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Useful properties and applications of flowers, seeds and oil of the Lotus

The useful properties of the Lotus

The Lotus is one of the oldest medicinal plants known to man. The first mention of its use Dating as far back as Ancient Greece. Ancient healers have used this medicinal plant against many ailments. It is known that in Chinese traditional medicine it was used as an effective diuretic and styptic. Its tonic properties were used by the ancient Indian physicians, actively producing and prescribing drugs from Lotus at strong exhaustion and malaise.

Useful properties of this flower are due to the presence of a large number of active substances. The leaves of the plant contain flavonoids, alkaloids and leukoanthocyanidins, rhizomes, rich in tannins, starch, resin, rubber, and vitamin C are present in all parts of the Lotus. Due to the high concentration of vitamin C preparations of this medicinal plant is able to stimulate the human immune system.

Different varieties of natural remedies contain protein, manganese, copper, sugar, oil, mineral macro - and micronutrients. The amount of nutrients depends on the variety of flower, some varieties are more suited for treatment, and some will not bring the desired result. Recent scientific studies have discovered the ability of some components of the Lotus to the resorption of tumors, making possible its use in the fight against cancer.

The use of Lotus

In history, you can easily find hundreds of references on the use of Lotus medicinally. Over time, the role of the flower in medicine virtually unchanged. The leaves and other parts of this medicinal plant are included in the recipes of many medical preparations and biologically active additives. Such attention LOTOS deserved due to the huge content of useful elements. Not to mention the widespread use of this flower in the preparation of various tonic teas.

These drinks have a beneficial effect on the human nervous system, filling your body with vigor and energy. The most widespread flower was in Chinese, Arabic, Indian and Vietnamese folk medicine. Eastern medicine often uses it as a great binder. Astringent effect present in it provide tannins. Often decoctions and infusions of this plant has been used as an effective febrifuge, diuretic, styptic.

Also they are often appointed whenproblems with the gastrointestinal tract and to improve sexual functions of the body. Some varieties of Lotus excellent help at the diseases of the kidneys and liver. In addition, the oil of this flower is able to help people with problem skin. It relieves inflammation, purifies, smoothes and gives the skin elasticity and firmness. The plant is often used to combat acne.

Burn ointment: grilled black Lotus leaves must be mixed with vaseline in the ratio of one to four and to lubricate the affected areas.

Lotus flowers

The Lotus flowers are amazing fanciful shapes and beautiful color. They can reach 30 centimeters in diameter. In addition to its aesthetic qualities, the flowers of this medicinal plant have amazing invigorating flavor, so they are part of the preparation of many medicinal tea mixtures.

For medicinal purposes the Lotus flowers it is best to collect before dawn, because that's when they emit the strongest fragrance. Pluck them carefully to in any case not to damage the flower or the plant itself, or some its useful properties can be lost.

Lotus seeds

Lotus seeds since ancient times, is considered one of the most useful components of this miraculous plant. They are used in the manufacture of several hundred preparations, Chinese traditional medicine. The seeds are also known for its excellent tonic, tonic and cardiotonic effect that they have due to the presence of alkaloids and flavonoids.

Flower seeds help to get rid of various pathologies of the kidneys and the cardiovascular system. With their help, you can eliminate some of the problems of the Central nervous system. And, in addition, they have a wonderful calming effect, it is often recommended to combat insomnia, heart palpitations and excessive psychological stress.

Many doctors say a good astringent effect of Lotus seed is a wonderful remedy for hemorrhoids and diarrhea. They are often used in cooking dishes with the seeds of the plant are extremely useful. The use of such dishes is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen your immune system, improve the urinary system, kidneys, heart, intestines and reproductive organs. In addition, this natural medication normalizes blood circulation, eliminates stomach upset and is an anti-nausea remedy.

Oil Lotus

The oil is extracted from the petals of three different varieties of this medicinal plant – red, white and blue Lotus. It differs among themselves by color, scent, and place of production. Identical at first glance, the oil can be mined in different parts of the world.

Since oil of Lotus was used in folk medicine in many countries of the world. The Romans inhaled the vapors to cure asthma or other respiratory diseases. The Chinese used the oil to relieve cramps, spasms, eliminate various pains to deal with hemorrhoids and diarrhea, and in some cardiac diseases. Effectiveness of such a tool in the fight against stomach ulcers and in the prevention of jaundice.

Oil plants are widely used to relieve stress, depression and nervous tension. It has a wonderful invigorating scent that relieves fatigue and provides the body with energy. In addition, this oil is an effective cleanser for almost any skin type. Due to its properties it stimulates the metabolism, prevents aging and sagging of skin.

Lotus extract

Extract is especially valued in Eastern medicine as a remedy, able to eliminate fatigue and slow the aging process. It is actively used to normalize heart rhythm, reduce the level of lipids in blood, with swelling and the treatment of obesity. In addition, the drug stabilizes blood pressure, improves sleep, has beneficial effects on the spleen, digestive and cardiovascular systems. It should be noted it is a diuretic, haemostatic and diuretic effect.

Because of its antitoxic properties of Lotus extract promotes the protection of the human body from adverse environmental factors. It is often used to improve facial skin tone. There are alkaloids, such as neverin, luciferin and lotusin, have a wide range of useful properties. They are among the vasodilators, hemostatic, antipyretic and cardiac medicines.

Lotus root

In addition to taste within the taste of many people, Lotus root boasts a significant list of useful properties. A decoction of the roots of this medicinal plant has long been used in folk medicine of the East as an effective sedative for convulsions, nocturnal emissions and indigestion. Due to the nutritional value of these concoctions, they are often recommended during severe exhaustion or moralexhaustion.

For gonorrhea, fungal infections, diseases of the spleen, liver and kidney decoction of the roots of the flower take as antiseptic and antipyretic drug. They also have proved themselves in the fight against the bites of snakes and Scorpions. Traditional Chinese medicine recommends a decoction of the roots as a diuretic, antitoxic, haemostatic and tonic. It is very good for beriberi, chronic dysentery, uterine and stomach bleeding.

Far Eastern healers have used this miracle cure to combat pneumonia and bronchial asthma, and the Japanese were treated with it, inflammation and bites of poisonous insects. Lotus root is firmly established in traditional medicine and is an important component of many pharmacological drugs.

Tea made from Lotus

In ancient times, tea from Lotus was considered by many peoples in the world drink only for people of Royal blood. This belief was based on the remarkable healing properties of such drugs, which help to eliminate depression and elevate mood. That is why the rulers did not want to share this wonderful drink with his servants.

For welding usually collect flowers, petals and stamens of a Lotus. In the process of making tea is very important, so they do not lose their useful properties.

This healthy drink not only has a pleasant energizing aroma and taste, it still is an effective General tonic. Due to the high content in welding amino acids and vitamin C, tea has beneficial effects on the immune system, normalizes many processes in organism, improves the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates. In the heat this tonic may become indispensable: it is sufficient to drink one Cup and the skin temperature immediately goes down a few degrees, the body will flood the feeling of freshness and coolness.

The Lotus leaf

The leaves of the plant – pretty a valuable drug. In their composition are useful to the human body alkaloids, flavonoids and other substances. Japanese medicine has long used the Lotus leaves mixed with other herbs for the treatment of cervical cancer, water infusion of them was used as an effective diuretic, antiseptic, hemostatic and tonic. It is often prescribed for vitamin deficiency. Indian and Egyptian physicians recommended a collection of medicinal herbs to eliminate tumors of various origins.

The main range of action of drugs from the leaves of plants is reducing the level of lipids in the blood, slow down aging, soothing and antispasmodic effect, relieve swelling and normalize heart rhythm. Lotus leaves are part of many drugs of traditional Chinese medicine.

Lotus white

White Lotus is widely distributed in Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, and Northern Yucatan. It is a herbaceous aquatic plant – the water Lily with strong roots and long stems reaching 30cm in height. Each stem ends with a white flower. He particularly valued as a medicinal material and is often used in the preparation of tonic teas and other medicinal drinks. To grow and propagate the white Lotus is very easy, as its rhizome is enough to just put in a pond with slow-flowing water. It will quickly sprout.

Lotus red

This kind of Lotus to this day is the emblem of India. He has a powerful branched roots and large flowers reaching 30 cm in diameter. It contains a range of vitamins and minerals such as potassium, iron, calcium, sodium, silicon, zinc. Thanks to this balanced chemical composition of this medicinal plant is able to improve the metabolism in the body, regenerate skin cells and beneficial effect on the pancreas and liver. Sometimes it is used in the manufacture of drugs to burn fat.

Contraindications to the use of Lotus

Contraindications to the use of LOTOS has not yet been fully studied by official science. Preparations on its basis is forbidden to use in pregnancy and nursing mothers. Possible allergic reaction to a plant or idiosyncrasy to its components. Oil Lotus is not recommended to apply undiluted, you should also not use it for children. In any case it is impossible to prevent oil contact with mucous membranes. Before treatment, mandatory doctor consultation.