseases of the joints, it can be rubbed with a strong bruises and sprains. Ointment done as follows: the crushed powder of Laurel leaves, the same way crushed juniper needles and butter thoroughly mixed and applied on the affected areas of the body. The number of components taken in the ratio of 6:1:12.

Very useful bath withBay leaf. It is important to take for sleep disorders, nervous conditions, inflammation of the bladder, for the prevention of colds. First, cook the broth of Bay leaves, then infuse for about half an hour and poured into the tub along with leaves. The Laurel is especially useful bath with the addition of citrus fruits and pine needles. Such aromatic bath is recommended in a temperature not exceeding 37 degrees approximately 20 minutes. The rate of application is 2 weeks.

The regular addition of a Bay leaf in food improves kidney function. It is also the most simple procedure, as grinding of the leaves and their chewing will strengthen the protective properties of the body, prevent colds and infection.

Excellent drugs from the bark of Laurel used to support the functions of the biliary organs, for the treatment of cholecystitis. Aroma of Laurel will get rid of pests that inhabit the house – moths, flies, cockroaches.

Also essential oil of Laurel can be found in pharmacies. It sanitizes, purifies, and soothes affected skin. The oil is very effective for cosmetic purposes. It is useful when high sensitivity of a skin, peeling of the skin, helps to cope with furunculosis, increased formation of acne and produces a lifting effect.

Bay leaves can help in the treatment of many diseases with the proviso that its use would be competent and moderate.

Leaf Laurel

The Laurel leaf is useful in that it highlights peerless volatile. This is such a unique substance, which is detrimental to pathogens. The action of these substances is manifested in the purification of indoor air. In diseases of the oral cavity, inflammation of the mucous membranes of the throat and sore throat chewing the leaves will help to relieve the pain. And soaked in warm water Bay leaves will help to better the mustard in the treatment of cough.

Amazing a decoction of the leaves will help when disorders of appetite, easy to restore the process of digestion and help to cure kidney stones.

In medicine, used fresh and dried leaves of the Laurel tree since they do not decrease in the content of medicinal properties.

Another Laurel leaf is prized as a spice for various dishes – broths, soup, borscht, salads, meat – lamb, pork, beef, fish, and vegetable dishes. This seasoning gives the dish a rich, spicy flavor.

Flowers Laurel

Flowering Laurel in the spring, it appearsthe flowers located in the leaf axils. Blossoms resemble the shape of an umbrella. They have a very modest appearance the small, pale colors – white, cream, or yellowish. Female plants also produced fruits and berries, dark blue, closer to black color. They ripen in late autumn. These berries inedible.

Laurel room

Laurel can decorate not only gardens but also grown in an ordinary home. For the first time in Europe the Laurel was used as a houseplant. At home you can grow several varieties of this plant - Laurus Nobilis and Laurus Camara.

Laurel is highly valued for its appearance – it looks very elegant, and unpretentious, for the purification of the air in the room. The best place for its cultivation – cuisine, Laurel leaves can be added to food.

Laurel can adapt to any conditions, of course, that it is better ROS, you need enough light and air. In the summer it must be taken on the balcony. But Laurel can easily tolerate dry indoor air, drafts and low temperatures. But it must be regularly sprayed from a spray, whereby to increase the intensity of its growth.

Growing Laurel

Laurel is growing rather slowly, so it absolutely does not need frequent transplanting is tedious. It is best planted in a small flower pot and increase the size as needed. Land for planting is best to choose humus-rich, sand, lime. In the summer it is necessary to fertilize the slurry, it is enough 1 times in 4 weeks.

At home, he can grow to a height of 2 meters, therefore it is recommended that a crown of Laurel regularly cut. Therefore, Laura can be given different shapes. In the indoor environment Lavr never blooms. Growers, this plant is propagated by seeds and through cuttings. You need to very carefully monitor the condition of the leaves the plant susceptible to attack by parasites.

Contraindications Laurel

Laurel is contraindicated in pregnancy because it can cause miscarriage and lactating women. It is impossible to give children under 5 years of age and hypersensitive. When used in large quantities Laurel can cause poisoning. In this case, you should always immediately contact the hospital.