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Spooner grass

The useful properties and applications of Spooner herbs

Description Spooner herbs

Spooner is a Unique herb, popularly called split spoon salad, is a wonderful perennial plant. In the first year the plants develop basal leaves rounded. They, in turn, are attached to long petioles. The second year of developing a small stalk, which later flowers appear. Stem length ranges from 15 to 40 cm Leaves attached to the stems are also round or oval, like basal. On the plate can be formed ledges and kinks.

All the leaves of this plant are glabrous and slightly fleshy. Most often, they are almost closely adjacent to the stem. In may or June Spooner grass begins to bloom. Flowers with four white petals expanded, tightly attached to a long peduncle. The shape of the petals are egg-shaped. At the base they taper and thereby resemble a nail. After flowering this extraordinary Spooner herbs fruits appear. They are represented by small pods, which are slightly flattened laterally.

On the surface of each pod you can see the little veins net-like structure. When the fruit is fully revealed, it can always be divided into two "nest". In every such kind of division is for 5 seeds of red or brown color. Plant seeds slightly compressed, and their surface dotted with small "warts".

Useful properties of herbs Spooner

In lozhechnoy grass contains large amounts of vitamin C. This plant is extremely useful in the prevention of various infections and colds. It is suitable to saturate the human body with essential vitamins depleted food. Spooner grass is the clear leader on the content of ascorbic acid. The taste of it is quite nice, it is similar to the taste of horseradish. The plant has a sharp tart smell of mustard notes.

Exceptional healing properties manifests not only fresh grass but also its juice. Inside the little stalk of the plant lies a lot of nutrients. Detected in the stalk tissue, essential oils, and various mineral components. The products derived from this amazing plant have excellent astringent, refreshing effect. In addition, they are used for the manufacture of diuretics.

it is also believed that this amazing herb Spooner cleans the body of harmful impurities and toxins. Therefore, it is recommended to use it as a tool for effective cleansing of the skin from various skin lesions and of eels.

The use of spoon grass

Spoon herb is a great component for salads and various dishes. It is best to use the leaves freshly picked herbs mixed with flowers. This mixture can be added to many soups or sauces and various vegetable dishes. This wonderful herb is perfect for marinating and salting for the winter. As already noted, the Spooner, the grass has unmatched healing properties. it is an excellent preventative measure against viral diseases. Particular drugs are often prescribed for colds during epidemics.

To prepare at home miracle broth is easy. To 1 Cup of water you need to take 1 tsp seeds boil this mixture for about 4 minutes. Then the broth should brew, it will take approximately 8 hours. Then, the tool carefully to drain. This broth is wonderfully suited for rinsing the mouth. It easily removes various inflammatory processes and destroys pathogenic bacteria. The resulting tool is also suitable for getting rid of toothache.

Spoon herb shown to be consumed the form of juice. This juice is considered an effective tool for the prevention of scurvy. To obtain a noticeable therapeutic effect, you need to take 20 drops three times a day. Various preparations containing this plant are great for increasing appetite, and they activate the liver. Beneficial effect Spooner grass and also on the metabolism. It has been used successfully in the treatment of severe rheumatic diseases.

It should be noted that the fresh crushed leaves of the herb can be applied to ulcers or wounds. They significantly speed healing and delaying even the most extensive skin damage.

Contraindications Spooner herbs

Significant contraindications for Spooner grass is not available. However, sensitive to this plant people may experience slight discomfort in the stomach with excessive use or increased dosages. Side effects occur because the plant contains a huge number of special essential oils.