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Useful properties and application of Elaeagnus silver

Useful properties of Loja

The Loch is a tree spiny shrub that has a number of useful properties that are used in different spheres of human activity. The wood to make musical instruments, leaves and bark suitable for tanning and dyeing leathers, because gum is prepared glue. The sucker is a good honey plant and the unique medicinal plant, which has, in addition, of food.

The most valuable from the point of view of traditional medicine, are its fruits, although for therapeutic purposes, using flowers, leaves, bark and resin. The fruit of this shrub contain proteins and carbohydrates, tannins and dyes, organic acids, salts of phosphorus and potassium. The leaves contain vitamins E and C, the flowers essential oil.

When the raw material leaves are harvested in early summer, the flowers – in may and early June. Dry them under a canopy or in a dryer at a temperature not higher than 40-50 °C. to Store the finished material within two years, after which it loses its beneficial properties.

The use of sucker

In folk medicine the plant is used as astringent, antiviral and antibacterial agents, it is prescribed in inflammatory processes in the body. The leaves are decoctions and infusions, which can reduce body temperature, fever and colds, they are used externally for sciatica, rheumatism, gout.

The fruits of the sucker is able to improve memory and facilitate the flow of malaria, they also have expectorant and diuretic effect. In addition, its fruit is a delicious tonic and restorative agent needed anyone, there are problems with the cardiovascular system. A decoction of dried fruits is very good for colitis and diarrhea.

A decoction: add 30 g of dried berries a Cup of boiling water and boil them about half an hour in a water bath. Strain the mixture while hot through several layers of cheesecloth. The resulting amount must be brought to the original by using hot boiled water and after cooling store the broth for more than two days in the refrigerator. Dosage – 2 tablespoons of the drink 3 times a day 10-15 minutes before meal. The tool is well relieves inflammation and kills the pathogens.

Tincture of the flowers: 100 g of dried or fresh flowers is required to fill 1 liter 40-50 degree alcohol and insist in a month. To prepare the tincture used glassa container with dark walls and blackout tube. The drug take 20-25 drops, throwing them in 100 g of water at room temperature.

Berry lohan

Fruit plants – dry about drupe oval, with a length of 0.7–2.0 cm, with a yellowish powdery pulp, slightly astringent, but sweet and juicy. They ripen in late September. The berries are formed not only at the expense of the ovary, and perianth, the lower part of which grows, becomes pulpy and covers the ovary.

The most valuable part of this shrub are fruit, they are not only delicious, but also very useful. They can be eaten fresh, and they retain their medicinal properties for more than four months and in dry form as an additive in bread, cereal, and other culinary delights. Berry lohan infusions and decoctions used in the treatment of a number of different diseases.

Flower sucker

Flowers small, not more than 1 cm, on short stalks. They are 1-3 in the leaf axils. Each flower has a simple bell-shaped four-membered perianth, 4 stamens and pistil with threadlike style. Shrub cross-pollinated, by insects. During flowering of sweet and fragrant flowers can be heard from afar.

In folk medicine, preparations from the flowers is prescribed for edema, colitis, bronchitis, heart disease, as well as wound healing and anthelminthic. They are effective for rheumatism and gout, hypertension, and high temperature.

Broth: to make it necessary to dissolve 6 grams of dried flowers boiled water and insist in a water bath for 15-20 minutes. Ready means should be filtered and brought to the same level by adding boiling water. Take medication 15-20 minutes before meals 3 times a day for 1/3 Cup.

Loch silver

Home of the Loch silver is Central China, where it has long been revered as a magical plant, rejuvenating the body and giving strength. This tree-like shrub reaches four meters in height and has silvery metallic sheen the leaves with the back side. The crown of this plant is very decorative.

The berries of the shrub exhibit antiviral and antibacterial activity, they are used as astringent, anthelmintic and sedative (sedative) funds. The products from them stimulates the heart and prevent multiple sclerosis. The flowers of the plant have found use in perfumeryindustry, can be manufactured from wood variety of crafts, from fruit prepare medicinal teas and tinctures.


Representative of this view is the low barbed tree with gnarled trunk and silver leaves. Shoots he also has greyish-silver, the other grey. This kind of goof secretes a gum that makes the glue for the furniture industry. The plant is very drought resistant and almost does not suffer from the hot dry winds, grows well in saline soils and forms many adventitious roots when falling asleep of the trunk with soil.

Fresh leaves of the oleaster can be applied to purulent wounds, as they accelerate the healing process and reduce inflammation. A decoction of the leaves is rinse your mouth with stomatitis and gingivitis. Infusions of the flowers help with hypertension and respiratory diseases. When inflammation of the stomach and colon a decoction of dried berries given orally.

Loch multifloral

This type of sucker once grew only in the forests of Japan and China. To us it brought the Japanese, who lived in the early XX century in the South of Sakhalin. They often planted the plant near their homes and called it "hum". The Japanese still believe that its berries are the fruit of youth and longevity.

Sucker many-flowered grows as a shrub with a height of 1.0–1.5 m, on roots it formed nitrogen-fixing vesicles. Its fruits resemble in appearance the dates, they ripen in early August. They contain leucine and lysine, arginine, aspartic and glutamic acid amino acids.

The berries are used as an effective anti-inflammatory and tonic, drugs are prescribed for stomach disorders. Fresh berries can be stored up to 5-6 days. Useful properties are also the leaves, they contain a lot of vitamin C. They are dried and brewed alone or with tea.

Loch umbrella

At home, in Japan, the Loch umbrella grows to four feet tall. It has many varieties and is quite popular among gardeners. It is a good honey plant with delicious edible fruit. They are used not only fresh, but made from berries, wine and jam. The plant is undemanding, grows relatively quickly and enriches the soil with oxygen. It is of interest to gardeners in the formation of single and group plantings for decorative purposes, when you create contrast groups.

Contraindications to the use of the Loch

The plant has almost no contraindications, except perhaps hypersensitive. However, pregnant women and women in lactation it is best to consult with your doctor about the use of drugs based on it.