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The benefits and harms of carrot juice

Carrots contain vitamins C, PP, K, E. Carotene is present in carrots, in the human body instantly turns into vitamin A. it should be noted a large number of mineral substances – iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, copper, cobalt, zinc, iodine, and fluorine and Nickel.

The volatile oils in carrots has a delicate but pleasant aroma. Proven healing properties of vegetable in such diseases as short-sightedness and conjunctivitis. Carrot is used to strengthen the retina.

Mainly carrots used in human nutrition. Fresh carrots perfectly strengthens gums and promotes growth. This vegetable is different and beneficial effect on skin and mucous membranes. Puree raw carrots shown in colitis, diseases of the kidneys and liver. Carrot juice is effective in anemia and disorders of the cardiovascular system. In addition, it is a healing remedy for cancers and ulcers. Boiled carrots are often used in the diets of people with diabetes.

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Use fresh carrot juice

Fresh carrot juice is a concentrate of nutrients in a digestible for the body form. This complex of vitamins and minerals to prevent cell destruction by free radicals and toxins, which are necessary components for the synthesis of hormones, pigments, structural elements of cells.

Carrots – vegetable-record the amount of beta-carotene, which the body converts into vitamin A, and is involved in the formation of bone tissue, necessary for normal functioning of the endocrine glands, prevent vision pathology, diseases of the skin and hair. Regular consumption of raw carrots and carrot juice helps cleanse the body in removal of toxins, heavy metals that accumulate from the residents of industrial cities. In addition, carrots are a great tool to cleanse the liver, prevent the blockage of its duct and fatty degeneration.

What is the usecarrots?

  • Vitamin E in the composition of carrots provides anticancer effect. In the laboratory studies were conducted in blood serum, rich in vitamin E placed a sample of the tumor tissue, and found that it stops its growth. The antioxidant properties of vitamin E help prevent the formation of tumors, cancerous degeneration of cells. A vegetable diet, rich in vitamins a,E and C, helps to strengthen the natural anti-cancer defenses of the body and prevents damage of cells and tissues by free radicals.

  • Complex of minerals – sodium and potassium needed for cellular transport, phosphorus, zinc, copper, necessary for construction of cellular structures, synthesis of melanin and collagen in the skin and iron, which plays an important role in hematopoiesis and selenium, lack of which negatively affects the immune system of the inhabitants of the metropolis. Nicotinic acid, is present in the composition of carrots, is necessary in the processes of lipid metabolism, so regular intake of carrot juice helps to prevent arteriosclerosis, fatty liver, increased cholesterol.
  • Calcium, its content in carrots is high enough (100 grams of product 233 mg, that is 1/5 of the daily requirement), and in addition, calcium in the composition of carrot juice is better absorbed. Synthetic drugs with calcium absorption maximum of 5%, and the composition of the juice is 40%. Thus, says Dr. Walker, the systematic use of carrot juice is more beneficial than taking 12 kg of calcium tablets.
  • Carotenecontained in carrots, not only supports visual acuity, but also has a rejuvenating effect on the cells, accelerating their regeneration after damage and prolonging their life.
  • Other useful properties of carrot juice:

  • Carrot has a beneficial influence on the condition of the digestive system, affecting the secretory glands of the digestive tract. So drink carrot juice should be taken before meals, to increase the efficiency of digestion.
  • Another useful property of carrot juice – the ability to calm the nervous system, preventing it from exhaustion, relieve nervous tension and to increase resistance to stress.

  • Carrot juice as a remedy against exhaustion and bowel problems used by the ancient Greeks, the birthplace of carrots is considered a Mediterranean region. At the dawn of civilization, doctors have used the carrot juice to cleanse the body and to stimulate the intestines for constipation and diarrhea.
  • Carrot juice is also known for its antiseptic properties – it is used topically for the treatment of ulcers and suppuration, the prevention of sepsis in newborns and prevention of infections in autumn and winter.
  • Other studies have been conducted on laboratory animals, which were divided into two groups and fed differently. Differences in diet was the vitamin E that is contained in food. The group with a high content of vitamin E in the diet showed a high resistance to oncogenic formations, whereas in the second group of malignant tumors appear more frequently and grow faster. Vitamin E along with phytoestrogens carrots helps in solving the problem of infertility in women.

  • Carrot juice is traditionally considered to be the best tool for the prevention of such vision pathology as "night blindness" is a violation of twilight vision, when a person is difficult to focus when moving from a well lit area in the shade. This is often the cause of the accident on the road at night and twilight.
  • The benefits of carrot juice for children

    For children benefits of carrot juice is in the following aspects:

    • Carrot juice is on the list of first foods for babies, it can be given from 6 months of a child's life. Moreover, carrot juice you should drink for women during pregnancy and lactation, to improve the quality of breast milk, saturated with beneficial trace elements, improving resistance to infection.

    • Carrot juice normalizes the mucous membranes of the body – the mouth, nose, eyes and internal organs. This strengthens the barrier forces of the body, as the mucous membranes of the mouth and nose are often a gateway infection. Therefore, the systematic use of carrots raw and fresh juice will help the baby to avoid illness in the epidemic season, in the kindergarten and school. This method of strengthening the immune system in some cases better than garlic and onions are widely used for this purpose usually is to drink carrot juice is easy and pleasant, and it does not leave a specific flavor.Thus, carrot juice protects againstcolds, inflammation of the tonsils, otitis media, sinusitis, sinusitis. Normalizing the secretion of the mucous internal the impact of vitamin A helps to prevent infections of the kidneys, bladder and its duct, gastritis and peptic ulcer.
    • Dental disease is often associated with lack of calcium (the main source of which is milk and dairy products) and also with the lack of vitamin C can cause scurvy and other gum diseases. However, carrot juice is a great source of easily digestible calcium, in many cases more useful than milk as it has less calories. Do not forget that many people are allergic to lactose or other problems with the metabolism of dairy products, which vegetable juices are almost the only way to remedy the lack of calcium in a natural way.
    • Vitamin a, synthesized from beta-carotene, essential for the normal formation of bone, the processes involved in the formation of dentin and tooth enamel.

    The number of units of vitamin A for adults is 5,000 per day, children need to drink from 1,500 to 4,000 units daily, whereas the daily rate for pregnant women and nursing mothers may increase to 8000. Undiluted carrot juice in the amount of one glass a few times covers the daily requirement of this vitamin, as it contains 45 thousand units. Naturally, unaccustomed to this amount of juice for one-time admission to take difficult, but when diluted with water, Apple or other vegetable juices, carrot juice is easy and pleasant to drink. A glass of the juice mixture a day will protect you from all problems caused by lack of vitamin A, including dull hair, brittle nails, flaky, dry and prone to allergic reactions of the skin, thinning of the tooth enamel.

    The damage of carrot juice

    Carrot juice in large quantities can cause an unusual reaction of the body – lethargy and drowsiness, headache, nausea or symptoms of food poisoning. As to any product, to get used to carrot juice should be gradually. The rate for an adult is 250 ml per day is the amount of juice contained in a glass.

    Raw foodists and supporters of sokoterapii believe that in the day you can drink up to 3-4 litres of juice, however, if you do not want to risk, focus on the amount of 500-1000 ml per day.

    Another problem that may arise with the systematic use of carrot juice – yellowing of the skin, especiallythe fingers and toes, faces. There are two theories of occurrence carrot "jaundice". According to one version, the yellowing caused by the release of toxins through the skin, which with the active cleansing the liver can not cope excretory system.

    Another version explains the yellowish tinge to the skin after ingestion of carrot juice with the excess of beta-carotene, which thus leaves no time to digest.

    In any case, some time after the cessation of sokoterapii the skin becomes normal color.If you take the juice regularly for a few months, the process of returning to normal will take a little more time. Yellowing or blanching of the skin after ingestion of carrot juice in large quantities – a phenomenon non-hazardous and passing by itself.

    Harmful carrot juice can be in exacerbations of gastritis and pancreatitis, and diabetes. However, even with ulcer of the stomach, colic of the intestine and gastritis high acidity of this product is recommended to include in the diet in small amounts, getting used to it gradually so as not to cause a negative reaction.

    How to drink carrot juice?

    One of the main recommendations in the use of carrot juice for the treatment of various disease is combined with a fat cream, olive oil.This is due to the presence of fat-soluble vitamins in the composition of carrots. However, carrot juice retains its useful properties, even if you drink it in its pure form. The only condition that must be observed when sokoterapii – do not add juice, sugar or salt, to impart other flavors to dilute carrot juice with other juices. Mixtures of vegetable juices can enhance the benefits of each of the components. The most popular combination of juices – carrot+Apple, carrot+beet+Apple, carrot+beet, carrot+celery.

    Drinking carrot juice have on an empty stomach, then it is advisable not to consume food with fast carbohydrates – sweets, breads, starchy food. You cannot drink the juice in one gulp – increased concentration of biologically active substances, carotene, vitamins, minerals can create excessive stress on the stomach and pancreas that is manifested by discomfort. It is best to drink juice through a straw – first, it provides a gradual flow of product in smaller, easier to digest, and secondly, we should not forget that the digestive process begins in the oral cavity, a suction tube movement promote secretion of the salivary glands.

    Carrot juice for children is recommended to dilute with boiled water toto reduce its concentration and to prevent unwanted reactions. For this purpose, boiled, melt water or water from a source. However, the most useful is the water that enters the body from the juice, as it is structured in a natural way and is better absorbed by the cells. It is best to combine carrot juice with Apple and other juices.

    The popular mix with carrot juice

    Beet-carrot juice

    The combination of vegetable juices of beet and carrot has a tonic, immunomodulatory and detoxifying effect on the body. The carotene of carrots helps to restore the liver, preventing eye diseases and strengthening the body's defenses against infection. Beetroot juice helps hematopoiesis and in combination with carrot restores the acid-alkaline balance of the body. This juice mixture is helpful for pregnant women whose blood volume increases by one-third, respectively, there is a need for structural elements for new blood cells. In addition, vitamin a contained in carrot juice prevents the occurrence of stretch marks by making the skin more elastic and increasing the synthesis of collagen (due to the copper content in carrots).

    Carrot-beet juice corrects the status of women with disorders of menstrual cycle, dysmenorrhea, oligothiophene, painful menstruation. It is recommended to use to mitigate the negative manifestations of menopause. The initial dosage is 50-100 ml per day, can be increased to 0.5 liters of juice daily, if there is no discomfort in the stomach and pancreas, nausea, or allergic reactions.

    Apple-carrot juice

    A mixture of carrot and Apple juice is one of the most frequently used recipes of sokoterapii. The combination of carrot juice with Apple is recommended for those who are not used to use a concentrated carrot juice, this combination not only has a rich and pleasant taste, but also more efficiently digested. It can be used for small children and adults during the course of cleansing procedures. For comparison, a healthy person who is just starting the intake of carrot juice, it is recommended not to exceed a dosage of 250 ml/day, while Apple juice is safe to drink up to a liter a day. Sothe mixture ratio may be different, depending on the degree of preparedness of the patient.

    Apple juice has unique properties useful for nervous system – it not only protects neurons from radical damage, but also can prevent development of Alzheimer's disease. Carrot-Apple juice is used to treat and prevent stagnation of the liver and gallbladder, cleansing the stones obstruction biliary tract.

    This mixture can even be used in the diet for diabetics only use the juice of green apples sour varieties with less sugar.

    The vitamin antioxidants in the composition of Apple juice C and E, it also contains vitamins B1, B2, PP and minerals – calcium, iodine, manganese, zinc, magnesium, fluoride, copper, iron and others.

    Carrot-beet-Apple juice

    The juice of carrot, beet and Apple combination is able to work miracles with the human body. According to one study, after three months of sokoterapii this mixture was found significant improve the condition of patients with cancer of the lungs, the slowing of tumor growth and transition of the disease into remission. A glass of juice a mixture of Apple, carrots and beets provide the body with vitamins and nutrients for the day, restoring its mineral balance.

    This combination is used to cleanse the body, removing toxins, relieving arthritic pain. Regular drinking of carrot-beet-Apple juice helps to avoid the formation of stones in the gallbladder and contributes to the prevention of cancer.

    Popular questions and answers

    How much you can drink carrot juice a day?

    Carrot juice sokoterapii it is recommended to take a glass a day. In the glass about 250 ml of juice contains the daily requirement of vitamin A, covering the needs of it as child and adult organism, including pregnant and nursing mothers. But many healers claim that even in the amount of 3 liters per day carrot juice is safe, but get used to it it is necessary gradually and to take into account all possible contraindications.Preventive taking 250 ml carrot juice or the juice mixture per day is sufficient. In the treatment of specific diseases dosage change – for gastritis with high acidity to start with lower dosages or drink juice in a large dilution, in cleansing the liver can make two glasses of juiceday. Carotene is metabolized by the liver, so if excessive amounts entering the body with carrot juice, you can disrupt its function.

    How long can I store fresh carrot juice?

    Fresh carrot juice is best consumed immediately after cooking, because when storing for longer than five minutes from exposure to air and light the nutrients in it start to deteriorate, and the nutritional value of the product is greatly reduced. If you cook the juice auger slow juicer, the period of storage in a closed container is increased to several hours.

    How often do you drink carrot juice? Can I drink it every day?

    Daily intake of carrot juice in the amount of one Cup of body-safe and can be practiced as a prevention of infectious diseases and beriberi in the autumn-winter period. For medicinal purposes, and also for cleansing the body carrot juice used daily from three weeks to several months, with the dosage gradually increased, leading up to two liters a day.

    Can I drink carrot juice during pregnancy?

    Carrot juice can be drunk expectant mother at any stage of pregnancy, this is especially relevant product in the last stages, as the volatile carrot and its restorative effect help to avoid sepsis in the baby after birth.

    How many months can be given carrot juice?

    To give carrot juice the infant at six months of age, if in the process of feeding was not of allergic reactions by eating carrots by the breastfeeding mother. The dosage for the first time is half or a whole teaspoon of undiluted juice at a time.

    How much carrot juice can give your child?

    In the Soviet manuals on newborn care carrot juice was part of the foods already from the age of three, modern sources are recommended to enter juice in the diet of the baby from 6 months. Of course, that the dosage differs from adult – juice is given in an amount of from 50 to 100 ml, not daily but a couple times a week. Carrot juice diluted with waterand watch the reaction of the child's body, gradually increasing the number of one-off appointment.

    The use of carrot juice in certain diseases

    Carrot juice for the liver

    Raw vegetable juices good for the liver in the first place because that are easily and quickly digested, and it takes a lot of resources from the digestive system. Use carrot juice for liver diseases is due to the presence of natural sugars, vitamins, carotene, thanks to which this product accelerates the regeneration of the parenchyma, eliminates blockage of the duct of the liver and stagnation, detoxifies and prevents fatty degeneration. Vegetable juices are rich in potassium in their composition low sodium, which allows to align the potassium-sodium balance in the cells and improves the transport function of membranes. In the diet of most people is dominated by sodium because of the habit to constantly eat salty foods.

    Therefore, for the purification of the cookie and restore the tissue needed to stick with salt-free regime, and carrot juice, applied within the cleaning course, you cannot salt. Juice therapy: on average it takes three weeks of daily intake of carrot and other vegetable juices, the lifetime can be prolonged in chronic inflammation.

    For the treatment of diseases of the liver apply the mixture of carrot, beet and cucumber juice (ratios of 10:3:3), juice of spinach and carrots (6:10), carrot juice, dandelion greens and leaf lettuce (9:3:4), carrots, celery and parsley (9:5:2) and carrot juice in its pure form.

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    Carrot juice for gastritis

    Views on the appropriateness of the use of carrot juice in gastritis diverge. Some doctors recommend to refrain from this product because it stimulates the activity of the secretory glands, whereas other experts, on the contrary, it is recommended for normalizing digestion gastritis hyperacidity. Strictly contraindicated carrot juice in the acute stage of the disease, whereas in chronic gastritis it is possible to introduce into the diet in small dosages from 100 ml per day.

    Carrot juice not only normalizes the secretion of digestive glands and improves the quality of blood, as the vitamins and minerals present in it, are involved in blood formation, protects nerve cells, removes stagnation in the liver, promotes the normalization of stool with diarrhea and constipation.

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    Carrot juice with pancreatitis

    In the treatment of pancreatitis carrot juice included in the diet in small quantities, while rarely used in pure form. It's related to its ability to enhance enzymatic activity for a healthy person this property is useful because it stimulates the digestive processes, but damaged pancreas increases the load on the body. Therefore, during the acute stage of the disease carrot juice is not used.

    Another reason for reducing the dosage of a daily intake of carrot juice with pancreatitis – the presence of sugar substances. For the metabolism of sugars require insulin, produced by pancreatic cells, and if their function is impaired, excess sugars in the impossibility of their assimilation may create conditions for the development of diabetes.

    For the treatment of chronic pancreatitis using juice blend of carrots and potatoes in the ratio of one-to-one carrot and Apple juice (1:3), if there is no revealed adverse reactions to fruit juices. The proportion of carrot juice in the mixture can be gradually increased, but should consume it no more than 2-3 times a week.

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    Contraindications to the use of carrots

    Carrot juice in large quantities is contraindicated in peptic ulcer and gastritis with increased acidity in the acute stage of the disease. This product can enhance the secretion of digestive glands, exacerbating the patient's condition.

    In addition, carrot juice with caution you should use diabetics. Boiled carrots have a high glycemic index, so diabetics need to eliminate from the diet.